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Australian TV show draws Jewish ire
Leonard Carl
Published: 08.02.12, 08:36
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1. ironically, it was the australian soldiers...
oferdesade ,   israel   (02.08.12)
... who presented the humane face of the mandatory government. many of them speak fondly of their memories amongst the "jews" of israel, and most israeli jews remember them as friendly, and fair.... much more so than their british counterparts.
2. Great response by SBS: it can't stereotype, it's fiction!
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.08.12)
Are they really that ignorant about their own racism that they don't quite understand how stereotypes work? Yes, SBS, fiction is an important vehicle for stereotypes to be propagated.
3. Fiction is OKZ? so Facrt is not?
Lenya ,   Australia   (02.08.12)
4. Fiction is OK, Fact is Not?
Lenya ,   Australia   (02.08.12)
So if it was based on facts SBS would have stopped it, but because it was made up (fiction) it was OK to show? Isn't that hypocritical?
5. Truth hurts
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (02.08.12)
The Australian film tells the truth. Hurts, doesn't it? Shows how the Zionist usurpation of the Holy Land really went forward. Soon, however, that travesty on world political justice will be totally reversed.
6. Aissoes need a refresher course
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.08.12)
of what they did to Australian Aborigine
7. Does anyone remember the "Jim Crows" from Dumbo?
Henry from New York ,   USA   (02.08.12)
That was a work of fiction too.
8. Originally British? Now for the ABORIGINAL viewpoint?
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (02.08.12)
9. So all lies are OK because they are inherently fiction huh?
Ze'ev ,   US   (02.08.12)
I guess that lets Goebbels off the hook, since lies are inherently fiction, his portrayals of Jews are OK? I am planing a "historical" drama about the sexual exploitation of kangaroos by the first Australian settlers. I guess the SBS will air it with no problems since it is fiction!
10. #5 graczek, You commenting on truth
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.08.12)
That's good for the laugh of the month, you don't have the foggiest idea of what the word means
11. Not an Australian production.
Fred ,   Autralia   (02.09.12)
It is not an Australian production and was shown in the UK and other countries in the world well before it reached Australia. UK Jews had the same reaction which was rejected by the Broadcasting service there.
12. SBS is an left-wing TV station. Expect nothing less.
Ar ,   Sydney Australia   (02.09.12)
SBS blames non-Muslims for everything Muslims do, including the innuerable crimes commited by the Sydney Lebanese community.
13. #9: SBS channel hates Australians. They'll accept your show!
- ,   Sydney Australia   (02.09.12)
The Special Broadcasting Service is the official multicultural TV channel of Australia. It's run by left-wing radicals and Muslims who use the left-wing cultural relativists to their own advantage. But the Jews shouldn't claim immunity from any kind of negative imagery. Over-sensitivity is what Muslims demand when it touches on criticism of their own image and beliefs.
14. Graczek
Michael ,   New York   (02.09.12)
How would you know? you are in maryland, usa... how would you know about the australian show? fact is you DON'T. you just hate Jews so much and hate Israel so much, that anything that smacks of hatred toward Jews and Israel is fodder for your tiny little brain. Go F*** yourself.
15. #5
care to comment about the total annihilation cultural and personal by australians of the indigenous aborigines of australia???????????? do you also feel that australians usurpers and land thieves need to relinquish their country back to the aborigines? care to comment on that travesty? i guess you have no "oain" when it comes to australian annihilation of aborigines in australia and the colonialization of that continent by the white guys from england and their annihilation of the indigenous population? i wonder why australians are not on your hate radar....oh, let me guess. they are not jews, you filthy anitsemite. hameed aboughaze, iranian
16. #9
i would also love the australian tv and movie networks to air their total annihilation of the aborigines, the original inhabitants of australia until the brits and english came, stole the land, murdered all aborigines almost to extinction and settled that land. i believe the movie should end by saying, australians out. aborigines back home. except this movie about aboriginies will not be fiction. it was a very very sad brutal reality. and they still marginalize them and persecute them till today. hameed aboughaze, iranian
17. The show isn't Australian
Adrian ,   Australia   (02.09.12)
The promise is a British show. Not sure why its been called an Australian TV show here.
18. SBS is a joke
David ,   Melbourne, Australia   (02.09.12)
SBS is an absolute joke, it's left wing rubbish, which damn the right, is in staunch favour of Muslims, and appeals to the bleeding hearts. The only times they have anything on that is in favour of Israel is late at night. The only good thing they do is the FA Cup and the World Cup
19. Fictional drama,but the Antisemitism
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.10.12)
of the producers is real,would they have dared to portray muslims in such a way ?.
20. # 11 same reaction which was rejected
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.10.12)
by the antisemitic broadcasting service,which makes it legal.
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