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US Marines posed with Nazi symbol in Afghanistan
Associated Press
Published: 09.02.12, 22:35
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1. Idiots!
Pete ,   Washington Dc   (02.10.12)
They should be stripped of their rank and thrown out to go work at McDonalds.
2. KISS uses the same letters
Yaron ,   Canada   (02.10.12)
and theyre all jews.. does that make it okay?
3. I believe the US Marines.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.10.12)
It was an unfortunate incident and there is no reason to blow it out of proportion. Besides, symbols can be used freely if no copyright codes protect them. Marines were within their freedom of speech right.
4. God bless America...
5. SS in the USA stands for social security
Geno   (02.10.12)
or for sunday school, most Americans have no idea of the associated history. Do not overestimate the knowledge base of the average American.
6. bulls@#t
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (02.10.12)
I am a Marine. In my entire life Ive never heard any Marine even come close to such crap. Scout Sniper happens to use the same initials, that's as close as it gets. Period. We are very proud of them. I am willing to die to prove it. I see nobody else on this page. The U.S. Marine Corps appreciates it. We will come, fight, and die with you Israel if need be. You shine as a beacon, and we understand . Semper Fidelis. Rob
7. That's actually the symbol of the band Kiss
trg22 ,   Atlanta, USA   (02.10.12)
That's actually the KISS symbol, and gene simmons is a jew, KISS uses this logo everywhere except in Germany. It's a tradition for groups of Marines to adopt the logo of a band as their flag.
8. Beware Jews: they do, and will, behave same as SS.
InNoTime   (02.10.12)
9. #4 There may have been a time when you could say that
but no more. We now stand on the precipice of it's damning.
10. God bless America and the US Marines !
Trumpeldor   (02.10.12)
11. #6 Rob, Great comment.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.10.12)
Pay no attention to Israeli grudge seekers. They are a minute minority limited to posting snide talkback notes.
12. Agreed with #6 Bullshi* indeed.
Gideon Reader   (02.10.12)
I am now kimd of old. I have been seriously Jewish since my earliest recollections. When I was young I was a U.S. Marine Air/Naval Gunfire Coordinator. Early ahsore, we worked fairly closely with those guys who came to be called Scout/Snipers. Occasionally our jobs intermingled and exchanged. Our call job description was ANGLI. Our informal unit patch was an angel in helmet with binoculars and radio. Scout/Sniper is a call name. Nowhere is "Schutzstaffel", the SS of nazi Germany displayed. Politics? No. This flap is based on hypersensitivity. These young marines most likely never heard of the SS in the context that is being applied here."Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." Semper fi it is.
13. Bullshi* #6 & #12 annotated
Gideon Reader   (02.10.12)
OK. I have now gotten a peek at the infamous Marine Scout/Sniper photo with the alleged SS symbol flag. Alleged my ass. It IS the exact symbol of the SS (shutzstaffel). White letters on a dark blue background. Some idior had that flag cobbled up by a local. A prettty freaking stupid move, and which ever jackball moron came up with that idea needs his ass kicked seriously. I have a feeling that there was nothing anti-semitic or political involved; just some young guys who are braver than they are politically attuned or smart, who thought the design was "cool". It is NOT cool. It IS offensive. To me. to Jews everywhere. To the spirit and character of the U.S.Marines. In the "old days" a bit of Brig time on pee and punk would have ensued. What they do now I do not know. A formal apology IS in order from the CO and the Gunny Sgt. of that unit.
14. Yeah, that's unacceptable!
Trev ,   Canada   (02.10.12)
They really shouldn't be drawing images of the prophet Mohamed like that! Wait, that's not what is going in at all?
15. To #4
Joan ,   Haifa   (02.10.12)
I don't know about that, Geno. I'm American and most of the other people I grew up around were not Jewish and yet I can't imagine that they were that ignorant. Of course, SS stands for Social Security (bituach leumi) there, but not in this contest ovciously.
16. Oops!
Joan ,   Haifa   (02.10.12)
That should have been "obvously," obviously.
17. Marines
Dave In Arizona ,   USA   (02.11.12)
So, has anyone actually asked the Marines about this or is this some anti-military jackass journalist just trying to cause trouble? I wasn't a Marine when I served in the US military (USAF) , but none the less: Semper Fi!
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