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Rabbi: Ruti Fogel blurred in act of respect
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 25.01.12, 14:27
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1. The blurred minds of the followers of the Imaginary Friend
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.25.12)
know no boundaries where sheer stupidity is involved. Please blurr the whole issue of these psychotic souls out of my screen/paper/hard disk. Enough with this provocative behaviour on both sides!
2. Malpractice
Joe ,   Alon Shevut   (01.25.12)
Why are rabbis immune from malpractice suits? Consulting a rabbi about what a dead person would have wanted, is reminiscent of King Saul consulting the witch of Ein Dor
3. who turned out the light @the Meir Institute?
4. blurring
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (01.25.12)
That religious fundamentalists don't want to look at pictures of women does not give them the right to censor pictures to justify their views.
5. LMAO with #3 u r correct they r sitting in the dark ages
6. if these people were going to be pedantically...
respectful and modest they would connect all of this back to "debar ha Shani" (the 2nd commandment) and they would not publish anyone's photograph as photographs in general fall into the category of graven images. By applying this standard only to women they are merely saying that they can't control themselves or alternatively that they are just another bunch of run of the mill mysogynists!
7. Did they bother to ask her family what she'd want?
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.25.12)
Someone might actually know.
8. Aviner is a complete fool
God ,   Chelm   (01.25.12)
It is not his fault, when God distributed brains he was busy with his stupid sms answers. How low can you get, Aviner? You are unworthy of the title rabbi.
9. so per the rabbi we do not recpect the man and children?
guy   (01.25.12)
Thier picture is clealr, does that mean that the rabbi does not respect them? How come respecting a woman means hiding her, pushing her back, etc' and respecting a man or a child is so diffrent? that does not make any sense!
10. #9, your not so smart
jack ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.25.12)
A woman's kavod and respect is her modesty. Thats why woman are different than men.
11. OMG
Bat \HaYaanah ,   Israel   (01.26.12)
The blurring of faces is a technique used extensively in the porn industry, mainly those of males. Also used by the media to hide faces of alleged criminals. Logic would dictate that wedding pictures of the bride and her female relatives should require rabbinical dispensation.
12. There was no reason for Ruth's photo to be blurred
Rachel   (01.26.12)
If a man has no better control over his lower nature when seeing a woman even just in a picture, it's their fault not the women's. Especially when a woman dresses modestly like a relgious Jewish woman does, which Ruth was. It was an insult to blur her photo like that. On the other hand, I understand why the family never released her picture after she was murdered. God only knows what those disgusting terrorists did to her before they murdered her. I cringe just thinking about it.
13. I am more and more DISGUSTED
pinchas ,   boston   (01.26.12)
with orthodox rabbits (that's not a spelling error) making inhumane stupid pontifications about a woman's picture or a woman's voice and how these must totally deleted and nullified in the public realm. Only when Orthodox women begin to develop a group consciousness and decide as it were, to "take back the night" will such rabbinic despotism end. And here I was for many years a supporter of Machon Meir as a wonderful example of the dati leumi spirit!
14. If these people can not look at pictures of women
Zev ,   Israel   (01.26.12)
then they should not have published any picture of the family. It was lack of respect to blur out the picture of Ruti. No picture would have been better.
15. #10: Your comment makes me scream&weep at the same time!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.26.12)
16. # 8 Response
Sagi   (01.26.12)
He is unworthy of the title "human".
17. to #10 Says who?
HB ,   jerusalem, israel   (02.21.12)
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