America’s Jews are worried
Yizhar Hess
Published: 08.02.12, 00:08
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1.  This Article Is Brought to You by the non-Orthodox
Aryeh Moshen ,   Brooklyn, USA   (02.08.12)
This Op-Ed is a publicity release by the Israeli version of the Conservative Movement. It is written in a way that may lead one to think that it is newsworthy. It is propoganda and should only appear on the site that its author runs.
2. American Jews should be more worried about their own communi
elhrac ,   USA   (02.08.12)
Try to address intermarriage and fake conversions, rather than worrying about Israel being "too Jewish".
3. second class jews
m. zucker ,   nyc usa   (02.08.12)
As per my experience most american jews dont care much about their religion and even less about israel.Over 70% intermarrige if you exclude orthodox jews. Over 5000 anglo immigrants last year,most of them religious.I guess thats bad for Israel too. If american jews care so much About Israel, they should move and save the country from your religious citizens democratically.
4. #1 Op-Ed are not meant to be news!
Dovid ,   Los Angeles   (02.08.12)
5. contempt
richard kalms ,   herzliya israel   (02.08.12)
You can see the contempt the orthodox hold the "progressives" in the first three talkback replies. No wonder we have problems here.
6. Complete nonsense
Chaim ,   NJ USA   (02.08.12)
This author projects his bias to American Jews that has no bearing on the American Jewish experience. American Jews are way more worried about the loser in the White House and his effect on world peace and economy ESPECIALLY ISRAEL. If their is a culture war that has American Jews mindshare, it is right here in America - liberal vs. conservative; OWS; etc. This writer is completely self absorbed with his own issues.
7. Three options for American Jews
Dan ,   USA   (02.08.12)
1) Emigrate. 2) Stagnate. 3) Assimilate. We've been here long enough. America has been a great host country, but it's not where we belong. All these concerns of American Jews are becoming increasingly irrelevant as we get older and fewer.
8. American Jews
michaelpielet ,   Israel   (02.08.12)
They have a lot to worry about, all their children are marrying goyim. If they want to help Israel and save themselves move to Israel. Otherwise,
9. Who cares what the Americans think?
Lobo ,   USA   (02.08.12)
American Jews don't care about Israel. All they care about is themselves. Israel is best doing what she thinks fit, in religious matters or otherwise.
10. The Jews of America are concerned for themselves and no
Al   (02.08.12)
one else. Stop kidding yourself, they are in deep trouble, America is chainging quickly. Obama is going to be re-elected and his payback will be to those who really support him, namely the blacks and the latinos. Obama will show his true anti-semitism. The Jews will be villified as the 1% bankers. They will be pointed out as greedy selfish users and abusers. The Jews in America are in for a very rude surprise. They need to worry less about Israeli Jews who are doing quite well, thank you very much and more about their own situation.
11. keep American money in America
Israel does not want or need financial support from Americans. That money belongs in America which has huge problems of its own like black poverty , run down schools, unschooled inner school kids. Look after your own and leave Israel in peace
12. Perhaps Orthodox are not a minority in Israel today?
Raanan ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.08.12)
You quote very real concerns. Real, only if the Orthodox is a minority. However, this is not the case and since the Orthodox are the biggest Chalutzniks today, they dominate Israel's biggest industry, the diamond industry. Their kosher products are the most sought after overseas by the American Orthodox communities. An Orthodox family invests in Israel having 7 children on the average. They buy food, pay taxes, work go to the army. They do have a different culture than most non-religious Americans. But not different than the grandparents of the complainers in the article- Is it now their fault that the Americans parents left the religion? Orthodox in Israel dominate in the army as well. With over 40 percent of Israel's officer corps and standing army made up of religious Jews. In short, they live the Israeli dream of settling the land, putting up with the beurocracy and paying through the nose for everything. Just like every other Israeli. So I am not sure what the writer is upset about? The wails of a few uninterested Americans who complain that their spiritual leader fooled them about their being Jewish when they really aren't ? I would be more upset at the "Rabbi" who falsely took her money and claimed to convert her when he did not. Go sue him! Because of this, should people who are interested in Israel leave? The topic doesn't make sense.
13. That's why it's called an "Op-Ed" #1
Joseph Berman ,   San Diego   (02.08.12)
It's short for "Opinion-Editorial"...ie: not factual news.
14. inaccuracy here
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (02.08.12)
Yeshiva students do not receive any money, perhaps the yeshiva gets money per student from the misrad haChinuch, but the single student gets only a dormatory bed, food, and a seat in the beit medresh. Married students receive stipends, but do not get a free bed or food, they must support themselves. Married soilders, such as my sons were, and my son-in-law now, get some 3000 shekels a month, it is the single soilders, who have families to go home to who only get a few hundred shekels a month that is only enough to by a cola or a pack of cigarettes. But then like the unmarried yeshiva students (who recieve NO money) the families help them out.
15. Excellent Article
Mossyboy ,   London   (02.08.12)
Its not just American Jews but many in the UK that share the same thinking, albeit i have total respect for the more religious upon us, its a tricky situation.
16. Lose American Jews, lose America, lose Israel...
tom ,   PA   (02.08.12)
...and you'll spend another 2000 years getting picked on. Your choice.
17. American Jews don't need a Jewish version of Iran
olterigo ,   NY, USA   (02.08.12)
I think that should have been clear to Israelis. But maybe it's not. Well, maybe at least some Israeli readers will recognize this.
18. Excellent article!! We are fed up with haredim.
Oren   (02.08.12)
They have gotten away with way too much. No military service, no work, no taxes, no respect for other jews and non-jews. Jewry in america is actually doing a whole lot better than in Israel. More debate, more progress. The orthodox need to keep trying to convince themselves that they are superior, because deep down, the ones with a brain, realize how misguided they currently are.
19. Superb Article. 110% Accurate!
Dov Glass ,   TA IL   (02.08.12)
20. Don't sit in the US and complain...
Dawn ,   Maale Adummim   (02.08.12)
you have a right to give tzedakah where your wish, but if you truly want to change Israeli society then come here and be part of the dialogue and the change from the inside. Otherwise, you are just exasperating the problem by imposing your preconceived solutions out of context.
21. About the conservative rabbi's idea
R ,   Israel   (02.08.12)
The conservative rabbi whose name was not mentioned has a good idea. If one wants to donate but is worried about their money going to a cause that they don't support, having a database of institutions that reflect the values of the doner would make good sense. I used to donate to any cause or charity that came knocking on my door, but no longer do that. I donate through an organization that checks out and approves any charities and institutions before adding (or not adding) them to their list, and lets me choose to whom I donate.
22. Larry in LA, like your kids are in Israel so are mine
Al   (02.08.12)
Its time we blow this popstand. Last time I was in LA in 2004, I noticed lots of Jewish fellows with asians. Seems like we Jews love chinese food, once you eat it, you are still hungry a half hour later, and we just love that 'all you can eat' buffet.
23. Does masorti mean practicing gratuitous hatred?
Coco   (02.08.12)
I don't think so, you can call yourself whatever you want but it doesn't make it true.
24. Terrible Article
sean ,   jersualem   (02.08.12)
This is yet another divisive article published by Ynet, pitting the Orthodox against non-Orthodox, demonizing the former. I am fairly certain these donors already donate very little to Orthodox causes, and support causes that are pitted against the Orthodox.
25. Unfortunate
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (02.08.12)
B"H It is unfortunate that tbs like "this article is 110% correct" are published and the one that questions the correctness of this article, like mine, is censored. Political or religious bias is a fact of life of publications like ynetnews, but when this practice is extended to tbs, it becomes unbearable, laughable and – simply - sad. It is well know that in Israel reform and conservative “Judaisms” are not considered such and therefore your editorial rigidity in trying to hide this is at best out of place.
26. Slow news day? or another opportunity to knock Haredim
rebecca ,   Modiin   (02.08.12)
who are very much in the minority. Waste of space.
27. Democracy May Be Good For America, In Israel We Have Judaism
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (02.08.12)
28. A Disappearing Act
David M.   (02.08.12)
As a Conservative Jew, I have been distancing myself from the Conservative movement in recent years. The organization has moved to the Left and has become increasingly critical of Israel including many Rabbis. If they care for Israel of any kind, they shouldn't vote for Obama again. I agree with some of the readers that due to the assimilation and a low natality, Conservative movement will dwindle in its numbers the way the Reform movement has done. Fortunately there are still many American Jews who support Israel, but the future of the American Jewry is bleak.
29. We have huge probem in Israel:1-the religious block
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.08.12)
is mainly patriotic and very pro Israel, but poses threat to democracy in the long run (it's built- in in the religious fervor) 2. the left block appreciates democratic values, but is totally insane when the reality vis a vis Arab states is concerned. So what is worse for the moment..? You tell me.
30. Conservatives vs. Orthodox
marucho ,   Bs.As. Argentina   (02.08.12)
The author is absolutely right. We, argentinean conservative jews have the same problems. Why is it that a conservative rabbi is not considered as such by the orthodox?. Why is it that weddings ruled by conservative rabbis are less jewish or non valid than those ruled by orthodox rabbis? Who are practicing segregation or non democratic values, the conservatives?
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