Peres: Iran the most corrupt country on earth
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 28.01.12, 19:10
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1. What Peres said about Iran is 100% spot-on
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.28.12)
A bunch of cut-throats, really.
2. YES,NOODLES..................................#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.28.12)
When you look in the mirror,you are bound to see your own face.That is exactly what Peres saw.
3. Badly Deluded
Zivron   (01.28.12)
The iranian leaders ship is badly deluded believing in a suicide mission of aquiring nuclear weapons and subjecting their people to catastrophic destructionn just to get at the jews. They have a large capacious and rich land full of beauty and can keep the wholesome tenets of islam great modesty hard work prayer charity belief in a betterworld and fade out hatred of jewish sovereignty in the land promised rto Abraham Isaac and Jacob a eternal promise . As well the Jews have made discoveries particularly in healing of disease that have helped all the peoples and deserve a safe sanctuary. Iran ought support pragmatic and humanitarian compromises.
4. Peres needs to see a shrink...
Mike Van Harris ,   Belgium   (01.28.12)
Its Katsav that is convicted of rape and is serving time in prison, NOT Ahmadenajad. Its Olmert that is under investigation for theft and corruption, along with that thug Lieberman, Not their Iranian counterparts. Its Rabbis that are arrested for sexual assault on women and children every other day as we read right here on Ynet, NOT their Iranian counterparts. In conclusion I suggest that Peres needs to see a psychiatrist urgently. It seems that father time is eating up his little brain...
5. Mr Peres's speech
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.28.12)
Mr Peres should have to say a single word about the suffering of Iran's ethnic minorities. Azeris, beludsis, kurds, arabs, turkmens, lezghs, and others are subjects of persian opression, since centuries. And no help for them, even from the president of Israel.
6. @ 4.
N/a ,   N/a   (01.28.12)
Yea, the difference is in Israel politicians do get caught, and in any government their are bad politicians. Question is why we haven't heard anything like that from Iran, are we to assume they are perfect? Or perfectly good at hiding this?
7. #4 Peres says the obvious
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.28.12)
Ahmadinejad and Khamenei use political rape to punish and humiliate Iranians. That's rape of men and women. In fact, Ahmadinejad's spiritual advisor endorses it. Ahmadinejad and Khamenei have both been accused of corruption even though Ahmadinejad ran on a platform to specifically end corruption. In Iran, women are afraid to report sexual assault. They must first provide four male witnesses and risk being accused of immorality even though they are the victim. The Regime's biggest fear is a Persian Spring where the people rise up and destroy them. And when that happens, you and your buddies in Hezbollah will join the unemployment lines.
8. Laughable
Lust   (01.28.12)
Mr Peres, our country does not need to be saved. I greatly appreciate your concern though. The Iranian government has put Iran in a position where it can no longer be the victim of terrorism and coup's imposed by the hostile regime of the U.S and Israel. Innocent scientists have been killed, innocent Iranians have been killed . Don't you dare talk about moral corruption.
9. Peres' League Table of Corruption
Helen ,   London, UK   (01.28.12)
How does Peres know that Iran is the most corrupt country in the world? Where is he getting his statistics? I want to see his corruption-o-meter, please.
10. Takes one to know one...
Cornholio   (01.28.12)
They are not too far behind us.
11. Israelis could lead by example if only they
Ken ,   Burma at Peace.   (01.28.12)
listen to their Prez and cleaned their own house first ! I know I'd be moved. But hey, I know, you got lots of friends, and your smart, and who needs peace, right?
12. YOU SEEM TO HAVE LISTED...........#5
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.28.12)
As many as your little brain remembered but,unfortunately for you,none of these minorities have anything to complain so far.Where the hell did you get this information from?
13. #4 mike
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.28.12)
You see that Israel is like any other country; politicians are not pure a priori. But these individuals are brought to court, tried and in many cases convicted. It’s called due process of law. Iran is different however, as it is a totalitarian regime with no due process, no rights for the accused, and the entire government is the culprit. There is no comparison. I suggest you see a psychiatrist urgently if you can’t see the difference.
14. #5 istvan
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.28.12)
You should also criticize those who didn’t even say as much as Peres.
15. #4 Mike the Belgium
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (01.28.12)
Dear Mike: It's not a shrink you need, its a pill of cyanide. Give up your anti semitism and your hatred of Jews. Israel experiences the same corruption of any modern Western country and it exposes it because we are a free and democractic and just people. The muder and torture and suppression of rights that goes on in Iran and most moslem nations is something you will not have liberty to read about because despots suppress this news. It only gets out unofficially. Belgium, right! (lol)
16. To 4.
Huaasin ,   KSA   (01.28.12)
I think. You are a man of anti-Semitism. Perez, who you criticize. Won the Nobel Peace Prize. Perez deserves respect. But Iran is a country on the terrorism list. Iran is the central bank of terrorism.
17. ..while
peter vojta ,   prague   (01.28.12)
...while "temporary province of Palestine" called Israel most hated regime on planet Earth...
18. #17 Hatred from you is a compliment
Deb ,   US   (01.28.12)
19. # 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.28.12)
Lol, when Peres looked in the mirror he saw Noodles' face?? Haha, what a clown you are & Noodles, you are the magic man!
20. # 11
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.28.12)
Exactly right, retard. We enjoy being slaughtered, we enjoy being hated, we enjoy being bombed, we enjoy suicide bombings, oh yes, indeed we do.
21. Iran corruption
Malcolm ,   Melbourne Australia   (01.29.12)
MAHMOOD- Why aren't you living in Tehran and not London?
22. To #17
David ,   Israel   (01.29.12)
The fact that your comments even make it on the Internet shows how Israel is a democratic country that respects freedom and freedom of speech and fights to preserve it. Whatever you say of our country you can only compare what Israel has achieved compared to the Palestinians after 7 wars and 2 intifadas. Israel is a innovator in many fields from medical research to high tech to renewable energy and the list goes on. Even behind your computer you can thank Israel from it's microchips to the predictable text in your google search! The only things the Palestinians have created in this world is breeds of terrorism and hatred ! Thankyou, now pick up your phone and call your mother what you have just learnt and thank Israel again for the cellular technology too .. Shalom
23. Mike van Haris from Belgium
Michelle Wayne ,   Sydney Australia   (01.29.12)
This is what freedom and democracy is about in Israel that the guilty ones are published and jailed, where in Iran all this thinks and more are going on for centuries , only nobody in Iran is charged ore anything like this is published or the publisher would die as we all know what the criminals in government in Iran are doing under the cover of Islam.
24. #2 do you see the hook in your jaw when you look in...
the mirror? ,   I see it when u writ   (01.29.12)
25. shimon peres
harold burbank ,   canton, ct usa   (01.29.12)
does israel ever look itself in the mirror? last count israel was getting over $10 billion from my usa government, plus the defense of all usa and nato armed forces. if ww3 erupts in the mid east - and it will with all the sabre rattling and competing military hardware already in the sea and on the ground there - it will be the fault of israeli intransigence and refusal to deal fairly with the region's peoples, not the poor people of iran, who should be left alone to work out their own problems.
26. What about PA Mufti who said to kill all Jews
Steven Rosen   (01.29.12)
Yup, those are the peaceful Pals Peres thinks wants peace.
27. #5. Seems you are complaining about...
Persian CAT   (01.29.12)
organized crime to the Mafia Don!
28. #25 harold
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.29.12)
In return, most funds given to Israel are spent in the US, Israel shares improvements they make to US equipment with the US, they are training our troops how to fight in built up areas of the ME, they share espionage they collect as it is extremely difficult for the US. Israel cooperates with NATO but is not a member and therefore does not assume "protection" by them. You are correct about intransigence as long as you realize you speak of the arabs. You are wrong about Iran as Iran has become the worlds problem, or haven't you heard they are working towards a nuclear bomb while threatening Israel, as well as supporting terrorism, supplying IED's to those in Iraq and Afghanistan, sending armaments to Hamas and Hezbollah, etc, ad infinitum. Open your eyes and ears. Warning: you won't like what you see or hear.
29. #8 lust
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.29.12)
Your country is the instigator of terrorism, not its victim. It is working towards a nuclear bomb while threatening Israels annihilation, as well as supplying IED's to those in Iraq and Afghanistan, sending armaments to Hamas and Hezbollah, etc, ad infinitum. The scientists that have been killed were not innocent. The civilians that have been killed, however, WERE innocent. They were killed by the Iranian government. We don’t have to talk of moral corruption; just look in a mirror. That should be sufficient.
30. What about their immorality?
Lenya ,   Australia   (01.29.12)
The Mullahs marrying under-aged girls starting with the founder of Islamic Iran Ayatollah Komein who married a 12 year old girl
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