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Russia, China veto UN resolution on Syria; US 'disgusted'
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Published: 04.02.12, 23:34
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1. What did Obama and Hillary Clinton think would happen
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.04.12)
after they started another coup in Syria??? It always ends in bloodshed. The bigger question is.....will the new government be more draconian than the present government. Obama should be careful about what he is wishing well as instigating with his foreign policy.
2. Clearly One-Sided
Aharon   (02.04.12)
These countries have no problem condemning Israel for its actions, but seem to have trouble when it comes to countries like Syria. I guess Russia and China are more for killing innocent civilians than terrorists, but I guess it shouldn't be so much of a surprise as they have experience in the former.
3. Why would you expect Russia or anybody else for that matter
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.04.12)
to care what Obama's America thinks or wants??!! For a sole World Superpower to single handedly dig your own grave must be something of an achievement nobody manged until now! Any third-world country can show Uncle Sam the middle-finger and count on American administration to come running with band-aid... There's an old saying in Yiddish: If you live long enough you'll see everything.. Wish I didn't have to ! The answer: Die young!
4. The Western Usefull Idiots got a slap in the Face !,
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (02.04.12)
5. #1: Yes, it's all about Obama
TaylorT ,   Earth   (02.04.12)
But you're not at all obsessed. Oh no.
6. We can thank the Muslim Obama for this!
ZionistBecky ,   Israel   (02.04.12)
I was reading one of Ben Jabo's posts on another thread and he provided evidence that Obama is behind Russia and China's veto! It's true! Of course it makes sense: why would the Muslim Obama want to hurt his buddy Assad? Me and all Israelis know this to be true.
7. Hamas rocketed Israel 3 years, Obama was fine...
Miron ,   USA   (02.04.12)
8. I am glad resolution vetoed by Russia, China
USA   (02.04.12)
I would of vetoed The UN out if existence. America not happy with Russia and China yet funds the UN more than any other country in the world.
9. Is Russia getting involved in a new Afghanistan like failure
Joe ,   Canada   (02.04.12)
The unconditional support of Russia for the Syrian regime of the Assad mafia, backed by weapon deliveries (who pays? Iran?) & the presence in Syrian waters of the only Russian aircraft carrier & its associated flotilla, all this can only lead to a surge in guerilla warfare, given the reluctance of the West to get directly involved as in Libya. Such a life support for a murderous despot hated by the majority of Syrians & now by most Sunnis in other Muslim countries is likely to cost Russia a lot for no gain in the short term & even less in the longer term when it will have to bear the diplomatic & security consequences of its political insanity. Russia was able only to find two rogue states in the Muslim world to get friendly with, but it also selected its minority shiite segment. For Russia being in bed with rogue states & part of the minority makes Iran & Syria`s doubly risky partners whose regimes are undoubtly going to disappear in disasters. These unatural alliances with horrific dictatorships in which Russia, (a country whose population is yerning for a true democracy without Putin), is getting tied, these alliances cannot last even from the standpoint of Russian internal politics.
10. Dismantle UN and create Union for democracies only
Yaniv ,   Israel   (02.04.12)
11. Useless
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (02.04.12)
This proves how useless Clinton, Obama and the UN are! Gutless good for nothings! Russia perfectly knows Obama would be afraid of taking any drastic step, can you imagines him in the Cuban crisis????
12. Russia and China: focus on INTERNAL democratization&freedom.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (02.04.12)
13. Thank God for Russia and China!
Jake ,   The West   (02.04.12)
They appear to be the only ones operating with full knowledge of what is going on in Syria as we in the west get pummeled with false information. Who would have thought?? The West is no longer honest with its own citizens as it serves its own interests only.
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (02.04.12)
As usual, the shrill posters whine about fairness with all the tiresome anti-Obama rhetoric. Heaven forbid the US President actually act in the national best interests...even if it's only occasional. For once, could you look beyond your nose and see the bigger picture? The US is slavish in its devotion to Israel at the UN, consistently vetoing any and all resolutions that even vaguely criticize the Darling State. Now what do you expect Russia and China to do seeing this unbroken and robotic US rubber stamp of all things Israeli, often at the expense of US strategic interests? They will veto with impunity given this precedent. Would you do any different? I don't see you folks crying when the US stands subserviently behind Israel at the UN. The double standard is alive and well and I challenge you people to look in the mirror.
15. Jake # 13
Arnold ,   Canada   (02.04.12)
So Russia and China are privy to the fact that Assad is not killing his people?
16. please free our china from corruption arm the chinese
lee zedong ,   china wukan province   (02.04.12)
17. Of course China and Russia vetoed the measure
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.04.12)
Otherwise somebody might question their actions in Checheyna and Tibet which are no better than Syria's.
18. this green lights israel big time : )
Robert ,   Farmington,wv   (02.04.12)
This green lights Israel in a big way. if Hamas , Hezbollah or whoever Israel deems is a threat to there national security. Israel can lay waste to there enemy Russia or China won't be able to do anything about it they just lost there power in the UN against any Israeli Attack. This time Israel can finish the job..
19. ))))))))))
The surname of Russian ambassador is Churkin. "Churka" in Russian spoken slang mean a fool, "Churkin" means "fool's" So what do you expect of this?)))))))))))
20. USA=Russia=China
aleks ,   London   (02.05.12)
USA, Russia and China produced a nice film in the UN. All dont want Bachar to go. Bachar is King of Israel so he will not go because Israel wants him to stay forever and then have his son to inherit him and so on and so forth as this family protects Israel very well.
21. Of course ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.05.12)
... the United States could cut its funding of Russia, which is all that is keeping that crumbling "country" alive, and can prohibit American countries from outsourcing to China (cheaply made goods, anyway). What do you want to bet that would make the Russians and the Chinese sit up and take notice?
22. It only figures China & Russia would veto
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.05.12)
Lest we forget, they slaughtered thousands of their own peoples for demonstrating agains the regimes Russia - Gulag Stalin's Purges China - Tianamen Sqare Same thing more purges
23. Israel CAN smuggle RPG/anti-tank weapons over common boarder
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.05.12)
to civilians and give them a chance to fight a butcher as bad as hussain or kadafi, so why are they sitting on their hands and letting innocent people be killed? Bibi is failing as much as obumma on this.
24. # 17 and don't forget
ben   (02.05.12)
Turkey's ethnic cleansing of the Armenians,, OH WAIT ISRAEL DENIES THAT GENICIDE> never mind
25. To Israel: Stay Out of This
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (02.05.12)
The US would have vetoed a Pales state, which (for the time being) stoppped that strategy. China/Russia know hw to play the geopolitical game too. Lets assume, Israeli Arabs riot on a scale similar to Syria, would the UNSC vote to change Bibis govt? What is good for the goose as they say. Russia/China know damn well, that this is an internal matter..legally, if not morally. Libya was the orphan in the Arab the consequences. Why doesnt the Arab League send THEIR millions of troops and weaponry to overthrow Assad..and wht will be the day after? Assads father killed 25,000., in southern Syria. This is an internal Arab (Sunni vs Shia vs Christian) fight...Russia knows it. Obama/Hillary are playing the odds in virtually everything they do. Their support in this matter only worsened things for the Syria people. Let Turkey send in ITS 500,000 soldiers and use its warships to threaten, as it did with Israel. To Israel: be glad the devil you know.
26. Re: My post at No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.05.12)
First paragraph, last line, first word -- should be "companies." Apologies to all.
27. Susan Rice is out of touch with the world consensus
christianpalestinian ,   las vegas   (02.05.12)
She should be ashamed of herself.
28. @ # 14 frank...
yossi ,   israel   (02.05.12)
its blind haters like you that would compare whats going on in syria today to anything even remotely close to whats ever happened in israel. if 3 or 5 civilians are killed in israel (most likely being used as human shields by terrorists) the UN is instantly in an uproar with a resolution a minute against israel, but when 3 or 5000 civilians are killed in syria (or anywhere else for that matter), and the only reason russia and china veto is purely economical, its clearly not a moral equivalent... but someone with blinders on like you has no way of filtering out the hate and referring to just a bit of common sense to see the difference.
29. Stupid USA
Ber ,   Yahud   (02.05.12)
I seem to remember America giving those evil Russians financial backing to rebuild their country after the cold war; and before that the us had the Abomb and gave Russia the time to build their own. As for China America has transferred the wealth of her ppl to china. Now Uncle Sam is being server a dish of well earned come uppings. When are Americans going to learn some countries deserved to be wiped off the map; some peoples are inveterate menaces to the human race?
30. Stupid USA
Ber ,   Yahud   (02.05.12)
I seem to remember America giving those evil Russians financial backing to rebuild their country after the cold war; and before that the us had the Abomb and gave Russia the time to build their own. As for China America has transferred the wealth of her ppl to china. Now Uncle Sam is being server a dish of well earned come uppings. When are Americans going to learn some countries deserved to be wiped off the map; some peoples are inveterate menaces to the human race?
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