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Iran launches observation satellite
Dudi Cohen
Published: 03.02.12, 08:31
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1. Tell me Ahmedinejad was on that satellite. MONKEY IN SPACE!
2. Not all Iranians think like Ahmadinejad (and Peter Lavelle)
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.03.12)
There is a small but growing cabal of CONSERVATIVE politicians who are circulating their rising concerns about where Ahamadinejads brinkmanship is to end. The one word they have used more than any other to describe the atmosphere in Teheran now is PARANOIA By constantly threatening to attack and destroy Israel and constantly making all sorts of threats to all sorts of so called enemies and being intentionally vague and secretive about its enrichment activities- rather than cowing Israel and the world it has galvanised the world community and left itself vulnerable to an attack Ahmadinejad has drastically miscalculated on FOUR fronts - First that Israel and Sunni Arab World would be frightened by his rhetoric and threats and forced into political submission OR simply assume that Israel treat the threats of 'wiping Israel off the map' as bluster - as Peter Lavelle of RT constantly strives to have us believe) - WRONG Second that his vague and teasing messages about enrichment culminating in the grotesque scene with Chavez, giggling in front of the world press about nuclear bombs would fob off the international community - WRONG Thirdly that his super macho military stances and 'bigger than yours weapons', ridiculous theatrics in the Gulf and the Med and the obnoxios language that comes of of the RG and the religious leadership - would be met with fear - WRONG And fourthly Ahmadinejads belief that by threatening disruption to oil supplies particularly to the soft wobbly and self seeking targets of China and India and the closure and nationalisation of Hormuz would be met with fear - WRONG How how wrong...It simply demonstratesjust how inept, just how pathetic, just how untrustworthy, how arrogant and contemptible and how dangerous Ahamdinejad and his cronies really are And we are seeing signs of the dawning of realisationamongst the MAINSTREAM CONSERVATIVE ELITE just how critical things are for Iran Will the rest of Iran wake up in time and will they be dragged sleepwalking into the abyss WAKE UP IRAN....Please
3. Eye in the Sky
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (02.03.12)
Every nation has a right to place satellites in space. However if a myopic, contractionary, combative mindset takes hold then the satellite race follows the same track as the traditional arms race. In the realm of surveillance many nations watch each other. The spy agencies are very busy. What I have learnt however is that when you trust your neighbours implicitly you may cast a protective eye over them but have no need to watch them like hawks. People should remember that there is one force that watches over all of us. It is the ultimate "eye in the sky". He knows the score. Perhaps what he wants is for more global trust to be in place and for people to wake up to the win/win paradigm in geo-political affairs. Lou Reed's "Satellite of Love" comes to mind for some reason.
4. Ahmad planning New World Order... "flintstone style"?
mary of bethany ,   singapore   (02.03.12)
Ahmadinejad remarked at inauguration ceremony of International Conference on 'Hollywoodism and Cinema' (Tehran), accused western culture of list of alleged crimes and debaucheries... ahmad asked Chevaz and Hugo, maybe Haniyah or Erodgan to join him forming "A New World Order". Let's send all these goons to the moon to get their own "New World Order". hope this satelite explode and set the debris, carnage flying into ahmad's very house!
5. monkeyface should be iran's first muzlumonaut, maybe he can
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.03.12)
find his 13th lost madi or whatever wandering around up there.
6. Scoop: NAVID is simply DIVAN on it's head. Definition below:
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.03.12)
a: the privy council of the Ottoman Empire b: counci : a council chamber : a large couch usually without back or arms often designed for use as a bed : a collection of poems in Persian or Arabic usually by one author Aqua-dinejad finally has a flying couch!
7. #4 Mary of Bethany
Maureen   (02.03.12)
I wouldn't worry one hair of my head re Iran's little midgitman. He's just a scared..... no, terrified little piddle. Leave him be. Have more trust in God... He is the man who works wonders... not the little monkeyman of Tehran.
8. Sooner Arrow 3 is ready sooner Irans satellites will fall
zionist forever   (02.03.12)
US experts who have studied the Arrow 3 which is currently under develop believe that the missile could be converted into a satellite killers. So get this missile into production and Iran can send up satellites and Israel can bring them down again .... preferably they will land in downtown Tehran so Iran can put it on display and boast abut how clever they are because they captured a downed Iranian satellite.
9. Launch Monkey Man next
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (02.03.12)
On the other hand...isn't there enough junk is space? Why add more Shiiiiite to the equation?
10. #5...GOOGLE MAPS
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (02.03.12)
#5, I see you continue with the childish name calling and avoid the real issues. Maybe Tehran will update Google Maps with imagery from the new satellite given the Israeli government's ridiulous level of secrecy. I can see who is parked in front of the White House but Tel Aviv is a blur? Oh, I forgot...need to hide Dimona detail so Israel can continue assembling nuclear weapons while acting coy. Maybe loking up at night (if there is ever a clear sky in LA) and seeing the Iranian satellite in orbit will give you pause to actually think about your chronic war chatter from the safety of your nice USA location.
11. #5 Dont pick on the Bunnie!
Scott ,   QLD Australia   (02.03.12)
Not too bright by yourself Frank. Firstly, I doubt that Google will do anything as you say. Secondly, Israel is technically on a continous high level of alert - It s surrounded by enemies with a few hundred thousand missiles and rockets. What country under the same circumstances wouldnt do the same? And back off on Bunnie! The "war chatter" you mention is propelled by the Iranian nutjobs themselves. Yet more stupid, incendiary comments from their regime today. Goes both ways -(unless you're a Jew hater)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.03.12)
Message to various talk-back indication frustration and hatred.
13. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel & proud of it   (02.03.12)
And we see that you continue with your childish delusional posts.
14. #10 iran's super nut job khameneni says the world will soon
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.03.12)
be rid of "cancerous Zionist regime" and we know the iranians are building nukes so while Israel has NEVER threatened to destroy ANY country, both monkey face and nut job kameni are telling the world they are going to destroy Israel. In self defense Israel is going to destroy iran and all the iranians that die are the direct result of these madmen, not Jews who would rather live in peace but who won't die for crazy scumbags whose freak religious beliefs tell them to start a war.
15. Monkey in space
Gus ,   Australia   (02.04.12)
No it was really Netanyahu surveying what lands to steal
16. More advanced than NK
Haso   (02.23.12)
This shows Iran has gone further than North Korea which has not succeded yet in launching a satellite.
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