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Khamenei: Zionist regime is a cancer
Dudi Cohen
Published: 03.02.12, 12:06
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1. SDenuke Iran NOW!
Reuven   (02.03.12)
2. supreme religious leader of islam
Real vision ,   united States   (02.03.12)
He is the supreme leader of islam in iran and the only thing he does is continually say death to israel and death to the jewish people. Obviously this ahole didn't read the koran where it says to LET THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK BE. He knows NOTHING of God's wishes for peace and harmony. Khamenei is the devil
A WONDER-S. R. ,   MULTIVERSE   (02.03.12)
4. khameni is a flaming hemorrhoid!
jason white ,   afula, israel   (02.03.12)
And the best way to remove him would be with a nuke. Why wait? Nuke them now and party later.
5. That's why
Palestinian   (02.03.12)
Sometimes I wonder why would somebody lives in - Belfour in 1917 (has/had any right) gives away our homes to people were born/live their entire lives in Europe, Russia or Ethiopia
6. Get it on
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (02.03.12)
7. here's a case of the real cancer(irun) calling Israel
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (02.03.12)
the disease. everybody in the right mind knows Israel is the cure!
8. A UN member State
Sagi   (02.03.12)
whose officials use this sort of language should and can be expelled. It is up to our Ambassador and our Foreign Service to initiate this.
9. That's why Israel need's strong leaders
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (02.03.12)
because the leaders now they have are weak. Israel is a strong nation that has the military capability to handle Iran and others, however all it does is blame Obama when this mess was created on the watch of George Bush with his faulty intelligence. If Israel really feels threatened it should MAN-UP and protect it's people without relying on the US.
10. May the curse be upon you, your sect , your putride ahmadino
Yossi   (02.03.12)
"" Soon we will get rid of the Zionist regime "". Same song and dance for the past 20 odd years; how boring. Aren't you sick and tired to read the same warped koranic verse day in day out?.Sorry to disapoint you cacahmeini, but from the looks of you, your time is up. We are going to be around for centuries while you and your sect will turn into swill. No amount of service prayer will spare you and your damned clique. Don't forget to take ahmadinejad with you.
11. Khamenei, when I see you
Heinz Fritschi ,   Switzerland   (02.03.12)
I believe that you represent the ugliest of evil and dangerous ideologies with death and destruction. But Jews and all brave Zionists, they embrace life. Go and seek mental help.
12. Khamenei is an impostume
Ernst Graf ,   Herrliberg   (02.03.12)
and has to be treated accordingly. For every decent swiss it is difficult to understand why this man, a cleric, speaks full with evil about Israel. Zionism is the basis of Jews and the most positive political movement since more then 2000 years.
13. I don't mind being a cancer as long as I'm in his BUTT!
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.03.12)
14. Ladies and gentleman...for my next trick
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.03.12)
Its the Ultimate the One and Only the Great the Supreme Magician in the World Watch with amazement at his greatest trick! In a second he will transform Iran from a once great and free nation into a political and economic basket case! (But hasnt yet worked out how to reverse the trick)
15. Never a truer word that....entity
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.03.12)
About himself and his despicable demented regime And their spread of evil and hate What an entity!
16. Does Khamenei actually believe his worn out rhetoric?
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.03.12)
17. Is there any doubts ?
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (02.03.12) Has Obama understood ? Arn.Sweden.
18. #5, are you a proud ignorant?
Ted ,   UK   (02.03.12)
Palestine is a roman name, and at that time they gave it to Judea, which was jewish. So, if you like, the real Palestinians are the jews.. and not you. Your ancestors emigrated from the Arab's desert.. any reason why can't you live in Jordan? with more than 80% of what you call palestinians?
19. #13 You don't need to be cancer to be in said spot.
20. #5 Pallywood move back to Arabia
David ,   Israel   (02.03.12)
"Palestine" is nothing else than the Roman name for JUDEA and no Arab/Moslem state "Palestine" has ever existed. The Fakestinians consists of recent Arab and Moslem immigrants from Bosnia, North Africa and the Middle East who came to enjoy the economic fruits of Jewish national revival in the ancestral and eternal Jewish homeland Israel. Almost 50% of the Jews of Israel consist of Jewish refugees and their offspring from Arab and Moslem countries who were ethnically cleansed by fascist Arab/Moslem regimes and their supporters.
21. no doubt that iran will build bomb unless stopped
Nth and Sth America , China , Russia, Europe, Japan, Australasia need to stop Iranian threat of nuclear ransom. ImposIng heavier economic sanctions and assisting the Iranaian people to overthrow the militant khameini/adhmadinejad. Junta is the last peaceful chance for the world to prevent global nuclear war in all likelihood. Prophylactic steps are essntial. IAEA inspection is a tactical game to gain the necessary time to build four bombs to attach to their missiles aimed at USA and Israel.
22. khamenei is a mistake of the nature
Arctodus Simus ,   Fort Yukon-Alaska   (02.03.12)
and soon or later he will finish like his 5 "scientists" blown up somewhere in Tehran.
23. War
michaelpielet ,   Israel   (02.03.12)
This means war. 70 years ago the german dictator said the same thing and did what he said he would do, exterminate the Jews. This time we Jews have a state and have the ability to defend ourselves. This current day Hitl-r must be destroyed.
24. Yes we are!!!!!!
Robert ,   Farmington,wv   (02.03.12)
Yes we are , and you are going to find out as soon as you launch one of your missiles our way.You are going to find out there is no cure for what we got planned for you.
25. Islamic terror
Beary White ,   Norway   (02.03.12)
So, why should anyone be angry if I say that islam is the religion of the evil, warshipped by millions, and more than 80% have the same crazy idea as Khamenei, spreading hate and violence!!
26. The days of that Iranian Nazi are already
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.03.12)
27. ALL of these rabid mullahs will soon go
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.03.12)
to hell...oh well...
28. iran
spookey uk ,   birmingham uk   (02.03.12)
they have just declared war on israel ,
29. put your trust in obama ..
Ian ,   Germany   (02.03.12)
or go for it all alone but no cry to America
30. Israel will never have peace until they obey intl law
christianpalestinian ,   nyc   (02.03.12)
Israel must withdraw from all occupied Palestinian land as stipulated by UN resolutions and International Law. Anything less will not be acceptable.
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