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Panetta: Iran a year away from atom bomb
Published: 30.01.12, 07:52
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1. No Decision Evident
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (01.30.12)
There is no evidence yet that Iran has made the decision to make a bomb. Capability does not equal intent.
2. Do you believe this Yourself ?.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.30.12)
Have you been briefed by the Iranians themselves or - Is this Year time delay fitting in Obamas reelection schedule ? Arn.Sweden.
3. What an idiot...
Mark Wilson ,   U.S.A   (01.30.12)
Iran a year away from atom bomb and Iraq has weapons of mass destruction... Deja vu all over again...
4. 2 Arn - If Evidence Existed . . .
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (01.30.12)
Arn, If evidence existed and Israel had it, it would be in daily press briefings all over the world. Romney and Gingrich would have it to share in their debates and would be discrediting Ron Paul in the US. And the IDF would have troops called up and its ships in the Persian Gulf as a contingency. If there is a war before the US election, that would virtually guarantee an Obama reelection as that is the pattern of US elections since 1812, if the incumbent is running. Netanyahu even know this bit of US history.
5. Trusting him or obumma is a death trap for Israel.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.30.12)
6. israelis don't believe general intelligent.. lol
Palestinian   (01.30.12)
7. A year?
tombaka ,   Florida   (01.30.12)
It's been a few months, 6 months, last September, a year ago, two years ago, and now a year from now. I'm confused!?
8. Nr 4. Well - I dont agre -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.30.12)
Others have it the other way - Obama wants no strike before election, because of the destruction foreseen about the World and US economy. It is also because of Economical Causes and Reasons, the US has not striked Iran yet. Further - If Israel had evidence, She would say nothung but strike Iran first, and afterwards show the evidence to the World. May HASHEM bless Israel with Victory !. Arn.sweden.
9. #4 - Mark ben Josef
Devorah   (01.30.12)
Given Israel's negative experiences with the Obama administration, the EU and the UN, why would Israel necessarily tell anyone, particularly the U.S., if she had proof? Would she not be playing into the hands of both Iran and her ally, Obama? As it is, the U.S. has been coming up with reasons for Israel to stand down, each one more ludicrous than the last. And if the U.S. obtained this info, would Obama give it to the Republican candidates? No, because that would spell disaster for Obama, who has no intention of striking Iran, while the Republicans would be all over the issue like hungry lions (except for Paul). It could cost Obama the election because the Republican debates themselves would call out to the whole world what a diddling deceiver he is. One year, two years, tomorrow. I don't call Panetta "Pinocchio" for nothing. He is not to be believed nor trusted, just like his hero, especially concerning the safety and security of Israel. Absence of proof is not proof of absence, although Obama wants the world to think that. We are not privy to all of Israel's intelligence. Just because Israel has not attacked Iran thus far means nothing. For all we know, it could hit the fan by the end of the day. Israel should not be underestimated. Neither should Obama nor his poodle, Pinocchio.
10. A nuke with in a year?
oi ves mir...... ,   Haifa   (01.30.12)
They said that 2-3 years ago. Obama wants another term BAD and will sell the whole nation of Israel and its security to get it, I promise you!
11. US, Iran detente
Steve from Raleigh ,   (01.30.12)
Panetta makes this announcement because clearly they've known for a long time that Iran is already at or past the point of being able to test a device. Obama has quietly made an implied agreement with Iran that if it delays their nuclear test till 2013 ('next year') he will do nothing about it. Obama is clearly signalling he will happily through Israel under the bus in order to ensure his re election. And while it's not treason it is the closest any President will come to openly supporting genocide.
12. #5 Bunnie Meyer HOW DARE YOU!!
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.30.12)
putting trusting & obumma in one sentence That would be the end for anyone that would be fool enough to trust him You know his favorite way of doing things, "Tossing under the bus"
13. #6 Man from land of fiction
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.30.12)
Panetta isn't, wasn't or nor has he ever been a General LOL
14. Iran is one year away from building a Death Star!
Simon ,   Milwaukee, USA   (01.30.12)
15. Iran cud have bomb in a year?
Aaron Allen ,   Lafayette IN USA   (02.09.12)
Here's a relatively cheap mission:.. A number of stealth fighter-bombers are fitted with parachute-lowered dummy B61 bombs [browse 'B-61 Bomb' for info, photos, etc.]...Using 'legit' Iranair and other flights as 'covers', drop 12- 15 of the dummy B61s on each Irani nuke-power/weaps site [especially Natanz and Quom] and one each at Iran's Capital [Parliament and military HQ]...Stencils on 4 sides say, " This is a replica B61 H-Bomb: If it was an actual one, everyone and everything within 5-10 km wud be destroyed. We hope you will pursue peaceful use of atomic energy under IAEA supervision and NOT weapons. Have a nice day." Just imagine how the Irani wud feel when they find these 'reminders'--de- livered by unknown means...Aaron Allen...
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