Dagan: Israel faces no existential threat
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 08.02.12, 15:07
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1. While he's right in principle the Path we're loosing is HIS?
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.08.12)
2. Of course he's right
Sagi   (02.08.12)
He is super right, but it will not happen if the politicians are left to decide.It is not in their interest to change a system which supports and feeds them exclusively. It will only happen if there is a referendum with very simple questions and yes and no answers. The public should decide.
3. dagan: change govt.
bear ,   zefat, israel   (02.08.12)
Mr. Dagan, go one step further; Divide the country into districts and have each district vote for it's representarive like the US congress so the elected reps will be answerablw to their repective constituents!
4. dagan dead wrong
john   (02.08.12)
generals have been wrong about nuclear reactors. begin and olmert took out reactors-the mossad was against it in 81 and barak was against it in 2007. many of the generals have been wrong about the golan. A man says he's going towip eout my family repeatedly,. i do somehting about it. Dagan says don't worry about it -its nothing. Dagan is dead wrong. his policies would have led to livni being in power with a camp david sellout in place and syria sitting on top of us while arab are firing rockets into jeruslame. Dagan's generalship does not make him an oracle of knowledge. He is wrong about iran. That he was booted out of mossad was good because he now thinks he is some god. He sounds like israel's worst coward olmmert.
5. Agree with # 4 for district reps but
Tom ,   US   (02.08.12)
need to have each minster approved by public sounds very cumbersome
6. # 2&3
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (02.08.12)
Agree completely
7. he's right. but...
nadav ,   tlv   (02.08.12)
he's not going far enough! -The election threshold should be increased to 5% - We NEED FULL separation of religion from State. No more of our taxes for municipal mikvahs and city "rabbis" that don't even recognize the State! - Abolish national cultural and religious autonomy (for Haredim and Arabs alike). they want to teach yiddish and arab, they can, but with their own private funds and under government approval! - NO political parties should be allowed in the Knesset if they represent any religion, race, creed, nationality, or minority- whether language or place of birth. - there should be constituent representation from the municipal, up to the central government levels. WE should all have a local representative with whom we can connect to advocate on our behalf, just like in the UK, the US, Canada, France and Australia.
8. give us political REVOLUTION and not Dagens EVOLUTION
zionist forever   (02.08.12)
It doesn't matter how many cabinet ministers just what the cabinet policies are and as long as you have coalition government you will get ministers from all parties in the coalition. Upping the election threshold might initially get rid of small parties but then they will get wise and instead we will see parties of the same basic ideology forming much bigger parties to get past that obstacle so nothing changes except we are dealing with fewer but more powerful parties. Also 3% election threshold will only out the tiny parties the bulk of the single issue parties would survive. We need to get rid of coalition government in anyway shape or form. All MKs would be elected directly at a local level rather than from a party list proportional representation makes this impossible. There will be 3-4 mainstream parties and that's it and the party with the most seats will rule the country alone for a fixed term. That means we get real opposition with different policies rather than basically the same thing because all governments include the same parties in the coalition who have the same demands and so policies don't change much. A fixed term will save the taxpayer millions because expensive elections are not held every 2.5 years because coalition partners had an argument. Do that and governments can actually get things done.
9. Dagan - Governmental Structure
Adam ,   London   (02.08.12)
Its great but the powers that be will never let it through, too much money involved.
10. #3 that's not what he wants
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.08.12)
Dagan wants to have an "Aharon Barak" democracy where the only people who vote are the "enlightened ones". The beauty of such a democracy is that you don't need elections because the "enlightened ones" all vote Meretz anyways.
11. Sure we will gladly give away our democratic say
Naive   (02.08.12)
Great good to shoot ourselves in the head and let ourselves get railroaded. Funny how minority rights will be left with no protection as we have zero consideration in the courts
12. Encoureging to see there are few sane people left there...
David ,   NYC   (02.08.12)
13. No existential threat?
Brod ,   USA   (02.08.12)
He is either lying or has become an agent of Obama's dark forces. Additionally, his knowledge of Islamist-Jihadism-Ayatollahist fanaticism is shallow. Such fanatics are evil and capable of flying planes hitting at high rise buildings and killing 3000 people within minutes as shown on 9/11. To minimize the existential threats by the Ayatollahist fanatical regime is undermining Israel's national security.
14. Easy elections
WIZ ,   Canada   (02.08.12)
Dagan for PM. The best thing Israel can do to prevent more isolation
15. Keep Foreign $$$'s Out of Israel Politics
American Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (02.08.12)
It is well known that excessive American $$$'s buy Israel political behaviours via free newspapers, real estate and much more supporting the narrow interests of individuals living elsewhere. Similar to planting bombs & enjoying the show many 1000's of miles away free from any collateral damage ...
16. right on. this is why proportional representation does not
ralph   (02.08.12)
work. it gives to much power, over weight, disproportional power to small entities. it distorts democracy. first past the post is the best. and that is what must be implemented.
17. 13 - please restrain yourself, mossad cheif
what an idiot   (02.08.12)
would have slightly, but just slightly more knowledge and insight into those matters than moron like you would ever have. You give "chustpa" a new meaning.
18. Dagan
michaelpielet ,   israel   (02.08.12)
Dagan is one of the biggest threats Israel faces, arrogance, hubris, and over confidence.
19. Better idea
michaelpielet ,   israel   (02.08.12)
Make me Prime Minister, Dictator. I destroy Iran and Syria tomorrow. Everybody serves in the army or goes to Jail and then is deported. all arabs repatriated to their country of origin and take all leftists with them.
20. Dagan is an idiotic stupid retarded fool...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./ Israel   (02.08.12)
21. Dagan
Lynn ,   Knoxville   (02.08.12)
Some would surmise, after listening to Dagan comments since his retirement, that he is a bit of an existentialist threat himself.
22. #17
Brod ,   USA   (02.08.12)
Idiots think that the Ayatollahist threats to annihilate Israel is not an existential threat. They say Islam is a religion of peace. If so, there would be no conflicts in the Middle East. There would be no Islamist-Jihadist terrorism around the world. There would be no 9/11...
23. New paint won't fix a car.
Li ,   USA   (02.08.12)
Anyway, too little, too late. Also the popular mentality in Israel (as in most countries) is not conducive to good leadership. Everyone want to follow a movie star with big tits.
24. Dagan: Israel faces no existential threat
Dido ,   Malaga, Spain   (02.08.12)
We have recently made Yerida, as much due to the constraints the religious have made on daily life for the secular in addition to the stranglehold of bureaucracy. Changes to voting and parliment representation must take place in order that the government is not held to ransom by minority groups.
25. dagan is smarter by many times than these talkback artists.
ralph   (02.09.12)
26. ralph #25
Brod ,   USA   (02.09.12)
He certainly cannot speak for the fanatical Ayatollahist regime. The fact is the Ayatollahist regime has openly threatened to annihilate Israel repeatedly. And they are feverishly working on their nukes to accomplish their evil intention. Former Iran President, Hashemi Rafsanjani, told the crowd at Tehran Stadium shortly after 9/11 that a single nuke could wipe off Israel. Isn't this an existential threat?
27. Brod, Guy, I Don't Think You Understand
Az   (02.16.12)
what an "existential threat" means. 3k dead in an otherwise isolated attack (not attempt, successful attack) is hardly the "existential threat" that it's trumped up to be. It's horrible, but it's not the type of thing that threatens Israel's very existence (on its own). Mossad's not stupid. They've been in the counter-terror business a while, and they know what they're doing, if you haven't noticed, even if the rest of the government doesn't.
28. District Elections
Fourth of July ,   USA   (07.06.12)
Elect all MK's by district. They should run as individuals. No more proportional representation. I like the 6i percent to remove the PM. There is no reason for a government to "fall" due to extortion by coalition partners.
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