Beit Shemesh victim: Why were my assailants released?
Yair Altman
Published: 31.01.12, 15:26
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1. Funny how they can jail14 year old girls for blocking roads
Yossi Markest ,   Bat Yam   (01.31.12)
But not Charedim who almost lynch a woman to death. ISRAELI POLICE: -->GROW A PAIR!!
2. Why were my assailants released? police corruption!
Because the heredi are a violent mob and the police are corrupted by these loonies' rabbi's putting their JEWGUILT which is smeared on them. IT is a sin for these welfare kings and queens to determine how Israel should be run (into the ground)
3. Something is very wrong ...
Doug ,   USA   (01.31.12)
... if this is your top story.
4. fine the institutions they attend
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (01.31.12)
In many cases these are Kollel students which get money from their respective institutions where they learn. If these guys are not in Kollel learning, and instead out in the street doing prohibited activities, then the institutions should not be able to pay them. They should lose their stipends, and if the institution doesnt enforce attendance, it should lose its govt funding or even its nonprofit status
5. assailants were released as standard procedure
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.31.12)
but a very liberal court. I suppose Natalie Mashiah, #2 etc want different rules for Haradim.
6. since the shalit exchange...nothing surprises me...end
7. the POLICE are turning a blind eye: MUST BE INVESTIGATED
JEWDI knight ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (01.31.12)
the police toleration of heredim MOB RULE/anarchy must be brought into the JUSTICES' light of day... How come every MK movement is watched and legally scrutinized, yet these heredimites/rabble collections go scott free, to attack and TERRORIZE FREE ISRAELI CITIZENS...shame on them shame on you for tolerating this attack on seculars by terrorists not unlike the bomb vest wearers. PUT THE HEREDIM UNDER MARTIAL LAW if you won't protect the rest of the 90% of Israelis!
8. becouse
ale ,   italia   (01.31.12)
Beit Shemesh victim: Why were my assailants released? becouse you live in israel!
9. Bet Shesh assualt
Nahum ,   Haifa   (01.31.12)
Why do officials and politicians always repeat a mantra about only a small proportion of the Haredim being involved in the criminal acts. Let the spend more time dealing with the violence and the criminals and less excusing them.
10. why hareidim released?
moron ,   galut   (01.31.12)
maybe as they have yet to be tried or convicted...these feminist leftists are for releasing arab terrorists but against bail for jewish hooligans
11. #7: the police didn't release them, the court did
Yitzhak ,   Israel   (01.31.12)
In the US, when a suspect posts bail after being charged, which is set by a judge, he or she is released unless the judge deems the suspect a danger or a flight risk. Here it is similar; its up to the judge to determine if a suspect is to be released, or remanded (kept in jail).
12. Demographic Power
Zivron   (01.31.12)
The Haredim and the religious zionists are providing the demographic power for israel and keep out except for outpost impulsivity domestic violence and child abuse even undercover agents are needed to deplete these types by methods necessary in the extreme .
13. what if..
It was an Israeli Arab who did that? Different rules for different people?
14. Since when does a minister answers a simple citizen
Tevye ,   Chelm   (01.31.12)
The media made the women a hero. Since when does a simple citizen demands reply from a national police chief and a security minister? even though the attack was barbaric, this is really a media hype..
15. #1 - One cannot lynch a person to death. They are lynched
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.31.12)
And then they are dead or they are not lynched and die in some other manner typically at some other time.
16. Why shouldn't they get out until trial.
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (01.31.12)
That's right. This in not Iran. Suspects go out on bail until trial. If convicted they can be sentenced to time in prison. The judge did the right thing. It doesnt mean they are off the hook.
17. # 2 Jewish Doctor !
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.31.12)
Don't blame the police,the Bazar politics of the government,are the reason for haredi terrorism,the terrorists are protected by people in high places,be it the Sabath stone throwers,the war against archaeology,the war against the women,even little girls,idleness is the cause of their insanity,stop feeding them,so,their energy will be directed toward providing for their families.
18. another ynetnews failure to report the basic facts
Coco the monkey   (01.31.12)
what did the signs say?
19. to #14 This crime is not the woman against the suspects.
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (01.31.12)
All criminal cases are the state versus suspects. The woman who was a victim does not get a say. She will be a witness, not the plaintiff.The court will decide. The defendants are innocent until proven guilty. They go out until trial. They dont have to stay in jail until trial, which can take a long. time. This is how free countires operate.
20. Democracy = Innocent until proven Guilty by Court of Law.
Mo ,   London, UK   (01.31.12)
21. to # 14
Vladimir ,   Yerushalayim   (01.31.12)
Of course, a media hype... The woman behaved provocatively and contemptuously in the synagogue. She was asking for a scandal to gain fame and sympathy.
22. Staged!!!
ben ,   Israel   (01.31.12)
As I look at the picture where the woman interrogates the minister surrounded with reporter microphones, I'm getting more and more convinced that the whole incident was staged in advance.
23. 4 You are mistaken
Yerach ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (01.31.12)
These fanatics do not recieve any support from state nor do their institutes. Their funds are generated by shnorers who shnor in America,Canada,England,Europe & elsewhere in chutz laaretz. These are NUTurei Karta & Toldot Aharon & Satmar who accept not one grush from the state of Israel. They are so detatched from Isreali society that do not not even use kupat cholim but use private medical insurance rather than be connected.
24. #22 - You're not the only one thinking this. Trust me.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.31.12)
25. Does this lady have boyfriend, husband, brother, father
Gera   (01.31.12)
Who may go after those thugs and cat they balls? This is only a language Haredim understand.
26. Advice for Natalie
yoshinkan ,   New York   (02.01.12)
Israel is one of the few countries left that enable citizens to carry concealed weapons. Carry a concealed high capacity 9mm pistol wherever you go. You have a duty to protect yourself and your family against any and all attackers.
27. 23 to Yerach
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (02.01.12)
Is this really true.The state does not give them anything?
28. Put Them Behind Bars
yaakov ,   TA   (02.01.12)
The attackers of this woman proved once again that interpretation of religious ideas can become so perverted as to make the basic precepts unrecognizable. Can Judaism become so twisted as to permit attacks on innocent women?--this can only happen in the minds of those who have turned their backs on Judaism,regardless of how holy they think they are.For an attack like this the perpetrators deserve a long prison sentence-nothing else will shake them up...
29. #25 here is evidence that the dehumanisation campaign is
Henry from New York ,   USA   (02.01.12)
working on some people. The Israeli media has succeeded in reducing 1/10 of the State's population to mindless animals in the eyes of at least one Jew. How many more will follow suit? Pitting Jew against Jew will only lead us to ruin. One of our great Presidents, Abraham Lincoln, once said, "A house divided amongst itself cannot stand." This applies to the House of David as well.
30. Court not police released them
Sam   (02.01.12)
Query should be addressed to judge and prosecutors
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