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Peres in Davos: Palestinian state already established
Yoav Zitun
Published: 26.01.12, 18:50
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1. Peres is very generous, to give the Palestinians
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.26.12)
...their own shrinking jigsaw puzzle State defined by the invading Jews. This way, no further negotiations are necessary, the Jews are happy, the Arabs are happy, everyone is happy. Translation: get used to it.
2. How idiotic!
Observer 1 ,   Chrangbegbo, Ghana   (01.26.12)
3. Is Peres the Prime Minister now?
Joel Bainerman ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.26.12)
I thought the position of the President of Israel was a ceremonial one? Did The Knesset allow Mr Peres to conduct foreign policy? Does anyone even care that a person who was not elected by the public to a position which is cermonial is now conducting foreign policy?
4. getting rid of the ayatollahs might be a mistake
zionist forever   (01.26.12)
We saw it in Iraq after Desert Storm in 1991 the allies intentionally intended to leave Saddam Hussain in power because he was the strongman needed to keep the country together but with his army he was no threat to anybody. In 2003 we went back to Iraq and this time got rid of Saddam and instead of the Iraqis throwing flowers at the feet of the American soldiers they started killing them and each other. Thousands of Iraqi's have been murdered by Iraqis since the chaos that replaced Saddam. Right now the ayatollahs are no good, Ahmadinejad is an idiot but we don't have any idea what the new regime would be like if they are toppled. Certainly getting rid of the ayatollahs would bring real chaos. Mousavi the opportunist who was telling the west all the things they wanted to hear, he was calling for Iran to develop nuclear weapons long before anybody heard of Ahmadinejad so why should we just assume if we get rid of the current regime it will be replaced with one thats peaceful and democratic? Sometimes for the sake of stability your better off with the enemy you know no matter hoe bad they are. Same with Syria, as bad as Assad is he is the enemy we know if he is toppled we have no idea if his successors will be better, worse or just as bad so lets stick with Assad at least we know how to deal with him. Peres should be staying out of the politics of Iran and the arabs, let region evolve at its own pace without outside intefeareance.
5. PERES' gov't vs Bibi's gov't...who is who? what's what?
I read 2 different stories each day... BiBi's vs. Abbass, right wing looney land ... the kill all arabs, kill all Jews daily war... we want this, you get naught, you want that, you can't have that...go to hell...nabkas, intrafatah, killyou, killme, etc. no steps forward, 12 steps back Then there's Fayyad's, Peres' approach of SANITY, quiet pragmatism, building quality institutions, some trust threats no chest bleating, no hamass's sinking the talks, ...some optimism... Bibi vs Peres approach...pick one. I for one have not seen any behavior on the part of President Peres or Fayyad, that deserves any critique... they come off as a mench, senior statesmen, and no schmucks! REALISTS!
6. Peres is positioned to make billions if the Pals get a state
DIE OLD MAN ,   Israel   (01.26.12)
he could care less what happens to the rest of us!!!!
7. Who gave peres the right to speak on
jason white ,   afula, israel   (01.26.12)
political and defense matters? We did not elect him as president. bibi should take peres' passport from him and confine him to the presidents house till a law to abolish the presidency is passed. Then confine peres to his Tel Aviv apartment permanently. Make sure he is never in contact with the outside world again. He is dangerous to Israel as well as his "peace" center.
8. #1 Steve Benassi
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.26.12)
Peres is just an old senile man, not responsible for what he say's It seems he managed to elude his keepers, they'll keep a better watch on him form here on in He's not in a position of Authority, merely a figurehead , a decoration to fill in space in picture
9. Make a freakin deal already
StevieT ,   USA   (01.26.12)
The BS is too deep and too stinky. To the Pals; the idea of negotiating is to get what you want (or the best you can get) at he end of the process (unless what you want is just a pipedream). S__t or get off the pot, and let the rest of the world live in peace.
10. #1 - you're right...they should just get used to it
Jordan Ispalestine ,   Los Angeles, CA   (01.26.12)
If the Palies have a problem with what they currently have, they have only themselves to blame. 1937, 1948, 2000, 2001, 2008. You can only reject statehood so many times.
11. Well said #5!!
Hope ,   Israel   (01.26.12)
I think Peres should be granted two life spans - in his limited capacity, at least he helps to prevent Israel going completely to the dogs (or should I say the Bibi Avigdor Terriers).
12. Number 6
David Weir ,   Ramat Gan   (01.26.12)
Everybody says this wrong --Proper way is = he could NOT care less what happens to the rest of us!!!!
13. Maybe Peres could define the borders of "palestine" for us.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.26.12)
14. Perez is a godless fool!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (01.26.12)
In regards to Israel's, supposed, historic duty to make peace with the Palestinians: BS! Israel owes nothing to a people that were never historically viable other than being a made-up lie. And as to Jews ruling over other peoples...God says to drive them out and possess the land of Canaan; the land He promised to Israel's forefathers' of the faith. Perez, like many others are heathens who know nothing about God and His Word and as it relates to His people. God will take care of Perez and his cronies. God bless Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem!
15. "BIG" ISRAEL= historical&geographical COMPROMISE for BALANCE
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (01.26.12)
16. Peres is a senile old man with no authority to do anything.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.27.12)
Peres is a senile old man with no authority to do anything. It's a good thing. When Peres had authority, he did nothing but inflict disaster upon Israel. Despite his lack of authority, Peres serves Israel's enemies' propaganda machine and hurts Israel every time he opens his mouth.
17. #9 Palestine isn't the problem
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.27.12)
As far as Muslim's are concerned the World is Look at your daily news media, bombings dailiy in Iraq & Afghanistan, Muslims killing each other in many other countries Muslim's have a blood lust,
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