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HMO holds men-only blood drive
Yair Harush
Published: 01.02.12, 07:30
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1. you dont get undressed to give blood.
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (02.01.12)
You just lie on a dguerney and roll up your sleeve.
2. Haredi blood donations, no thankyou
Avi ,   ISR   (02.01.12)
3. There you go!
this is nuts! ,   jerusalem, israel   (02.01.12)
you just stripped your arm!
4. This is different
Gayil ,   Israel   (02.01.12)
I understand this, in that, a lot of religious people (both men and women) do not show their upper arms in public. When you give blood you have to lift your sleeve very high so that your arm can be tied with an elastic band. They are trying to get as many people as possible to donate. If they are targeting the religious community with this drive then it has to be done in such a way that doesn't make them feel uncomfortable.
5. A medieval mentaliut...
PO ,   Ramat Gan, IL   (02.01.12)
... Haredim cover themselves and Judaism more and more of contempt... in the long term this will be dangerous for ALL the Jews...
6. #2 I hope you never need blood
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (02.01.12)
If you do how will you know who donated it?
7. Everyone has a right to privacy
Israeli grandma   (02.01.12)
Its natural for people to prefer some privacy. I am not haredi and hated giving birth among a lot of other women, with not even a privacy curtain drawn. And doctor visits after the birth also a public event! Today I notice that Israeli maternity care is conducted with a lot more respect for the women.
8. now................
ecr   (02.01.12)
every "separation" story trys to make religious peolple look bad. If you don't like the separate rooms, don't give blood at this particular blood drive. Enough of this drivel and one against the other stories. Tired of the attacks, etc.
9. bottom line - how successful was it?
rebecca ,   Modiin   (02.01.12)
blood is blood (except for #2) so if they got more donations this way, go for it. I'm sure they'll do a woman's donation day if this works.
10. Hebrew, anyone?
Naftush ,   Israel   (02.01.12)
The ad makes it clear that the sponsor of this campaign was the haredi organization Hatzolah. That the campaign should follow haredi norms shouldn't shock anyone. Leave them alone.
11. what's next?
blood segregation by type & RH factor? blood segregation by sex? blood segregation by race? blood segregation by national group? blood segregation by ethnic group? Shall we just say good bye to the National Blood bank and start saving up pints in our own refrigerators so that we can be sure it is the right type? Sadly I think that is were we are headed!
12. maccabbi is also to blame
Adi   (02.01.12)
Next time you go and donate blood stipulate this blood can go to any one except Male "haradim" note I did not write men and and I put "haradim" in inverted coma's as these are not men nor are they G_d fearing in my personal opinion, but just remember who are providing theses services egged and Maccabbi guarented if you were to stop using these services with an explanation why you are opting for other transport and health services these idiotic performances would stop "yesterday" because both are involved for the revenue which it provides rather than providing help which you would especially expect from a health service Have a good Shabbes all
13. #1 - you do.
Daniel Breslauer ,   Gateshead, UK   (02.01.12)
Susan - according to halacha it is forbidden for a man to see a woman's elbow or upper arm. The lower arm is allowed to be seen, but most Haredi women are a bit stricter than the minimal requirement to cover the elbows, and cover until closer to the wrist. Now honestly, I never gave blood for that, but, for medical reasons (blood tests) blood is taken from the elbow. I assume blood donations are taken from the same spot. So, in fact, according to halacha, you *do* get undressed for giving blood.
14. Courtney Cox promoting health?
nkd ,   jerusalem, Israel   (02.02.12)
Is the only way to promote anything, to have women not dressed appropriately? Don't you people see that the Haredim are fighting for the dignity of women? Is a woman in a bikini the only way to sell a can of Coke? You may not agree with the implementation and some of the details, but they definitely have the right idea - preserving sanctity and dignity. It certainly will preserve happier marriages when men don't go to beaches to stare at the girls who look far better than their wives. Let's face, the idea of women's dignity has gone to pot - today they are objects for men to look at. The Haredim are preserving their dignity.
15. #13 - Halakah, or 18th century Poland?
Carl ,   USA   (02.02.12)
Where is such a prohibition written and what gives it equal weight with stone tablets from Mount Sinai? Bet this is no more than tradition, like wearing black fur hats.
16. #14 you're wrong
Iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (02.03.12)
I think it's great when my husband looks at beautiful girls in bikinis on the beach. A little boost to the imagination is a good thing. As far as I am concerned, if he stops looking, he's dead. No wonder the Haredim are afraid to look. The comparison to their women in shapeless sacks and snoods/wigs is too great to ponder.
17. Get out the burkas now
KTyson ,   Mobile, AL   (02.03.12)
How did things ever get to this point?
18. #13 just curious
Mimi   (02.05.12)
just wondering about this elbow thing- sounds antiquated to me. What about blood transfusions, what does the Torah say about that? I bet thy had none when it was written. It probably is forbidden too.. but the Ravs found a way to get around it..... so why hang on to a 3000 year old law that does not make sense at all?
19. #7 Grandma Moses
robert ,   TelAviv   (02.05.12)
you do NOT get undressed to give blood, you roll up your sleeves- that's it. I bet some haredi would get highly aroused and horny at the look of a woman's wrist- they have a REAL problem with women.
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