Israel embassies preparing for Iran strike?
Itamar Eichner
Published: 08.02.12, 00:05
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1. War with Iran
Hasan ,   Usa   (02.08.12)
Look at all the problems you guys have caused for yourselves. Do you enjoy being in a perpetual state of war? Do you enjoy making plans for the best route to the nearest bomb shelter or whether you have enough supplies to survive a chemical war? Lighten the rhetoric and seek a peaceful diplomatic solution.
2. All the pieces are in place... Now let's see who farts first
3. I am not going anywere.
Leonello ,   Netanya, ISRAEL   (02.08.12)
I have an Italian passport, but there is nowhere else I will go to, peace or war time.
4. Middle East Coming War
Bob ,   Mequon USA   (02.08.12)
Mr Usa Hasan- You have it all backwards. Israel has never attacked another country. Even the 6-Day War in 1967 was started by Egypt by crreating the Blockade against Israel to the Red Sea. Current problem is caused by IRAN not stopping their development of atomic BOMB - If they DO - nothing will happen and the US, Euro.UInion. and 13 of 15 Members of the UN Sec. Council WILL BRE DELIGHTED. PERIOD.
5. #3
R ,   Israel   (02.08.12)
Ditto. I'm staying too.
6. #1 War with Iran
Ber ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.08.12)
We have not caused any problems for ourselves. all we have done is return to our land after a 2000 year exile. The problems are caused by those who refuse to leave us in peace. We would gladly "seek a peaceful diplomatic solution" if there was someone rational to talk to. Hasan, you write as though it was only up to Israel. By ignoring the Iran as (non) partner you insult the Iranians as being non-actors with no self-direction. If it was all up to Israel there would be peace and prosperity. After all see what Israel has managed to accomplish in a scant 60 years all the while under constant attack. The Arabs, for all their oil wealth, have only managed poverty, despair, anger and terrorism. Charming.
David Goldberg ,   New York, NY   (02.08.12)
Dear Hasan, The one lesson that we learned from the ovens is that when some lunatic says he is going to kill us, we listen and take him seriously. Iran may kill many of us, but we will fight and never be slaughtered like sheep again. You want Israel to seek a peaceful solution with a leadership that publicly says they will destroy us. Maybe you would like this end, or maybe you are just blissfully naive. The blood of the innocent people of Israel and Iran is on the hands of morons like you who refuse to stand up for what is just...refuse to support whatever means are necessary to prevent Iran from getting the bomb. David
8. A matter of time now
Pipe Smoker ,   Toronto   (02.08.12)
Going back to Desert Storm I. This happened roughly 2-3 weeks before the first shot was fired..... Time will tell this time.
9. Good for you Leonello!
JP ,   Rehovot   (02.08.12)
I, too, have a European passport... but ain't goin' nowhere! Israel is HOME and there's no place like it...
10. "All bluff" Israel can't strike Iran without...
Chris.B ,   Australia   (02.08.12)
using nuclear weapons themselves. This action alone would seal the fate for Israels destruction.The Iranian's after being attacked won't stop until Israel is destroyed and the Middle east would become a powderkeg of nuclear weapons poliferation.lose-lose situation.
11. Israeli and Iranian leaders are together in this.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.08.12)
This posturing for fight strengthens their regimes, makes their PM jobs easier. I wonder whether they coordinate the idiocies they are both saying? Maybe they call each other in the middle of the night? They look alike; more than that, they sound like twin brothers.
12. To #1
Charles ,   USA   (02.08.12)
Hasan.. G-d bless you.. We would love to see a peaceful solution.... but this would be possible if maybe YOU were ruling over IRan. At the moment, Iran is ruled by ultra religious fanatical people... Who hang and torture anyone who disagrees with them within iran, and openly claims it wants to Wipe Israeli men women and children of the map. So... what to do.. wait silently until it happens? Iran sponsor Hezbollah and Hamas, they sponsor mexican drug lords with $ to blow up washington cafes... etc.... The world has offered them the olive branch for too long.. So now.. the sanctions are tougher.. and then the bombs will start falling all over the place... Very sad.. but Israel never claims it wants to wipe anyone of the map. I highly suggest you and those who think like you watch IRANIUM to know what we are dealing with here. and then Soraya and then.. loads more evil from a bad place on this planet called IRAN.
13.  Israel embassies preparing for Iran strike?
Sam Tayar ,   montreal   (02.08.12)
#1 Any suggestions?
14. Anti Israeli propaganda
Israeli 2   (02.08.12)
This article is not news. It is an opinion and an anti Israel propaganda. Foreign diplomats and anyone living in Israel are safest in Israel than anywhere else. The scenario of missles raining on Israel is not going to happen...unless the Israelis don't care about it.
15. monkeyface, komani and obumma, three of a pair.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.08.12)
16. I support Israel 100%
Roland ,   Newport News, Va   (02.08.12)
17. #1
tombaka ,   Florida   (02.08.12)
Really? Talk it out with the Iranians? The people who live to destroy Israel.? Talk to them? Have they or anyone other country around there said anything about Israel but, "Death to her?" The Jimmy Carter/Obama approach doesn't work when your dealing with extreme people. Why don't you volunteer to hear over there as an American and see how rational they are.
18. #1
Natan   (02.08.12)
Have you lived in a cave in the last few years??? Did Israel thretened to destroy and eliminate Iran????
19. to 1
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (02.08.12)
Who do you think you are, Hasan, to patronize and blame Israel for fulfilling the same obligation, any other sovereign State, would. Especially if surrounded by enemies. "Lighten the rhetoric "? What rhetoric do we need to lighten? Guess you are confusing Israel with the never ending threats of chamas,hisbollah and the master monkey of Teheran... All we are saying, that we are ready and able to defend ourselves...And that before they make a move to harm us, they'll be destroyed... Do you have a problem with that ?
20. ...lighten the rhetoric...
Robert ,   Memphis USA   (02.08.12)
Were you talking about the wild-eyed murderous rhetoric of Ahmadinejad ?
21. Hasan @ 1, I am not sure I understand what you mean.
leo ,   usa   (02.08.12)
Are you trying to put carriage before a horse? Israel in the state of war not by its own choice.
22. Hello, #1 Hasan
Samson ,   Jerusalem   (02.08.12)
Yes, Hasan, we like a good fight. And as it's coming anyway, might as well take the initiative. Don't get your hopes up though. Iran is just another paper tiger.
23. Hasan
Nurit ,   Israel   (02.08.12)
What is your solution for a "peaceful diplomatic solution" Hasan? Maybe we should all just lie down and wait to be trodden on, or perhaps 6 million of us should wade into the sea and keep walking? We have not brought this situation upon ourselves, if your Arab League representatives had agreed to negotiate, the Palestinian problem could've been solved briefly after 1967. As for Iran, we cannot be blamed for the nutter in charge. As for the above article, I dont forsee a massive exodus of dual-citizens. Such didnt happen during the Gulf War, nor during the 2nd Lebanon War.
24. The Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv will be overrun:-)
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.08.12)
25. #1 do you actually remember who attacks and threatens whom?
I recommend you read some history about the wars that were imposed on Israel. And yes, we know we're destined to fight for our existence. We've been doing that for thousands of years - many years before the invention of Islam actually. Many empires and invaders disappeared, while we are reborn, with a country and are more than capable of defending ourselves. So don't worry for us, Hasan. Worry for yourself since Islam will disappear just as quickly as the mighty Roman Empire. And the Jews and Israel will still flourish!
26. @3 me too
ausraeli   (02.08.12)
I'm a dual citizen with an Australian passport; that's where I was born, and it was my first home. Israel is my true home, where I'll stay - no matter what!
27. British ex-pats
Nonny ,   Safed   (02.08.12)
I have a UK passport and if there's a war I will demand that Her Majesty dispatch HMS Pepperpot at once to pick up all us British ex-pats from the Tel Aviv yacht marina, take us to Cyprus, and from there back to Blighty, where we will demand our rights as British citizens/refugees to have a nice council house, together with a state-funded satellite dish and decoder!
28. Peaceful Solution?
Will ,   Chesapeake, USA   (02.08.12)
"Lighten the rhetoric and seek a peaceful diplomatic solution - Hasan, USA" Lighten the rhetoric? Hasan, you must be referring to Ahmadinejad & the mullahs. I say take Iran's leaders at their word, and should they repeat it, take out all their offensive capabilities!!! - a concerned Christian
29. hasan
sun of zion ,   pittsburgh usa   (02.08.12)
It is us they want to wipe of the map we just play the game.
30. #1
Andrew ,   USA   (02.08.12)
No one likes war. That's why we're willing to make huge concesssions for peace. These include: 1) giving up entire Sinai Peninsula 2) giving up entire Gaza (the legimiate blockade, written in the U.N. Palmer Report, is a result of Hamas government. Disband that, no more blockade. Israel can't let its own citizens just die like that). 3) offering almost all of the West Bank, even East Jerusalem (see Camp David in 2000, Ehud Olmert's offer in 2008). But it's better to fight a war and exist than to not fight a war and be wiped out. And that's what will happen if we let Iran get nukes. Thank goodness we won't let that happen.
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