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Mashaal meets Jordan's King Abdullah
Elior Levy
Published: 29.01.12, 15:39
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1. Lets usher in the age of Islam
Abu Jihad ,   Amman. Jordan   (01.29.12)
Islam is taking over, all across the arab world, the time when the zionist entity can rely on the protection of corrupt arab leaders is truely over. this is the zionist s' worst nightmare What is Netanyahue going to do??
2. Arabs are the problem, not Jews
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.29.12)
2012.01.28 (Garma, Iraq) - Suspected al-Qaeda murder a woman and her daughter in their home. 2012.01.27 (Masagway, Somalia) - Three boys are beheaded by Islamists. 2012.01.27 (Baghdad, Iraq) - Three dozen innocents are torn to shreds when a suicide car bomber plows into a Shiite funeral procession. 2012.01.26 (Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia) - Islamists cut the throat of a Russian guard at a grammar school. 2012.01.26 (Hit, Iraq) - A mosque preacher is blown up by sectarian bombers. 2012.01.26 (Bahgourah, Egypt) - A Christian father and son are machine-gunned by Muslims after refusing to pay money.
3. Let's's what he'll do........
Shep the Jihad Jew ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (01.29.12)
Sit back and watch the Arabs, Muslims, and Persians kill each other because as much as they hate the Zionists, Jews and everyone else who isn't Muslim - they hate each other more! That's their problem: To much hate.
4. #1 The worst nightmare of Muslims is Islam itself
We see what Islam has been doing to Islam all over the world - from Iran to Africa. Millions of Muslims have been terrorized and butchered by other Muslims. The existence of Israel, Jews and Zionism is your excuse, but the sad facts are that you murder more Muslims than all the world wars combined. You are a religion of intolerance, racism, genocide and primitivism and nothing will save you from it. Your will crumble under your own weight - just as all the empires before. And Israel and the Jews will still be hre, laughing at you and your pathetic history.
5. "Black September Version II" coming soon!
6. What's he going to do?
Sol ,   Toronto   (01.29.12)
Ignore reactionary elements like you that are rooted in the middle ages. That would be smart.
7. begining of the end of the hashemite kingdome
CHAIM.S ,   BROOKLYN NY   (01.29.12)
this is very good news for Israel,the two state solution is in the making,Jordan for the Palestinians,all of Israel for the jews. if g-d willing, Hammas moves to Jordan,we shoud see king Abdullah hanging from the gallows within 12 months,and a complete Hammas takeover of Jordan
8. Abu # 1 You need to...
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.29.12)
wake up because you are dreaming. Which corrupt Arab leader was protecting Israel in 1947? It's the God of Israel that is protecting them not any Arab. Arabs have to be content with Allah for protection which is kind of funny when his subjects have to do his dirty work for him. Misname a teddy bear or draw a cartoon and Muslims have to kill because Allah just isn't up to it. Perhaps he is taking a nap or busy talking to his pedophile prophet. Who knows but he doesn't seem capable of taking care of those who supposedly insult Islam and you feel you have to do it for him. Islam is not our nightmare it is yours.
9. #1. Thank you Thank you
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (01.29.12)
For having Pretty Boy Mashaal Weve been trying to ditch that traitor for ages! For sale also Haniyeh Zahar and you have have the rest of that bunch for FREE! Hope Mashaal does a better job for Jordan than he has EVER done for the Palestinian cause. And your comments strikingly betray your lack of straight thinking...Are you trying to tell me that corruption is the sole prerogative of Arab Dictators? Look round...Wether is fundamentalist Islamic, Democratic, Socialist...corruption is a product of corrupt people from whatever their political pursuasion
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.29.12)
It won't be very long before Abdullah 2 is heading back to where Abdullah 1 came from Arabia, or maybe home to his mommy in England Abdullah has invited a viper into his home, the Viper will kill his artificial Kingdom, that should have never been established in the first place
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