IDF submarine fleet bans dual citizenship
Yoav Zitun
Published: 08.02.12, 19:07
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1. Thats too bad, both my kids Canadian born
Al   (02.08.12)
wouldnt qualify. Oh well!
2. Did Kam have dual citizenship?
Danny   (02.08.12)
Or Vannu?
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (02.08.12)
Anat Kam and Vanunu and others are israeli traitors.Some "foreign citizens " are more loyal to Israel than some of its native born children..FOR SHAME.
4. Sure your Canadian born kids would qualify
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.08.12)
But they would have to renounce their Canadian citizenship.
5. If IDF wants that, it should guarantee a 30-year navy career
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (02.08.12)
The reasonable and fair incentive for asking talented dual citizens to renounce foreign passports is to guarantee such recruits in return a lifetime career in the navy if they pass the course. Oddly - the USA, which operates submarines far from US soil, does not have such a requirement, and when examples of nuclear submarine fleet treason have occurred [the Walker spy ring] it involved only native born citizens, not dual citizens. Operating today's highly automated submarines does not demand any longer, costlier or more specialized training that for operating a jet or a tank or a radar station. The IDF should rethink this silly rule. Unless the requirement is a backhand way of saying that Israel's nuclear delivery systems will be aboard those subs, in which case it is reasonable.
6. Harmful Policy
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (02.08.12)
Oleh Organizations better get to work on this issue. My Israel born son has close family that he does not want to have to ask for a visa to visit. How dare they question my allegiance after my having lived her for almost 40 years by choice and serving in a combat unit.
7. its a logical decision
zionist forever   (02.08.12)
The submarines are there to provide a nuclear second strike capability and if it did ever come to that we don't want any crew members who suddenly feel themselves in two minds about following orders because they still feel a sense of loyalty to their former country. If they are driving tanks or flying planes thats conventional defense and nobody is asking them to shoot off a nuclear weapon so it doesn't matter who signs up but on a submarine equipped with nukes its another matter. There are the downsides like the fact there are people who could do the job well but have dual citizenship and don't want to give it up but there are logical reasons like that.
8. re:If IDF wants that, it should guarantee a 30-year navy car
DC ,   SAC/US   (02.08.12)
Anyone in the US military who is exposed to Secret or above information must be US citizen only. To qualify for submarine service, you must qualify for secret clearance, therefore, you must be US Citizen only.
9. After training, not before.
Scott ,   USA   (02.08.12)
10. Nice way to remember the sacrifices of foreign volunteers.
Scott ,   USA   (02.08.12)
11. strike Israel first
fed up   (02.08.12)
The USA and Europe should exclude soldiers who have dual Israeli citizenship. The more I read about Israel the more I'm inclined to think the west should carry out a pre-emptive strike against it to destroy its nuclear weapons. If Israel is true to form it will eventually come to regard all countries as its enemy. Most Israelis probably already do. In that case a pre-emptive strike is becoming urgent and must occur before Israel is taken over by right wing religious nutters.
12. This is funny!
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (02.08.12)
Serve in an elite IDF unit, get paid a $100.00 a month and renounce your foreign citizenship. Well if you are American why don't you go qualify to become a US Navy seal and earn $54,000-$90,000 a YEAR and keep your Israeli citizenship.
13. Offered to renounce my Israeli one...
was drafted anyway   (02.08.12)
Will never forget this 18y/o girl in khaki asking me to give up my American one. A teenagerl!! asking me!! to give up!! my American citizenship!! Funny - all this army thingie...
If it is necessary they should give it up only AFTER completing the course and not before. BTW how many MKs, Ministers and Diplomats have foreign citizenships? Are they required to surrender those citizenships before taking their posts?
15. Dual citizen submarnines
Roberta Barr ,   Jacksonville usa   (02.08.12)
It should have been required years ago.My brother was USN weapons officer on polaris subs. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan allowing him to carry Israeli citizenship?
16. #11
if Israel is destroyed by Iran the subs can launch nuke attacks on Europe. That is the reason for the dual nationality rule... a French Jew might think twice about destroying France.
17. No #8, dual citizenship is no bar to US "Secret" clearance
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (02.08.12)
You are simply mistaken. Pvt. Bradley Manning, who is now being indicted for treason for leaking 240,000 Top Secret State Dept. cables and e-mail to WikiLeaks, causing enormous damage to the US, is a dual US-British citizen. He had not only a "Secret" clearance, but a "Top Secret" clearance. And everybody in every job in the US submarine service does not have a Secret clearance, not the firemen, the welders or the electricians mates,many of whom do not serve on the boats but on shore bases. There are many dual citizens in the US military, because many countries do not allow a person to renounce citizenship. Our #3 in command in the US State Dept in the last administration was a dual US-Australian citizen - and obviously he had plenty of Top Secret access. I think people are confusing automatic citizenship by birth with holding a valid foreign passport - two very different things.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.08.12)
You will find that Machal was instrumental in forming the IDF, IAF & Navy Anyone happen to remember Mickey Marcus?? if not, Google him
19. the british military does this too
bob   (02.08.12)
various roles require that you have british citizenship alone - no problem here.. though how much security difference is there??
20. Being just Israeli good enough for me
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (02.09.12)
Great idea! And who care about Cam. Not pertinent to the issue at hand. The only problem is that for obscure taxation reasons, the Americans sometimes won't let an Israeli be freed from any other technical, secular ties to the US. When we left Egypt with Moshe Rebeinu, it went poorly for those who looked back to Egypt. If we Jews do not take our Land of the Covenant relationship with Israel seriously, and if being Israeli is not good enough for us, then why should anyone take us seriously? I will NOT travel anywhere that I, as a Jew, cannot go with the passport and citizenship of my one and only country: Israel.
21. A bit of news
mea   (02.09.12)
US citizens are not allowed under US law to abandon their citizenship, with few exceptions. Those exceptions are narrow. An example of such an exception would be becoming a citizen of a country listed as a diplomatic enemy of the United States. In the Cold War years this policy worked well to intimidate people. Currently the exceptions are nearly meaningless. Therefore it is unilaterally unlawful for a US citizen to renounce their citizenship even if they become a citizen of a country which demands they renounce all other citizenships. So it is impossible for one of these recruitments to fulfill the IDF demand. Someone needs to review the viability of the law.
22. Dual Citizen
Tink ,   US FL   (02.09.12)
You have to renounce your other citizenship in front of the security personal, but that it.
23. Prime Minister Only Serves a Few Years
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.09.12)
...But must give up any foreign citizenships that may be used "later in life." US presidents and most other foreign leaders face the same ultimatum. There is a point at which, in the service of one's country, one is expected to display this sign of exclusive loyalty. It is not surprising that there are ranks in the military that reach this height.
24. Israel really needs a guarranteed 2nd strike knockout that
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.09.12)
capacity that would make a Mullah first strike a non option. Without nuclear subs on patrol the nation of martyrs may try to indulge their secret Imam fantasies
25. #2 Imagine if they did
Igor ,   Germany   (02.09.12)
Then prosecuting them would possibly lead to a diplomatic crisis. Just imagine if Vanunu had Italian citizenship when Mossad snatched him in Rome...
26. #14
Josh S ,   USA   (02.09.12)
Israel requires MKs to give up foreign citizenships when they take office. Many high level government jobs have the same requirement. This policy may be unwise but it is not hypocritical.
27. Ridiculous. Think about it...
PaulZion ,   Israel   (02.09.12)
You ask a guy to renounce his other citizenship. You say he should do it so that there will be no qualms about launching nuclear missiles on their alternate countries. Or, in order to avoid an opening for espionage recruitment. Or for whatever other security reason. So, say that this guy does it. He says: " I renounce my US/Canadian/South African etc citizenship. Wow! Do you REALLY think that THAT will stop him from thinking twice about pushing the button? Do you really think THAT will make him unapproachable to advances from a foreign country (mother country?) to spy for them? How naive can you get, to think that by saying a few words or signing a piece of paper, a person will detach himself from his emotions or feelings of loyalty!? Do they really think that he won't think about his family members in that country when push comes to shove? Come on, get real.
28. Of Cause !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (02.09.12)
If I where to Volonteer to this Service, and would be accepted, I would gladly Renounce my Swedish Citizenship. Arn.Sweden.
29. Perhaps Obama would not be in office today...
Tzila ,   Modiin, Israel   (02.09.12)
with such a requirement. Regardless of the whether he is a "natural-born" citizen, I believe he is not known to have renounced either his Indonesion or Kenyan citizenship.
30. Much prefer someone with dual citizenship than
Larry ,   Or Yehuda   (02.09.12)
someone who listens to a deranged rabbi
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