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Norway mass killer demands medal at court hearing
Associated Press
Published: 06.02.12, 19:18
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1. If he was an Palestinian Abbas would name a street after him
Dan Kelso   (02.06.12)
If he was an Palestinian, Abbas would name a street after him. Haaretz, the BBC and the Guardian would call him a hero and use their typical excuses to defend Arab terrorism for the invented Palestinians.
2. Well, they honor Arab terrorists, so why not?
Mark   (02.06.12)
3. Norway racism "makes me irritated" too!
4. "some kind of right-wing extremist"
What makes the traditional Norwegian LEFT WING EXTREMISM any better? Norway has turned into a Bolshevik regime, where they stifle of free speech and speaking outside the official "party line" as expressed by the leftist media, is illegal. This monstruous Leftist crypto-dictatorship is what created monsters like Brevik. In Norway there is no freedom of speech as in normal democracies. Norway is forcing a "Politically Correct" tyranny down the throats of its people, using double-speak to distort reality and build a nation of zombies. The current corrupt Socialst Norwegian gov has sacrificed their own people, culture and heritage on the altar of Islam, having Israel as the sacrificial Lamb. They EARNED Brevik!
5. #4
iselin ,   Oslo, NOrway   (02.07.12)
Good grief! Where do you get your information? Norway is one of the freest countries on earth. Free speech is not stifled and speaking outside official party line (whatever that is) is not illegal. This is a normal democracy with free elections (I voted at one not long ago) including people from many political parties. Sure there are a lot of leftist journalists, but Norway does not have a monopoly on that. The teenagers who were gunned down by that home-grown lunatic acting alone (thank goodness no foreigner was involved) did not earn Breivik. What invective! Being so full of hate is not good for your soul or your character.
6. iselin #5
Barry ,   Tokyo   (02.07.12)
Why would you say " (thank goodness no foreigner was involved)"? Maybe because deep inside, most Norwegians, for that matter, Europeans share a deep anxiety of potential violence that could be perpetuated by Muslims perhaps? Anybody with half a brain who's been to Malmo, Sweden can get a glimpse into the future of what Europe can turn into - and it's only the beginning... I bet there are many who may not agree with the method used to call into attention this serious problem of the ongoing Muslim invasion of Europe but who sympathise with Brevik's beliefs. Criminally insane he is not.
7. iselin #5 just how free are you?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.07.12)
You live in a country where they can and have put mothers in prison because they didn't like the name she gave her child. What kind of monsters and extremists do that? You don't even know what the word democracy means.
8. #5, From within, Oslo looks like a dream city.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.07.12)
Clean, orderly, happy, peaceful -- a dream city on the face of the earth. Of course I did not like getting lost driving the rented car and paying toll every few hundred yards, until I realized it is easy enough to park the car outside the city and take public transportation which is always available. As to being the "freest country on earth," it is hard to judge, but only adequately free people can build such a paradise as Oslo and Norway are. I doubt U.S. or Israeli citizens have it well enough to give any advice to Norway, the country with the highest standard of living in the world today.
9. #7
Iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (02.07.12)
She was jailed because she refused to pay a fine of $420 for having given her son a first name that was not on the recommended list. Had she used that name, Gesher, as a middle name, she would not have been fined. The name laws are silly, but when they were passed, they were well-meaning, to protect children from embarassing names - no Dweezils or Moon Units or unisex names in Norway.
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