Time to fight the prejudice
Yael Rosen
Published: 05.02.12, 17:41
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1. What I have always found remarkable ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.05.12)
... about the Jewish people generally, is that we transcend all shades of color. We have blond hair and blue eyes and white skin; we have dark hair and dark eyes and olive skin; we have eyes with a distinctly Asian cast; and we have black skin and dark hair and dark eyes. We are all Jewish. We should revel in our differences because, when put together, we comprise a wonderful mosaic of unquestionable beauty. A house divided, said Abraham Lincoln, cannot hope to stand. Martin Luther King said that the color of a man's skin is not as important as the content of his heart. Please, cannot we pay attention to the words of both these great men?
2. Ethiopians in Israel
Alan ,   Tel Aviv   (02.05.12)
I totally agree with you. "Together we stand,divided we fall"
3. to @1 Sarah B
PersianJew ,   Holon,TA,Israel   (02.05.12)
the problem is, so many of these people are actually not Jewish, but the descendants of Christian converts, I can't tell you how many Russians and Ethiopian's I have met that openly admit they are not of a true Jewish background, many convert, or should I say, revert to Christianity after making aaliyah and getting the immigration benefits, we have to be very careful about who we let in the country regardless of whether they speak Hebrew and read Torah or not..
4. #3 I don't belive a single Ethiopian has told you this!
dovid ,   los angeles   (02.06.12)
5. as long as israel...
dave heidenfeld ,   new mexico USA   (02.06.12)
...does not have a constitution based on individual human rights.....what are you going to teach in your education plan?
6. The Post at #1 is not me
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.06.12)
Its too sensible and fluffy and nice.
7. Funny...I have some rental units here in Montreal I am
Al   (02.06.12)
trying to rent and I get calls from all kinds of people. Blacks, greens, blues, Israelis, Russians, moonies, groupies, hippies, etc etc etc. I love everyone so long as they pay the rent. "You dont pay, you dont stay."
8. i fully agree with #3
ester   (02.06.12)
9. i really should believe that they
ester   (02.06.12)
500 years ago or whenever before the '48 where fasting in yom kippur and eating matzot in pesach? lol hillarious
10. How many "reverted?"
Eli ,   Hollywod, FL   (02.07.12)
@ PersianJew OK, how many Ethiopian Jews have "reverted" to Christianity? I'd love to see some actual statistics rather than just idle gossip.
11. Ethiopian Jews aren't real Jews, that's why theyre outsiders
Shlomo ,   Tel Aviv   (02.07.12)
12. Ethiopians
JM Mossen ,   Bronx USA   (02.09.12)
Look at areas in the USA occupied by African immigrants and you will see what you are in store for.
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