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Iran vows to hit any country that stages attack
Associated Press
Published: 05.02.12, 19:52
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2. I'm sure,israel will use saudi arabia airspace and.....
Saied ,   the beautiful iran   (02.05.12)
The arab's states in persian gulf.maybe a warning is necessary for these drowsy arab leaders.
3. #2 - I agree, Iran is Beautiful
William ,   Israel   (02.06.12)
it's your Islamist leaders who are ugly, and the target of any attack. Iran doesn't have enough fire power to hit all of the countries who will be involved in an offensive on Iran...and there will be a lot of them.
4. #3.william,war is destruction.but,be sure.iran won't...
saed   (02.06.12)
Tolerate this attack.israel will be targeted with hezbolah,syria,iran and even pakistan.and in the case of attacking by america to our oil wells,the high price of oil will punish even japan,south korea and E.U.war with iran will be another 33day of lebanon war.there will be many wonders.just wait and watch.
5. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.06.12)
Oh, you are so wrong. For the destruction of the vile Iranian regime, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, will raise production levels and lower the price. That's been pre-arranged, honey; don't you know anything? Just wait and watch.
6. The iranians morons must be defeated!
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (02.06.12)
These racist ingrates deserve pain and suffering for their actions. They are a terrorist state and the sooner they are put in their place the better. If it is war totally annihilation should be the objective. 100 times what we did to the japanese. Humiliate and destroy the iranian scum.
UNCLE JOE ,   CONN USA   (02.07.12)
dig holes and crawl into them. FAST
8. MR SAIED, MR SAIED,i forgot to tell you
UNCLE JOE ,   CONN USA   (02.07.12)
first BONJOUR, YOU CAN GET ADVICE ,about anything that has to do with HIDING from hassan nasrallah
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