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US to send 'floating base' to Mideast
Published: 28.01.12, 10:48
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1. Send the bill to Israel
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.28.12)
Americans are tired of feeding the junk yard dog that bites our hand every time we feed it.
2. To #1; there would be no USA without Israel!
Jouko ,   Finland   (01.28.12)
As we research the history of Israel, we notice that when the children of Israel were rebelling against their God, God raised an enemy country to punish Israel. And when Israel was following her God, God again raised an benevolent country to bless and protect Israel. So God has made USA superpower in order to bless Israel - and before that Great Britain. F.ex. Soviet Union lost her power, because Soviet was cursing israel.
3. @1: The US has made BILLIONS on Israel's shoulders
Aurora Aronsson ,   Göteborg, SVE   (01.28.12)
How much has the USA SAVED UNTIL TODAY THANKS TO ISRAEL? 1) using the Haifa base for free for its 5th Fleet; 2) by Israel for 45 years TESTING US planes that could not be tested against Soviet and Russian made planes anywhere else; 3) by Israel being COMPELLED TO CLOSE its own military related factories (tents, boots, etc.) because US military "aid" means HAVING TO purchase US made goods; 4) Israel has been testing US top weapons system (Arrow) for free and contributing to their development; 5) ISRAEL IS THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST THAT HAS RE-PAID ITS DEBTS - and with high interests - WHILE EGYPTIAN AND JORDANIAN DEBT FROM LOANS WERE CANCELLED ALREADY THREE TIMES FOR HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF U$A! Let's not spread FALSE and anti-Israel PROPAGANDA!
4. Big Yawn Steven
GZLives   (01.28.12)
5. to #2 and #3
mikebeck6574 ,   alton usa   (01.28.12)
lmao you are too silly n make things up lmao
6. To #2 and # 3 and Elvis is still alive. I saw
ben   (01.28.12)
him outside of a Wallmart in Oaklahoma just yesterday. He asked me not to tell anyone. PS the reason the US gives Egypt 2 billion a year is paying them off since Camp David for making peace with Israel.
7. How about this #1?
ber ,   yahud   (01.28.12)
Probably about 1/4 to 1/3 of America's cultural, scientific, and economic successes in the 20th century are a result of American Jews, whose loyalty comes with one small stipulation, that Americans defend the only democracy in the Middle East, which exists on less than 1 percent of the land in the Middle East. If you are tired of it #1, then too @#$#@%@% bad! Go to Sengal where they don't have Jews or toilets!
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