Israel seeks to turn gas to gold
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Published: 25.01.12, 14:30
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1. So with all the gas and oil we have, there
jason white ,   afula, israel   (01.25.12)
will be a $10 b fund for future generations? The saudis have a half a trillion dollars. I wonder where all the money we should have is going? Perhaps some deep pockets of certain people in charge of it. Money should be set aside for scholarships for I.D.F. vets, for the education of the children of I.D.F. service people and vets. Subsidized mortgages.Bringing home those that served, but went overseas to work. How about a bonus to those that honorably served? And increase the defense budget by several billion dollars. R&D for the military, hi tech and medical fields. Try to attract more young new immigrants from the west. And subsidize veterans families only. Let the veterans see something good for the years we gave to defend Israel.
2. Set aside some money to pay Arabs to leave.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.25.12)
A certain fixed percentage of the Fund should be set aside every year to pay Arabs to leave Judea and Samaria. This is a one time investment which would benefit Israel forever.
3. Require imported cars to run on natural gas, build natural
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.25.12)
gas fueling into current gas stations, get off imported oil as fast as you can.
4. #1. Some very good ideas...
Tim ,   Brighton   (01.25.12)
The Government should call for ideas and suggestions from the public Ive got one.... The creation of a new English Speaking International University with chairs sponsored by philanthropists across the world providing world class university education and research for PAYING English speaking foreign students both Jewish and Non Jewish It would create jobs, promote dialogue, encourage aliyah Certainly where the UK is concerned there would be many many students given the cost of university decuation and many from academia would would be attracted to such an institution What a great legacy...
5. #4 - I think TAU is trying to be like that.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.25.12)
It would be nice if there was a top-notch English language uni in Israel though. Alas I cannot make alliyah if all that awaits in Israel is sub-par education.
6. Forget gold
Josh S ,   USA   (01.26.12)
Israel needs to turn its gas to water. Natural gas is the ideal fuel for desalinization plants. Climate change is making the middle east drier. Israel already has a long term water crisis. All the money in the world will be useless if there is nothing to drink.
7. #5. Good point
Tim ,   Brighton   (01.26.12)
Given your concerns it makes sense to start from scratch As for the quality of education - I do believe this could be world class and why? There would be NO shortage of top class English speaking academics particularly in science, technology, medicine etc many in the UK feeling uncomfortable and sometimes threatened by the so called Anti Zionist lobbies that include unions and even fellow academics. In addition there are many English speaking orthodox jewish academics often feeling sidelined who would find such a university an ideal environment to work in As for students..Jewish and non Jewish globally demand for first class higher education taught in English exceeds supply. And Jewish students such as yourself subject to offering the highest standards Im sure would seriously consider such a university as an option In the UK as fees go sky high and Anti Jewish and Anti Zionist propaganda persists many will find an English speaking university in Israel refreshing, exciting and rewarding besides the better weather, better social life etc! What say you?
8. Now imagine
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.26.12)
Now imagine instead of the fake (and soon to be abrogated) peace treaty with Egypt, we kept Sinai. We would have had energy independence since 1976, no Hamas, no Jihad in Sinai, no rockets on Sderot and lots of money. The fake "peace" has been a terrible tragedy for Israel.
9. turning gold into straw
moishe pupik ,   haifa,israel   (01.26.12)
this is a fog to cover corruption while the citizens are paying more for gas and electric
10. twist the knife
art keyes ,   United States   (01.26.12)
Now that you have gas , sell it for less than your neighbors , stay out of opec (they hate you anyway) sell for less to both gain you customers and force the opec folks to lower thier prices.
11. Re: #8. Yes, let's imagine.
Kolumn9 ,   Soon in Judea   (01.26.12)
Now imagine that Israel still has no relations or trade with China or India. Let's imagine that Israel is ruling as a minority Jewish population over a majority Arab population. Let's imagine that Israel still spends 25% of its GDP on national defense. What we are imagining is an unsustainable situation...
12. The English University in Israel is
Ber ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.27.12)
Interdisciplnary Centre- IDC in Herzliya. Top notch school that taps into the best and the brightest around the world.
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