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Officials discuss Israel-Iran showdown
Published: 03.02.12, 21:06
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1. Israel will have to take out Hamas & Hezbollah first
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (02.03.12)
Iran will almost certainly retaliate through its proxies Hamas & Hezbollah which can cause problems for Israel with rocket attacks on the north & south. There has already been talk of an operation cast lead 2 to get rid of Hamas. Israel will have to launch a surprise attack against Hezbollah at the same time or before the Iranian attack to destroy their arsenal.
2. Chances of destroying Iran's nukes should be 100%.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.03.12)
The only sane course of action is to destroy Iran's nukes. We can't let the Iranian Nazis build nuclear bombs, which they've boasted, many times, they want to use on us. If we don't destroy them with the first attack; we must come back again and finish the job.
3. Complete and total BS made to thwart any attempt
Al   (02.03.12)
by Israel to ensure its own survival. Obama is one anti-semite who must be shown the door. Should he ever win re-election Israel will be history. He is a disaster for all of America and the west as well.
4. Israeli attack on Iran
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (02.03.12)
Panetta has criticized Israel for its isolation, and said that Israel should act to improve its popularity among nations. A preemptive attack on Iranian nuclear facilities would immediately improve Israel's standing in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, who, like Israel, are concerned over their survival.
5. GO ! GO ! GO !
6. Irans response would be constrained...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.03.12)
oh well...we knew that all along !
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (02.03.12)
I think after the fall of Syria,Hesbollah will get a visite from the IDF, that will constitute a peace of mind for Israel. Then Iran will be renamed "Irun".
8. coin flip
dm ,   WA, USA   (02.03.12)
Quick, someone flip a coin. If we left stuff like this to a coin flip; more would get done. I can make up random stats too. I have a 80% chance of being disgusted by leaders talking too much and wasting tax $$$. Maybe a 2% chance I vote Obama (but more like 1%) really depends on which loony repub is chosen. I have a 25% chance to fart in the next hour.
H ROSEN ,   PA USA   (02.03.12)
U S and Israel playing good cop bad cop ....The Iranians denied the last attack on it's missile site was an accident..they knew better and did not return any fire to the U S or Israel..The U S should give Iran the warning that any attack on Israel is also an attack on the U S. And say this specifically to Iran in a diplomatic note. This may satisfy Israel and hold off any attack for the forseeable future. One cannot know what can happen if Israel does attack Iran's nuclear facilitites...However one can be sure that the missiles will be flying form Lebanon.
UNCLE JOE ,   CONN USA   (02.03.12)
it is all in the plans SCOTT . and moreover , i also am sure the SYRIAN people will also be more than happy .as ISRAEL pummels the shit out of iran who supports the long necked criminal, eye ball doctor assad against them . GOD bless the GREAT HEBREW STATE .I LOVE ISRAEL .
11. to iranians. tell the 69 young virgins,
UNCLE JOE ,   CONN USA   (02.03.12)
12. My question and my suggestion
Israeli 2   (02.03.12)
My question: Why let everyone know in advance? My suggestion: If it is done, go all the way. Change the regime and get them publically to support Israel. If Israel does not do this, it would be futile. Mark my words.
13. Yajaredimejad is going to act first.?
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (02.04.12)
What are the world is waiting for this is a chess game no budy want to be white and make the first move but it's have to be maded. And Iran is making his game no mather what to think 50-50, 50-70 who care's the man is acting day by day and working hour by hour.
14. Iran will respond
Giggidy ,   Australia   (02.04.12)
To think they'll just waltz in there and bomb the facilities with no response is ignorance in the extreme. And I thought it was supposed to be Iran with the nutcase dictator.
15. lol...israelis try to scare china and russia
give us a break. ,   nobody takes you ser   (02.04.12)
but everybody knows those are empty rhetoric. Israel has no capabilities end pf story.
Mark ,   T.a.Israel   (02.04.12)
17. think hard or ask
nospam   (02.03.12)
Likud et all should be hiring more creative consultants to help them out with an asymmetric warfare and diverse leverage making. There are better ways to deal with barking dogs than trying to bite a loudest one. KGB solved it once pretty efficiently in Lebanon when their "diplomats" were kidnapped. A hint: want better solutions - ask those familiar with local habits, or better - employ them.
18. #3 Al
Steve ,   USA   (02.04.12)
Stole my thunder Al! I don't like Leone Panetta, I think he's a weasel and just another Obama cronie. A few possible reasons why he and the other useless idiots are 'spilling the beans'. One, to get public opinion in the US and overseas on the negative side towards Israeli attack (not very hard to do unfortunately). The current administration is dead set against Israel doing anything. As time rolls on Iran is not paying any attention to the weak Obama crew's 'limp' threats and useless sanctions. The administration is getting worried (about an Israeli attack). Two. Leone Panetta really hates Israel and will do anything to screw with them and is ready to divulge their secret plans. Or three, he's just an idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about.
19. to 4
huaasin ,   KSA   (02.04.12)
i live in saudi arabia-most people here supporting idea israeli attack on iran-
20. Israel should just drop a few nuclear bombs for Iran
Harry Wright ,   UK   (02.04.12)
if they so want them. Everybody will be happy, most of all, Iran.
21. Its now or never kiss me my darling
Dyslexic..... ,   Israel....   (02.04.12)
(Elvis) .What the hell are we waiting for,who needs all this tension.Lets go for it before its too late.The world does not give a damn and it is a world problem.Ask Dr Strange love all you do is press the button and that it.
Counter Punch ,   Australia   (02.04.12)
You should be more worried about the US and your troubles at home. You don't seem right in the head.
23. Cowboys take your Colt and a lasso. And bronco for a retreat
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.03.12)
Doug ,   Delta, Canada   (02.04.12)
then Hezbollah, Hamas and a conventional Iran will join in. I believe Assad is closer to losing power than Iran is to getting operational nukes, and he won't go while leaving his missiles in their silos! But hey - Israel fighting a war on only 3 fronts?! Just another day at the office. The prophecies of Ezekiel are right on track.
25. no Israeli iran strike - nope
yonatan silverman ,   tel aviv israel   (02.04.12)
26. Why don't they just announce time and date also??
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.03.12)
Little Noody (cough, cough) will stand up and salute only after the attack is under way.
27. Officials discuss Israel-Iran showdown
Jacques ,   nsw   (02.04.12)
as I said before, the golden age of opportunity to strike Iran was 7 years ago, this is a monumental blunder that the state of Israel ever made since its creation. now it's too late for such action - the government and The IDF knows that. as for Obama this is the worst time for Israel to have him as president and that includes his administration, nothing will stop Iran from reaching their ambition for a nuclear bomb to my sorrow the USA has lost its will and they are the only country who could make the difference in making Iran to change its mind
28. Survival or not
AlbertoGA ,   St.George, USA   (02.04.12)
Jew have a very good experience with all kind of evils. The most recent and catastrophic is the Holocaust. Now we are facing total destruction of Israel and the adjacent Arab land. This could turn the area radioactive until the end of times. No more time to think. Action please NOW.
29. Israel
Hiam ,   Fl   (02.04.12)
Israel has to take care of it self. A neuclear Iran is not an option. Irans retaliation without a nuke will be less damaging then down the road with one. Hitting there facilites will put them back 20 years and ward off any other nation from joining the arms race for nukes. Everyone will publicly hate us for it but in reality love us for it.
30. Uncle Joe
Avi   (02.04.12)
War is nothing to rejoice. A bad peace is better than a good war. However a neuclear Iran is not an option.
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