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Mossad chief makes secret visit to US
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 31.01.12, 21:51
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1. And from the looks of the picture...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.31.12)
...he visited San Fransisco while he was there.
2. #1 - What do you mean? Are you referring to the smile on his
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.31.12)
3. #1
sk ,   USA   (02.01.12)
you're mean lol
4. #1 All that's missing from the picture...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.01.12)
is the flowers in the hair.
5. Someone continues to impersonate
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (02.01.12)
Sarah B. Her posts are always intelligent, challenging and merit consideration whereas the impersonator continues to allow her to be ridiculed by posting vapid responses.
6. How the Hell is this a secret visit if I'm reading about it?
tom ,   telm aviv   (02.01.12)
and: so what???!!!
7. LMFAO @1. Photo is at Mossad Heads home in Israel
not in frisco!
8. # 7 You a'int very bright
Raptor   (02.01.12)
9. #6 Supposedly it WAS a secret meeting that we know about now
Yaniv ,   Israel   (02.01.12)
10. @1 LOL! That's what I was thinking. Gay look on his face!
Yaniv ,   Israel   (02.01.12)
KB ,   US   (02.02.12)
Well...I guess it's not a secret anymore, now is it?
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