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Poll: 80% of Israeli Jews believe in God
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 28.01.12, 09:13
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1. Disconnect
Charles   (01.28.12)
A 'belief in God' doesn't necessarily translate into Israelis acting like they believe in God. Well, at least not with respect to the God of the Tanakh.
2. Findings
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.28.12)
If the findings and trends are accurate, Israel is in great danger of reverting to a dangerous state of Primitivism
3. Religion is mans worst enemy.Too
Dyslexic.. ,   Israel..   (01.28.12)
much hate and violence in the name religion.The hardest thing in this world is to be a good human being.To give to the poor,too give respect to the old and too show compassion for others,that is a good religion.Too be a religious and believe in GOD is to easy.
4. If true,then help us Lord: we're screwed.Bnei Brak, rejoice!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.28.12)
We might as well start studying Tora, so we'll be prepared when we'll meet Kim Jong Il of the Heavens! Time has come for major, human-genome-mutation. Maybe that's what the Iranian nuclear bomb is for: to inject some genetical variety into the human race, so we'll abandon once and for all the notion of the Imaginary Friend?
5. Example
So many thugs appear in court wearing a kippah.Some believers even rape women, steal money and openly tell lies
6. Religion is so passe...
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (01.28.12)
ReligionS belong to the past. Those middle aged conceptions of life have no place in the public sphere nor the politics. It's part of the private sphere and should be separate from State right NOW.
7. very, very sad news
david ,   Jerusalem   (01.28.12)
it's so obvious that this god you talk about is man-made. how come you guys don't acknowledge this fact? no wonder israel looks like it looks with so many people believing in the bs of the chosen people. They think that because of that they have carte blanche to behave like animals to anyone who believe in their invented god or doesn't follow their idiotic rules. I invite you to
8. Parallel
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (01.28.12)
One can only wonder whether the same people who celebrate the de-christianization of Bethlehem as the sort of secular Arabs with whom we could have made peace have been forced out as they see no future for themselves, their children or their lifestyle will also be the ones to celebrate the departure of secular Israelis who like an increasing number of our friends abraod see no future for our children or our lifestyle. What is scary is not these statistics - but extrapolating them forward twenty to thirty years - and imagining what sort of country we will have. What is needed is for our largely secular politicians to wake up and understand that the existential threat faced by their constituents is not vague threats from the imasculated man in Ramallah, but rather the very real threat coming from religous extremists who have denuded their offshoot of judaism of any humanistic values and are intent on leading this country to its inevitable end, so long as that end is kosher.
9. 80 percent seems right
anton ,   ist turkey   (01.28.12)
many here is a proof :) talk about hashem but be smart cause onyl that can save you not imaginary higher power religion is for those who can not cope with harsh reality :) harsmless religpoinist people should be shown respect but other nutcases needs to be dealt with other ways these concept of gods under diffrent names is indeed a joke but a dangerous one cost already many lives and continue to do so human englightmen peroid will be at its peek when religion be part of history ;)
10. this is a great new!
daniela   (01.28.12)
H ROSEN ,   PA USA   (01.28.12)
The last time I was in Israel I was several times castigated when I told people I was an agnostic and did not belong to a Temple in the U S And now we have the insanity of the Haredim which is now spreading to the rest of the population. Sex is all but taboo on Israeli TV and rarely in films. And all those SRGUM with those little hats! GIVE US A BREAK!
12. Just one moment
alexi   (01.28.12)
The mystery and power of earth, life and the world are beyond man's ability and knowledge to fully understand and control. Some things we can do for ourselves. Sitting and praying endlessly like the orthodox is fine but in the event of fire and threats, self reliance is necessary and it is pointless to rely on saying the right prayer or beseeching god to save you will totally save you. You have to do somethings yourself. If someone comes to killl your family, you seek him out and take him out before damage is done. later you can figure out reasons. Israelis who indulge in fantasies, illusions, self flagellation and outright cowardice do the state no favours. People like peres, beilin, livni, olmert, ramon, avinery, lapid, verter and marcus, haber and sarid are like the haredi and encourage aggression against the jews because they are so weak. When erekat says he wanted X and Y west bank, e. jeruslame, gaza, corridors across, livni, barak and olmert scrambled out of submissiveness and fear to get him the extra %, instead of saying, no this is ours, and we would only offer you that. And by the way, erekat, what can you offer Israel for peace or we'll knock your bloody head off. Why didn't Israeli negotiators speak with strength and rectitude? When jews revolted against the nazis and used axes and guns to bash their heads and execute them, who by the way were surprised and fearful of jews at those moments, defence and liberation was begun. That is what guided Bielski in the forests of the europe. So regardless, haredi and all jews in Israel have to go into the idf, no exceptions unless there are specific medical problems and even then some form of service and training can be provided. Every jew should know how to fight and use a weapon. The image of the haredi is one of weakness and invites attacks against jews and Israel. Yishai does not help matters.
13. What a tragedy of the Jewish people to neglect the Bible!
Jouko ,   Finland   (01.28.12)
So many jews say they believe in God but don't care what He says in the Bible! What a tragedy for the jews to live so close to the Bible, but not to let IT influence how they live! If the jews really loved their God from their hearts, they would do every effort to know their God by studying diligently the Bible.
14. Why exactly do people think it's sad news?
Alex ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (01.28.12)
If the findings are correct, the majority of Israelis believe in God and the Torah AND at the same time believe in maintaining the personal freedom of choice even in a majority-religious society. It's a very Israeli combination; you can even find many people who believe in God, fast on Yom Kippur AND disapprove passionately on ultra-Orthodox encroachment into public life. So what IS the problem?!?
15. Nowhere in the torah
Debash Davar ,   Lost Wages, usa   (01.28.12)
Does it ever say that you cannot eat meat and cheese together. ===================== 63% don't mix meat and milk, ===================== Cheeseburgers are awesome! Gen 18:8 And he took butter, and milk, and the calf which he had dressed, and set it before them; and he stood by them under the tree, and they did eat. People in your midst that try to convince you to follow man made rules, which they say are God's rules, are distorting your clear vision on following torah. Why not just do what it says in torah and REJECT completely all the man made portions of Judaism, then you will be in accordance with the WORD of TRUTH, and shall see clearly again, and shall be joining yourself to the Creator and Y'srael.
16. Sounds about right and no suprises
Avramele   (01.28.12)
Only 22% live a halachic lifestyle, about half are more or less modern and secular and most have a deep respect for religious traditions but ascribe to a live and let live philosophy. Seems to me Israel tilts strongly toward modernity as the non haredi observant particularly west of the green line are tolerant and moderate on many issues. Nothing other than birth rates and the acculturation of Russians into the cultural norm points to any great shift in thinking within the not so religious camps. The sky is not falling nor is mashiach knocking at the door.
17. #5: You are so right!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.28.12)
You kill then you put on a kippah and all is right! Well, at least the judges and the defense counsel seem to think so! Once I was a reasonably "masorti Jew". The hatred, Jew hating Jew and religious coercion and corruption in Israel today have driven me into the the world of ultra-secularism and I am an agnostic! My firm belief is that religion is the root of all evil. Proof, just look how many have been butchered in its name! Let's start with the Assyrians and the Romans, the Spanish Inquisition, the pogroms in Russia, the Nazis and end with the Vogel family - thie first by pagans, then the Christians and latest by Muslims who kill their own as well in the name of religion!
18. #11: Sex is all but taboo on Israeli TV ?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.28.12)
The only thin Taboo on Israeli TV is Israeli TV! It simply stinks! Actually, there was once a hardcore porn channel on YES TV but it was stopped by a coalition of the Religious and MERETZs MK Zahava Galon! Now there is a combination!
19. #18 David, if it's sex that you're after...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.28.12)
you may want to consider switching over to HOT. They have at least three soft-porn channels that are available on a pay-for-view basis. Sorry, but I only pay extra for the sports channels and enjoy a little viewing of the English Premier League on Shabbat. I hope that doesn't make me a bad guy. By the way, I think the law you referred to was rescinded quite a while ago.
20. Humans are primates and primates need a god to come along!
David ,   EU   (01.28.12)
21. This God does not protect Israel
oneye ,   USA   (01.28.12)
Believe what you want, but if you believe this God protects Israel, then you will let your vigilance down, and Israel will fall AGAIN. The tragedy of the Holocaust is that Jews believed that God protected their children. The outcome is tragic and speaks volumes. The IDF protects Israel. You protect your children. If you fail, no one else will do it.
22. 19 Watching Premier League on Shabbat doesn't make you bad
Avi   (01.28.12)
It depends who you support that determines if you are bad or not.
23. @ 15 Debash Davar
RC ,   USA   (01.28.12)
Congratulations, you have pointed out something that so many people seem to not have read or understood. If it is a sin to eat meat and milk together you would think that יהוה would have warned Abraham and Sarah about it right then and there while in His Manifestation of a man (Genesis 18).
24. The jews are Gods people
rune f ,   oslo norway   (01.28.12)
The jews are Gods people .Also the new testament says so:Romans 11:1 say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid. For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.. 2God hath not cast away his people which he foreknew. Wot ye not what the scripture saith of Elias? how he maketh intercession to God against Israel saying,
25. #22 Avi, now I'm sure to be in hot water
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.28.12)
I support Fulham FC which is owned by that famous Egyptian, Mohamed Al-Fayed, but was also the the only club that famous right back on the 1966 World Cup winning England squad, George Cohen, played relation to Steven Cohen of Beitar, but uncle to Ben Cohen of English Rugby fame. Well, I guess I might be a little bad, after all...oh well.
26. who is God?
cristian ,   argentina   (01.29.12)
we all know the commandments and what is wrong or right,true or lie,life or dead but we all cannot fulfill them because we are not perfect and the only thing to know is who is God'? what is his name? where is he? why is not he here? we just know that God is the greatest I am,the ego,the righteous,peace and love,the justice for all,the humble,the superhuman being,the one who was,is and will be and we understand that his place on earth is mount zion where all races,languages and peoples-the humanity- go to pray and adore him,yesterday,today and always,who is the rabbi in zion for eternity? who is the rabbi of life? which is his name? who is the rabbi who teaches the way,the true and life? who is the rabbi who knows and understand the soul intentions before they are ? why is he silent when atrocities and aberrations happen? are they our fault or his fault? in genesis God said let us make man our image and man was made by God image which was that image? and who was that man? what is his name to know and understand who is God? the existencial questions need and answer who is God and what is his name?
27. Difference between delusion and illusion
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.29.12)
Delusion is an irrational believe of being persecuted,illusion is an irrational believe that God will protect and destroy the enemy.
28. 20 % God,80 % reason, good,
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.29.12)
80 % God,20 % reason,no good.
29. 26
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (01.29.12)
Don't see a Christian priest etc see a Real Jewish Rabbi if one is near you.The answers are quite easy to answer by someone who understands the Torah and other Jewish scripture. Shalom.
30. 27
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (01.29.12)
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