MI chief: Iran can produce 4 bombs
Neri Brenner
Published: 02.02.12, 09:39
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1. ANY COUNT WILL DO...........................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.02.12)
It goes from 1 to 4 now.I also think differently................I believe they have capacity presently to produce 6.What about that?
2. please dont use the term "arab spring"
big levi   (02.02.12)
its an insult to the seasons
3. "Iran has enough nuclear material for four bombs
Tomek ,   Poland   (02.02.12)
4. Not enough
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (02.02.12)
Israel has over 200, so Iran must must make more than 200.
5. USA
zionist forever   (02.02.12)
America is the only one that has the physical capability to take military action. Through their middle East airbases and carriers fleets they have access to heavy bombers, stealth jets, hundreds of fighter jets & Tomahawk missiles. With their hardware America can not only destroy the entire nuclear program but also Iranian retaliation capabilities such as sinking their ships and missile launch sites. Do that and Iran won't be a threat to anybody for the next twenty years. This is not Iraq 1981, Iran has to many sites spread around and underground all protected by good air defenses. Any Israeli pilot who took part in any raid would know from the minute they take off that they are undertaking a suicide mission. Its either the American way or the nuclear way because sanctions are not going to work because nukes are the key to Iran's long term ambitions of becoming the new superpower and bullying the Gulf states into forming alliances with them rather than the west. without nukes they can't do that because in a conventional war Iran is no match for Saudi Arabia who have the largest and most modern air force in the region & American made ground equipment so Iran needs nukes.
6. Kochavi 's assessment is SPOT ON.Its like he says!
Alan ,   SA   (02.02.12)
7. Zionistforever you are quite right Iran job not for Israel
Alan ,   SA   (02.02.12)
8. 200,000 missiles aimed consistently at Israel
Aviv Kochavi   (02.02.12)
9. 200000 Missles Thank the Left Wing
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (02.02.12)
You can thank the Israeli left wing foreign government NGOs like peace now Israel for that. You can thank the self-centered left wing coffee crowd in Tel Aviv who have never been concerned with defensive borders and strategic depth. You can thank the members of the Israeli government who are more concerned with American interests and than with Israeli interest. You can thank Ehud Barak who is probably working for the day gets his cushy job in the United States to retire. You can thank the self hating Jews in Tel Aviv and elsewhere who do everything they can criticize Israel.
10. Alter tshuvah...alter geulah
chanel ,   eretz yisroel   (02.02.12)
Perhaps now we can all appreciate the wisdom and foresight of the Lubavitcher Rebbe who warned against giving up one inch of land and said that even "talking" about giving up the Holy Land would endanger the lives of millions. On the other hand, there were other things the Rebbe also said such as "Hinei, Hinei, Moshiach Ba" and "Alter l'tshuvah -- alter L'Geulah!"
11. As we have seen the years pass with no...
Chris.B ,   Australia   (02.02.12)
tangible proof Iran has a nuclear weapons program the spin doctors are starting to change their stories again and again.M.G Kochavi claims Iran can built 4 bombs with their 20% enriched uranium. He neglects to mention they are a long way off the 90% enriched uranium needed,have no viable delivery system/warhead and are not able to test a bomb without alerting the world.All the international hysteria caused by Israel is amazing and shows the influence the Jewish lobby has. Unfortunatelly for the Iranian people they are governed by religious fanatics (like in Israel) who cling to power by using external threats as a mandate(like in Israel).The real reason Israel is worried is because it didn't want to loose its hegemony.(too late!!)Another consideration is If Saudi Arabia goes nuclear Israel would be cast aside by America in a flash.No more welfare cheques.
12. Whats hapenning to Peter Lavelle at RT!
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.02.12)
Take off his glasses and with his beard hes looking more and more like Ahmadinejad every day! Even his hairstyle is the same! And if he could speak Pharsi...the way hes taken to bashing Israel (and hes supposed to be the neutral Cross Talk Presenter!) every opportunity..why oh my.. Hes turning into an Ahmadinejad clone!
13. #1 mahmood
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.02.12)
Very few people, if any, care what you think.
14. #11 chris - Blind as a bat.
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.02.12)
15. Iran won't be putting any bombs together this year
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.02.12)
because Humpty Dumpty will be too busy putting himself back together and won't have the time or desire for anything else.
16. inaccurate report
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.02.12)
Kochavi said that Iran has enough uranium and knowledge to make four bombs in a year. He also said that they need more time to turn them into warheads to attack Israel. So actually, they are not a real threat. Kochavi also said that there are enough military-grade rockets in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and Sinai to cause unthinkable damage to the Israeli civilian population. Kochavi did not give credit to Barak, Peres, Sharon, Livni, Peres and other Leftists for their part in arming Gaza and Lebanon to become strategic threats to Israel. He also did not mention that the only reason Israel might survive the next war is that the extreme Left (again including Barak, Peres, Livni and Sharon) failed in ethnically cleansing Golan, Judea and Samaria from Jews, the only places that will serve as military buffers and safe haven for the Jews in the coming war.
17. #1 MAHMOOD
Mr. Truth ,   Planet Earth   (02.02.12)
My sources tell me that Iran already has 25 and expect to produce 500 by the end of December 2012...
18. Exceedingly correct assessment, #5
Cameron ,   USA   (02.02.12)
19. #1 better get walking your going to miss the spring run up..
the bekka valley.. ,   been planed 3000 yrs   (02.03.12)
20. YOU SEEM TO BE A DUFFER.......#13
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.03.12)
As I was just joking.Having read over 120 predictions of Iranian capabilities and the time it would take to make a bomb and the delivery system varies so much,that we don't frankly know what is going on.But you being a dud,did not get the lightr side of my talk-back.
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