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Ashton, UNRWA chief sign $72M Palestinian aid agreement
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Published: 25.01.12, 17:34
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1. hamas war subsidy heaven forbid hamas take care of gazans
tf ,   herzliya il   (01.25.12)
2. again???????
tiki ,   belgium   (01.25.12)
More taxpayers money for the Palestinians without consent? Probably a better salary for the workers of UNWRA.
3. Teach a fisherman to beg and GIVE him lots of free money
and he will gladly beg for the rest of his life...why bother working, doing, inventing, progressing? that's what is happening to the disintegrating arab world... It's all ass backwards.
4. Finally, great news for a change.....Lets see it they
Edithann ,   USA   (01.25.12)
follow through. TATA
5. What crisis?
A ,   Belgium   (01.25.12)
6. Europe is drowning in Debt and they throw away money.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.25.12)
Glad I dont pay taxed in Europe.
7. To the general fund - not even to specific projects
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.25.12)
It's like throwing away money. If they would build a water purification plant, or towards Job education, but all it will go to is back pockets.
8. Isnet there a financial crisis in Europe??
A ,   Belgium   (01.25.12)
I've heard there is an economic crisis in Europe, just today I read that the BRC refinery in Antwerpen is closing putting hundreds out of work. Several countries are on the verge of bankruptcy, and only one European country has a fairly stable economy. So where did Europe get all this money to hhand out to the terrorists, oh sorry...refugees? I'd rather they fixed the potholes in my street. What a waste! Guess Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the rest of "palestinians" arab "bretheren" dont give a s*t about them.
9. #3, When the fisherman gets back to the sea
Ali ,   Washington, DC   (01.25.12)
and his home in Haifa he won't need UN money. In time ...
10. How many missiles will that buy?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.25.12)
11. Money should go to NONVIOLENT TRANSFER: BALANCE.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (01.25.12)
12. Small price to pay to keep them out of Israel
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.25.12)
13. Israel should pay Judea/Samaria Arabs to leave.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.25.12)
All the billions of aid dollars, which have gone to "Palestinians", vanishes into a huge black rat hole. Either it sponsors terrorism or it goes into the bulging Swiss bank accounts of P.A. leaders. Israel should begin paying "Palestinian" poseurs to leave our land forever. That would be a one time investment with permanent returns. A majority of Judea/Samaria and Gaza Arabs would jump at the chance.
14. #4 Edithann
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.25.12)
Spoken like a true welfare queen.
15. Millions again wasted
Oleg ,   USA   (01.25.12)
How stupid European politicians are? They still do not get, that this gives nothing in return.
16. Yep! Its to the General fund... Gen Haniyeh+Gen Dogmush
Alan ,   SA   (01.25.12)
17. Aid to Palestinians?????
Dan ,   Florida   (01.25.12)
Catherine Ashton is an outspoken anti Israel and has blatantly expressed hatred of Jews. Does she help the victims of Palestinian terrorism whether Jewish or not? No, of course not. Catherine Ashton will do anything that hobbles Israel and damages Jews of any nation.
18. Give me 1 mil and I'll be more productive
David ,   Israel   (01.25.12)
19. calling them refugees makes the conflict harder to solve
zionist forever   (01.25.12)
Please stop referring to these people as refugees because they are not they are descendent's of refugees. My grandparents were refugees from Austria during the war but I doubt Catherine Ashton would say I am a refugee, I am a descendent of refugees. UNRWA itself defines a palestinian refugee as someone who lived in Palestine between 1946 - 1948 not 2012. Calling them refugees only makes the whole conflict harder to solve because as long as the rest of the world agrees that they are all refugees then they are not going to drop their right of return demand that was the main reason for the Camp David failure.
20. Humanitarian Rule
Zivron   (01.25.12)
A humanitarian rule supported by the usa and other progressive humanitarian states thermonuclear shields ougt bring peace with the human rights humanitarian constitution fully respecting the benevolent and self restraint traditions of the religious of the one state for two peoples and refugees from threatened genocide and destruction.
21. To #3
Yosef Y ,   Coral Springs, USA   (01.25.12)
Bravo - Jewish doctor - Yishar Koach ! For those intelligent enough to see, this is but another ultra-sophisticated form of Antisemitism, now global - on account of glib Internet pros.
22. Catherine Ashton is ugly!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.25.12)
"The EU High Representative Catherine Ashton said during her visit that 'the continued EU support to UNRWA is an essential element of the EU strategy to bring peace and stability to the region.' " Explain why do you say so in the name of EU,Ms Ashton! Inteligent people explain their points. Either this woman is stupid or she is saying that she(EU) supports terrorism against Israel ,because would it be other(wise!)this amount of money would be used to buy huge amounts of lands for this people to go live in Arabia among their own and not used as a “strategy to bring peace and stability(ha,ha,ha-that’s funny!)to the region”. But stupid people ,as ugly Ashton, just don't care for the well being of Gazans and ,OF COURSE,she cares for the not well being of Israel! Stupid woman!
23. Another $72 milion flushed into into private accounts.
Bernie ,   Erehwon, USA   (01.25.12)
24. Where is the Justice?
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (01.25.12)
Refugees, whose definition? These people are mouchers, and proud of it. They had a state handed to them in 48, but joined 4 countries in attacking Israel instead. There were Pales brigades in all the varous wars., not to exxclude guerrilla attacks. Arabia extorts 300b year from the world in oil...yet cannot pay its "fair share" as Obama likes to say about USA citizens who risk their shekels..smetimes at a gain, sometimes at a loss. (3,000 yr maximum deduction). The EU is just feeding the conflict at our expense. With Europe exploding over debt, they give the Arabs charity? Where is the justice?
25. 8
zionist forever   (01.25.12)
I was also wondering that. Greece is bankrupt, Italy, Spain they are all soon going to need bailouts. France has lost its triple A credit rating and the Euro itself is on the verge of meltdown but still the EU can find a spare $72 million for the palestinians. Maybe its some last grand gesture of goodwill to the palestinians before the entire EU ends up bankrupt and they are no longer able to give anything. The Gulf states might like pledging money but they never deliver the goods and instead hold out and so those nice generous European idiots say we will give extra to make up for the shortfall.
26. #9
Vlad   (01.25.12)
WAKE UP! The "right of return" is never going to happen. Ever! Israel would never agree, and neither the US or EU, who are Israel's main trading partners and brokers in the peace process, support it. Just get a life instead of suckling off the European taxpayer. You will NEVER see Haifa, Jaffa or Ashkelon again except perhaps as tourists or workers.
27. Let's See How It Is Divided Up
emanon ,   USA   (01.25.12)
I'll bet Hamas will claim $40 million is needed for their operating expenses, Fatah will Claim $40 million is needed for their operating expenses and the PA will claim $50 million is needed for their operating expenses with $30 million to be pledged to support their Egyptian face (aka Muslim Brotherhood). Then they will fight amongst themselves over who will get the money. None will ever turn a fractio of a penny over the the general populace, but rather will bolster their secret bank accounts, then cry poverty that the infidels tricked them and did not provide enough money.
28. They'll spend the $$ on weapons.
Reuven   (01.25.12)
29. money rright down the train
ali   (01.25.12)
arabs know how to trade. If arabs in the area trades with israel, they would be well off. The brits screwed up cyprus for the greeks, screwed up palestine for israel by truncating 80% off to abdullah and pile money into corrupt bribe money to abbas. This is money right down the drain.
30. To Ali in DC
Zaknabut ,   Washington ,DC   (01.25.12)
You can bet your UNRWA fed arse that they will go back out to sea ,in time, but the direction will be not Haifa,but somewhere else,far far away..
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