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'Iran can destroy Israel in 9 minutes'
Dudi Cohen
Published: 05.02.12, 16:36
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1. Islamo-Nazi delusions
X'   (02.05.12)
The last time I checked, it was Israel that had 500+ nuclear weapons. Iran, Syria and Lebanon would be flat, black, lifeless and glowing in the dark in 9 minutes.
Jim ,   USA   (02.05.12)
Can't wait until G-d let's Isreal turn those Good O'le Iranians to Glass. Ya'll Irans have a good day and be sure to bring some of them thar boomers over here to the US-of-A so we can kick your ass next. Seriously, I hope there are some "sane" people in Iran and not all of the populus feels the same as the regime. G-d Bless Isreal!
3. Okay, ready. Let's go!!
4. 9 minutes and end of iran
marcel   (02.05.12)
iranian blogger says the ayatollah illegal entity should wipe out israel before 2014 and it would take all of 14 minutes.I can tell this b logger that 1) iran is persian not arabs and the persians will tear kameinei and forgani apart sooner than later. 2) israel will retaliate and destroy iran teheran completely and commandos will go get kameinei and ahmadinejad and lariani.
5. I'll be short
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (02.05.12)
Iran = lol
6. Pure fantasy, but a clear warning
Robert ,   USA   (02.05.12)
In Ambassador Oren's book about the 6-Day War, he quotes an Egyptian general who, after the conclusion of the war said, "They prepared for war, we prepared for parades." The same is largely true of Iran, but they are developing accurate long range missiles eventually capable of being armed with nuclear weapons, and this blogger makes it clear that Israel cannot standby and let that happen. Anti-missile defenses are increasingly effective, but they need to be 100% effective against nuclear weapons, and that is not possible for decades to come -- if ever. Even if Judea and Samaria are considered, Israel never will have "strategic depth." Israel is a small country and must eliminate the offensive capabilities of any nation who threatens to destroy Israel, with whatever weapons necessary..
7. Media Hubs?
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (02.05.12)
Hum Haaretz would be a nice place to start for the Iranians with all Joking aside How can Israel allow 200000 missiles to be built up around her. In my opinion US agents Barak Livni Olmert and Peres and their leaders in the US have lead us to this point. Israel is not the 51st State.
8. dreaming
matt ,   uk   (02.05.12)
You are dreaming. Half of the iranian missile collection will probly fail before or after its launch. Israeli radar will pik it up straight up and launch a counter strike. Probly equiped with a nuclear warhead then its bye bye theran. Just with one missile and the Israelis probly have enough f16 and f15 fighter jets to take out all the iranian rockets in 1 swoop. I met an iranian lad whos been held by the so call revoloutionary gaurd who cut his mums hands off. There all cowards none of them can fight a real war they all hide behind the regime. Its time they were taught a tough lesson in how to treat people. And the way yo do that is with a few bunker busters and special ops team
9. glass
dominic ,   haifa, israel   (02.05.12)
, it will take israel all of 1 minute to turn iran into glass,
10. Conclusive proof of the existential threat by the Iranian Ju
US , Russia and China and Europe need to wake up to an unstable nuclear Iranian regime.
11. Amazing
Fredrik ,   Sweden   (02.05.12)
It's a brilliant scenario that he has planned. Attack various infrastructure installations, I bet nobody in the IDF would have guessed that. It's a shame he no longer is in the ranks of the IRG, I'm sure they would love to have someone with his strategic genius in their organisation now that things are coming closer a showdown.
12. In order to scare Israelis, Ynet publishes story about blog
TaylorT ,   Earth   (02.05.12)
And the fools here will eat it up!
13. Mushrooms
David H ,   Marietta USA   (02.05.12)
A number of years ago, a guy by the name of Seymour Hirsh, New York Times reporter, Pulitzer Prize winner, wrote a book (a novel perhaps) entitled "The Sampson Option". It was a discussion of Israel's nuclear capabilities and capacities. He went so far as to make the claim that at the start of the first Gulf War, Israel actually did launch a nuclear attack on Iraq by air, but the planes were recalled. Israel was hit by a number of Scuds, they did inflict terror, but ultimately did very little damage. Neither the US, nor Israel, naturally, ever commented on the claims. Hirsch is a reporter, a good one, but we don't really know how accurate that report was. And you never see any mention of that report or book in the press, which I think tells you something. These are very, very dangerous times we live in. I for one believe in praying to God as if the universe depended upon it. I believe in acting as if the Universe depended upon me.
14. Yet more proof Israel must destroy Iran's nukes.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.05.12)
The Iranian Nazi blogger quoted in this article provides still more proof, as it it was needed, that Israel must do whatever it takes to destroy Iran's nukes.
15. 2014?
matt ,   uk   (02.05.12)
I dont think iran will have till 2014 i give 3 months max untill Israels trigger finger gets to itchy
16. Islam failure
Beary White ,   Norway   (02.05.12)
This article one again shows us the evilness of islam, poisening the brains of people who are threathened to go to mosks and pray many times a day. World readers are beginning to understand the evilness from the islamic religion.
17. Alireza Forghani is just descirbing plan B
Merkava Hunter ,   Lebanon   (02.05.12)
we were taught in Hezbollah.
18. Israel in 9 seconds
zionist forever   (02.05.12)
We need a US strike on Iran they can at least start by destroying at least the bulk of Iran's missile launch sites. They know exactly where they are and they have stealthy heavy bombers which to destroy them before they know whats hit them. If at least the bulk of the missiles are destroyed by the US then Arrow can probably take care of at least the majority of any Iranian missiles that might get fired. This Iranian blogger though has pointed out that the West's dawdling has done not done anything to solve the problems just intensified it by allowing Iran time to build up its offensive and defensive capabilities. If this blogger cares about the Iranian regime so much he should also remind them that Israel will never accept mass casualties and attacks on its cities and that its submarines and missiles can evaporate Iran in 9 seconds. So its in Iran's own best interests to stop boasting about how they can destroy Israel and remember Israel is not helpless. I am just waiting for the first Haaretz editorial the day after Iran was wiped off the face of the earth telling us how this is evidence Bibi is not interested in peace.
19. dear Alireza! - you may want to be alert to...
Rafi ,   US   (02.05.12)
the sounds of magnets clicking to your car... Meanwhile IF - and that is a big 'if' - your "9 minute" scenario were to come about... just what do you suppose the condition of Iran would be at minute 10?
Marcelo ,   São Paulo - Brasil   (02.05.12)
I believe once in a lifetime Israel and the Arabs have a common enemy, a common oponent.It's time for diplomatic efforts to unite Israel and Arab leaders toward this goal of defending the whole Arabia peninsula.Maybe this is the only time in history that Arabs and Jews can agree upon a war!
21. What's your point?
American Jew ,   Colorado   (02.05.12)
And there are lots of Israeli bloggers calling for Israel to nuke Tehran, commiting a mass genocide on par with Hitler's. What's your point?
22. Forghani forgets that Iran can also be targeted
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (02.05.12)
Yes, there are some Iranians (in Rafsanjani's words) care not for Iran, but for Allah. "So what," they say, "if Iran burns. At least Israel will be destroyed and Islam will survive." Forghani seems to be of that mindset. Iran wouldn't survive as a viable state after an exchange involving weapons of mass destruction. Israel could, for example, strike at the headquarters of the IRGC and Basiji - which would win Israel support among much of Iran's populace. Then it could move on to level the Shiite "holy" cities of Qom and Najaf, not to mention its oil refineries and power stations. And were Israel to target Iranian population centers (which it would not), millions could be lost in Teheran given its geography. And if Israel's Arab neighbors choose to join the fray, they'd be targeted too: they too have "holy" cities, infrastructure, and population centers. It's not hard being an arm-chair strategist. Anyone can play this game. Forghani's bluster won't survive the first shots in his direction.
23. Armchair General.
Charles Smyth ,   Belfast, N. Ireland   (02.05.12)
What Alireza Forghani fails to factor in, is that Iran's missiles do not have the necessary guidance systems to enable them to hit anything, with any degree of reliability. And Israel has the capability to shoot down those that may be a threat. As for Israel however, Israel certainly has the capability to reliably strike any target in Iran. Especially beautiful Tehran, which conveniently is home to 20% of Iran's entire population, and would be reduced to piles of rubble, in the next 9-minutes.
24. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (02.05.12)
This guy knows many things that we don't. Never underestimate Iran. Just make the Middle East nuclear free zone.
25. Not true - 9 minutes is way too long
Ian ,   Germany   (02.05.12)
26. This line of thinking
Bergkamp   (02.05.12)
is without having A bombs. What would the Iranians attempt with A Bombs?
27. Iran and USA is in hand in hand! Secret Iran -USA collusion
Tayfun_Turkey   (02.05.12)
Understand facts, Iran and USA has a common interest rising oil prices, it does not need to be a rocket scientist to understand daily moves by USA government to rise oil prices. Iran plays his role. After refusal of Syrian proposal in UN, oil and metals(gold and silver) doomed to fall drastically however USA cannot stand low oil prices due to its high cost of oil production domestically, What if it does not work? A border problem with Lebonan will arise, Another Israeli soldier will be kidnapped and tension of opertiona will errupt! What if it does not work? Then Either a main oil supplier will see strikes threatening oil exports! or again african country terrorist will bomb oil supply lines! Look deep into facts, do no be fooled with those speculators, free yourself from being a pawn in the board!
28. #24 harold
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.05.12)
As the Iranians are the ones who are developing nuclear arms with the specific aim of annihilating Israel, and Israel has never threatened anyone, it is the Iranians who should make that decision (to be nuclear free) first. Then the arabs must accept a Jewish state in the area. Then wait a good many years to see if they change their mind (as is happening with Egypt). Then maybe, Israel will consider it. You equate things which are definitely not the same. Either open your eyes or stop trying to close ours.
29. #24 Israel should be the last nation on earth with nuclear
Robert ,   USA   (02.05.12)
Israel has consistently demonstrated restraint in the use of military force until it is impossible not to respond, and with their population concentrated in a small country surrounded by enemies sworn to eliminate them, Israel should be the last nation on earth to give up nuclear weapons. If anyone needs nuclear weapons, Israel does. Israel's enemies are aware of Israel's nuclear capabilities and only Iran has been daring enough -- and foolish enough -- to pursue nuclear weapons with the avowed intention of "wiping Israel off the map." In a perfect world there would be no nuclear weapons, but a "nuclear free" middle east (meaning Israel gives up theirs) is not in anyone's best interest right now.
30. Lucky they did not say ten minutes
Solomon ,   Israel   (02.05.12)
And we have one minute to get organized
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