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Hackers target more Israeli websites
Neri Brenner
Published: 25.01.12, 19:02
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1. Hacker's are their Brother's keeper
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.25.12)
Since it must be Arabs that are doing the hacking, any Arabs seeking treatment, should be denied it until the websites are back up & running
2. Read about the Israeli reprisal in the morning
michael redbourn ,   arad israel   (01.25.12)
Arab hackers are out of their depth and Israeli hackers warned them what would happen.
3. NOW can Israel respond as it should?
A ,   Belgium   (01.25.12)
The arabs are hacking into computer systems of hospitals, threatening the lifes of sick people! Ha'aretz? No loss, but public transportation is vital to keep the country and its people moving.Who dares to say now that Israel would be just as criminal by responding? Now is the time to shut off ALL electricity, gas, water, gaza, and hack into Saudi Arabias systems so hard, they will be eating sand next week. Im sure Israel is capable of doing that. And they SHOULD do it, before people start DYING in Israeli hospitals. F what the world thinks, spineless politicians, HACK BACK!
4. Why Haaretz?
OJ ,   Lebanon   (01.25.12)
Why not Ynet and JPost! :P lol but keep up the Cyber Intifada!!
5. we are going to hack the hackers brains
DOV ,   USA   (01.25.12)
6. #4 - Because it's funnier.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.25.12)
Also, I am guessing they wanted it reported on the other sites.
7. Why doesn't the government tell Israeli
jason white ,   afula, israel   (01.26.12)
hackers to hack into and close down all arab sites and infrastructure without worrying about breaking any laws?
8. To the angry people calling for violence...
OJ ,   Lebanon   (01.26.12)
Or even retaliation, you further their success. If you hack a Saudi website that doesn't belong to them, what does that mean to them? To get you, again, and harder. When you talk about using violence against them... No. You won't, because you don't know who they are or where they are. So it's a joke, not a threat. I'm just saying, they can't lose, and you can't really win.
9. TO OJ at 4
UNCLE JOE ,   CONN USA   (01.26.12)
because they are obviosly STUPID ignoramuses . they clearly do not know ANYTHING about ISRAELI media . however it is soooooo goooood they shut down haaretz for a while .keep it up boys ,keep it up you stupid a..holes next go for maaretz.and thank you ..
10. All soft targets...nothing will destroy Israel
William ,   Israel   (01.26.12)
Big deal. You can paint pictures on a bus company website. As far as I can tell this action has never resulted in a State or of destroying someone else's. Although I do agree with the hacking of Haaretz, the best media friend "Palestinians" can have. Do us a favor Pally hackers, and screw up Balad's site too.
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