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Chief observer: Syria violence escalating
Roi Kais and AP
Published: 27.01.12, 18:27
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1. Just one of the Predators from muzlum coward obumma could
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.27.12)
stop this genocide but he like the other arab leaders lets the brave syrians die.
2. From one evening until the next morning.
J Galt ,   Hidden Valley, USA   (01.27.12)
Look, Damascus will disappear! It will become a heap of ruins!
3. And the world criticizes Israel
David ,   Israel   (01.27.12)
When the entire world criticizes Israel for defending herself look at what her Arab neighbors do to their own citizens - imagine what they would do to the Jews in Israel had we not the means to defend ourselves!
4. #1 Bashar is Alawi Predator, is not Muslim
observer ,   israel   (01.27.12)
5. In the name of the merciful, the compassionate,
Yossi   (01.28.12)
the forgiving allah; let the sacred blood of our people flow unimpeded. Syria kills about 70.000 of it's own people ( bravo, good training papa assad ) --- Suicide bomber kills 33 at funeral in Iraq --- Syrian violence kills over 40 of allah's martyrs and let women and children bleeding in the streets.--- Dozens killed by security forces in syria on Friday. --- So much for a quiet week-end in this cursed arab world, while the perfidious UN has another " urgent " meeting...!
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