Mofaz launches Kadima leadership campaign
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 30.01.12, 14:38
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1. Like competing to be skipper of the Titanic.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.30.12)
Polls show Kadima is taking on water and sinking fast. As it should. Kadima was founded on corruption and appeasement and has nothing positive to offer Israel. The contest between Mofaz and Livni, to lead Kadima, is like a competition to be skipper of the Titanic.
2. When I run against Netanyahu, the political map will change.
Kate ,   Israel   (01.30.12)
When I run against Netanyahu, the political map will change." The knives are out to oust Netanyahu already.They cannot wait until the day if it happens.Tough Mofaz you will wait a long time before you achieve it. To Mofaz I say BS..If you think you can do better than Netanyahu then you are a joker,so is the dreaded Kadima that would give away our country piecemeal . .Livni cannot wait for the opportunity to SIT AT THE ROUND table ordering the destruction of Israel. . Netanahu is being cautious and taking things as they come. He has had more experience than all of you. YOU Mofaz,or anyone at Kadima.are the change whatever.. Mofaz will cut down on the military expenditure..HAS HE GONE bonkers. To the contrary the military budget should be increased because Israels security is PARAMOUNT and necessary.Mofaz is talking from the back of his noodle..
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