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Syrian rebels warn Nasrallah
Roi Kais
Published: 31.01.12, 20:51
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1. Nasrallah needs to go back in his hole
k ,   US   (01.31.12)
he made an appearance out of his hole 2 weeks ago, but now he has more enemies then the Israelis Looks like he wont be coming out of his hole any time soon
2. Syrian rebels warn Nasrallah
Adam ,   London   (01.31.12)
They are all a bunch of wankers
3. FSA is nothing!
Adel ,   Amman   (01.31.12)
there are a few armed gangs indeed in Homs and Zabadani but God willing they will soon be destroyed by the Syrian Army that has refrained from attacking them so far
4. # 3
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.31.12)
Dont be too quick to judge, there are many more Syrian supporters of the rebels, outside Syria. As soon as Assad falls, those people will return to Syria.
5. #3. This is about Nasrallah
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (01.31.12)
One of the most despised creatures that will ever walk this earth Whichever side of this divide you are talking - you can imagine how the majority of Palestinians feel when that rotten jackass cynically tries to take ownership and HIJACK MY cause to promote his own and Ahmadinejads agendas inside Lebanon! Protecting Palestinians? Dont make me laugh! The SAVIOUR of the Palestinians? No Palestinian asked him No Palestinian EVER wanted him As for being the PROTECTOR and SAVIOUR of Lebanon? This is a creature who will sell his grandmothers soul for self aggrandisement and lust for power and control over Lebanon BUT Nasrallah - Heard of the saying? YOUR days are numbered. And the countdown has begun
6. Ideal
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (01.31.12)
Syrians to settle score with Nasrallah? That's what I call ideal scenario.
7. #3
as an israeli close to your border, i can assure you that we are talking to the syrian rebels on a daily basis. they tell us everything going on in homs and damascus and everywhere in syria. we are watching and learning that assad's days are numbered. even if it takes 15,000 deaths, these good syrian people are going to oust your despotic and murderer leader. the syrians have spoken. they say that almost 97% of the country is anti assad and wants to see him hand. the army so far killed 7,000 syrian people mostly children and women and innocents for just protecting. nasrallah is also finished once assad is finished and so will be iran and hamas. hizbullah knows that without syria it is a bust of an organization and nasrallah's days are numbered once the assad regime falls. no more money and war ammunition from iran via the syrian route. turkey will not give hamas or hizbullah a refuge and neither will jordan. maybe qatar...but it is weak and far away. once assad falls, nasrallah will be hanged by the syrian from the tallest tree or will be forced to live in the hole he is living in now. all in all, israel wishes the syrian people a democracy without a murderous regime. wake up, assad is over, finished. there is no way back. once he is over, all the syrian people together with the syrian exiles that ran away from that country will come back, open full diplomatic relationship with israel, will work on the golan heights, etc... and all will be peaceful. all in all, israel comes out on top. if assad starts a war with israel to divert attention, then israel will decimate him and his seat in damascus. any way you look at it, he is finished either by israel or by the syrian people. the mid east is changing against hizbullah and iran. get that????
8. #4 Birdi, I hope you're right about Assad...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.31.12)
and I'm a bit surprised you didn't have any choice words for the big fella himself. (Nasty Nasrallah)
9. thats revealing about who are the rebels
ygalg ,   israel   (01.31.12)
"it was the Syrian people, rather than Assad's regime, that opened the door to the Lebanese people and to Hezbollah members." israel made the right decision not to support either side
10. Sitting tight at attention
Israeli ,   Israel   (01.31.12)
My enemy's enemy is my friend. And the G-d of Israel will give me the pleasure of singing Hallel the very day that Assad and Nasrallah fall! I will praise the G-d of Israel for He will give me victory over these murderers!
11. # 8 @ Noodles.
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.31.12)
It is logical that Nasrallah is nothing without Assad. Once Assad is no more, Nassie will either walk off into oblivion or be joyfully killed. You decide what his fate will be! (big smile)
12. shocker
mb   (01.31.12)
You mean someone else wants Nasrallah dead? Boy that line is getting longer by the minute.
13. Assad will let some missiles fly
moriah ,   sacramento usa   (01.31.12)
and they will hit Israel. But that will be the trigger that ultimately destroys Damascus. Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
14. Sammy-N.only became a big man because Lebanese allowed him
Alan ,   SA   (02.01.12)
15. Very Dangerous Situation
Robert ,   Farmington,wv   (02.01.12)
Very Dangerous situation developing , if Assad believes he is going to loose his country he might instruct Nasrallah to start lobbing missiles at Israel , I always thought a Israel and Syria war would come before a israeli and Iranian war...
16. Syrian rebels' warning
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (02.01.12)
A lot of hot air.
17. Sammy, you have no "cause"
Barry ,   Tokyo   (02.01.12)
didn't you hear that the "palestinians" were an invrnted people? Get used to it. The only Palestinians were formerly known as Jews. The remainder were only Arabs.
18. Nice to see the threatening going in the other direction
William ,   Israel   (02.01.12)
Nasrallah has spent his whole scum life threatening and killing people. May more people stand up and threaten this cancer on the Earth.
19. #3 - the funniest part of the article...
William ,   Israel   (02.01.12)
was when the Syrian army was busy bombing rebels and civilians, and hit their own oil pipelines....which they turned around and blamed on "terrorists". All despotic scum, and their supporters (like you Adel), are falling. Get used to it.
20. #15 - actually, all parties are being very cautious
William ,   Israel   (02.01.12)
It's easier to have Syria war with Israel than Iran do it, but you know any action against Israel will be led by the puppeteers in Tehran. Israel warned Hibzullah of a 10x response than 6 years ago, and warned Assad that if Hizbullah attacks Damascus will be a target by the IDF. What Iran wants is to keep their hegemony in place, and by unleashing Nasrallah they could end up with nothing. The Mullahs know this.
21. Israel, please send support to the FREE syrians, help them
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.01.12)
fight, don't let them die with no arms.
22. Assad & Nasrallah
Rolly ,   Tampa USA   (02.01.12)
The line to get Nasrallah is indeed getting longer by the minute and he knows it. However much of a scumbag that he is, I doubt that he would be stupid enough to start lobbing missiles at Israel if Assad tells him to. He is smart enough to know that it would be suicide on his part and nothing more than a Hail Mary pass sort of thing on Assad's part, and that if he does, Israel will destroy him this time around, for the simple reason that Assad wont be able to resupply him while he is fighting a civil war. I very much doubt that he will start anything with Israel, opinions?
23. The "new " generation of Syrian dictators.......
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (02.01.12)
They want to get rid of Assad the "old" dictator, so they can become the new " democratic" dictators.
24. I do not want Nasrallah killed.
leo ,   usa   (02.01.12)
I want Divine Cave Dweller stay in hiding and remain the laughing stock of the Middle East for many more years.
25. Payback to Hezebolla will come
Sam   (02.01.12)
Couldn't happen to nicer people. They will be begging for their lives
26. The Syrians will pull the rat out of his hole
Richard Krulak ,   Cherry Point   (02.01.12)
The very guys that supplied and fed him will now hang him in the market place. I love it.
27. Wishful thinking on behalf of Israel...
Mark Van Hoff ,   Belgium   (02.01.12)
Why is this idiot that you refer to as "The secretary general of the Free Syria Army's military council" nameless? Could it be that he is scared to death of revealing his name? Or could it be that the story is a fictional wishful Israeli thinking?
28. #27 Thugs from Hezbollah
Deb ,   US   (02.01.12)
This is coming from Syrian rebels, not Israel. Must be a proud moment for Lebanon to have Hezbollah killing Syrians on behalf of Iran.
29. #17. Whats a great sense of humour
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (02.01.12)
Thinking of a career change or even better a brain change? Perhaps I know my identity my history and my roots better than you know your own? So sad..mixed up kid..
30. @25 They were begging for their lives in the last war...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.01.12)
but they have the luxury of calling survival "victory".
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