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Hackers target Yedioth Ahronoth servers
Published: 07.02.12, 18:24
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1. Good luck Ynet
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (02.07.12)
Good luck Ynet, it seems that these beasts are not really smart, DDOS is the easiest attack actually they don't need that many knowledge for it. Good to know that the enemy is primitive, although it can be really bothering sometimes...
2. :-)
J.Gad ,   Israel   (02.07.12)
wow thats really amazing
3. Muslims are frustrated. Sign we're doing something good!
4. #1 - Indeed. DDoS is the simplest thing in the world.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (02.08.12)
5. You know...
Devorah   (02.08.12)
....I kind of take this personally.
6. hey, perhaps we will get some interesting news now
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (02.08.12)
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