Report: PA rejects Israeli incentive package
Elior Levy
Published: 10.02.12, 14:42
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1. stop making any concession
marcel   (02.10.12)
regardless of dennis ross' advice and US pressure, oslo doesn't work period. Arabs cannot share ownership with jews. The tunis crowd that was brought in for oslo turns out to be a corroupt mafia gang. do not give more concessions as they breach israeli rights. Feiglin is needed as bibi cannot resist US pressure. if jews wish to make more concession, then really it is time to pack it up and leave israel to the arabs and go to another place. Con dominium arrangements will not work with arabs. They are not the swiss.
2. Pal positions on core issues haven't changed
Sam ,   Canada   (02.10.12)
What's the point of offering Palestinians gestures when nothing has changed on their side? For Palestinians, negotiations mean everybody gives them gifts for just talking. It would make more sense to tighten the screws on the leaders until they showed some flexibility.
3. Oh get the hell out of the WB/Gaza
Wissam ,   Palestine   (02.10.12)
Enough with this shameless peace faking. No "gestures" are required - only a genuine desire to implement the 2-state solution. That's if your're still interested, we aren't anyway.
4. Bibi has no right to offer Abbas ANY of our land!
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.10.12)
It's about time the message got through to Israeli leaders that Israel is not their personal real estate. Our tiny state is the eternal Homeland of the Jewish people. Neither Bibi nor any other Israeli leader has the right to offer Abbas, or anyone else, ANY of our land! Moreover, making such an offer is an absolute betrayal of Likud's Constitution and the wishes of the vast majority of Israelis.
5. No to peace talks
Anshel ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.10.12)
It is now obvious that the prime minister in waiting Abbas, prefers to convert the territories under PA to Hamastan.
6. Same old treadmill
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.10.12)
Round and around they go, going noplace, all because of Abbas' insistence on pre-condtions being met before he'll sit down to talk If his pre-condtions were to be met, there would no reason to sit down to discuss what he would receive in advance
stude ham   (02.10.12)
who's the real obstruction to peace talks... ABBAS.. and his beloved HAMAS! as if this pair of terrorists could bring about sanity into the middle east...
8. Good, Keep building
Bad Ased Jew ,   United States   (02.10.12)
VOTE ROMNEY AND MAKE JERUSALEM ISRAEL'S CAPITOL. Fatah and Hamas can talk a walk... They are now, officially an allied terrorist organization with all the credibility of a pimp selling his mother.
9. More Appeasement
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (02.10.12)
How much more of Israel is Peres Bibi and Barak willing to sale for personal glory and money? Give up Area B and we have security fence borders 8 mile wide borders.The goverment is all the same corrupt to the core.
10. Israel offers, "palestinians" reject
A ,   Belgium   (02.10.12)
Why should Israel agree to the "two state solution" when the "palestinians" wont accept the fact that Israel exists? Its time for Israel to stop playing the game according to their rules. Accept a two state solution? Absolutely! Israel on one side of the Jordan river, "Palestine" on the other. Transfer is the only answer.
11. # 3 actually
Peter ,   Austria   (02.10.12)
the israelis are "out of" gaza since '05. i don't get how they could get outer any more. but as you are talking of a "genuine" desire" - it has to be on both sides. the israelis - as mentioned - got out of gaza in '05 - and the result was, that the palestinians voted the hamas (which bombed against the arab(!) peace initiative in 2002) into an parlamentary majority. and this was PRIOR to the blockade. rocked fire ensued - far over 11,000 projectiles. so WHY should the israelis get out of the wjl, when the answer to areas without israeli control is a wide palestinian consent to shoot rockets at israeli civilians?
12. ok. who cares. let them sit in the dark.
ralph   (02.10.12)
13. It is high time we realized: the only gesture the PLO's PA
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.10.12)
will accept from Israel is a total and unconditional elimination of Israel. All that one needs to do is read: Read the PLO's Charter, the Fatah Charter, the Hamas Charter. They express their truth in those Charter, thus why not to believe them...??!!
14. Abbas is thinking about his legacy
zionist forever   (02.10.12)
Providing he doesn't delay they again there will be palestinian elections in May and Abbas has said he won't be standing in those elections. Even if Abbas starts holding serious talks today and there were no disruptions by wither side there is still no way he would get a state before May so the next president would get all the credit. If he refuses to take part in negotiations well thats Israel's fault. Now he knows he won't achieve anything through negotiations before he goes so instead he will avoid negotiations and go for small victories like trying to get appointed to UN bodies because that is something he can say LOOK WHAT I DID Unless a responsible man who is not tainted by terror is the president of the PA then this is all pointless. I wonder if anybody here would go out and buy his book when Abbas writes his memoirs.
15. Rejected Incentives
Lynn ,   Knoxville   (02.10.12)
So much for incentives. The Palis (some would call them Palithugs), think they now have Israel over the barrel, so to speak, that time is on their side, that the "so-called," and basically anti-Semitic, international community will ultimately "force" Israel to yield to the Pali demands. Unfortunately, Israel's continual "concessions" just embolden the Palis and make them even more rigid in this "travesty" called the (piece) peace process.
16. # 3, 2- state solution,Hamastan,Fatahstan
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.10.12)
Wissam ! You already turned Gaza into hell,Israel will not let you do the same to the west bank,you may complain to um shmum bum,(thats how Ben Gurion described the UN).
17. PA rejects,the conflict is not land but
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.10.12)
Muslim Dogma,Bin Laden said openly,Andalus will become again Muslim,the Cordova mosque on the spot where the towers were brought down,is meant to celebrate a Muslim victory over the American infidels,and from where the muslim war against the american infidels has started.
18. # 11 Peter ! You can't reason with Palestinians
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.10.12)
as you say,Hamas-Arafat,derailed Oslo,the palestinians are not interested in Gaza,the west bank,they want all of Israel,arafat never intended to sign a real peace treaty with Israel.
19. #3
Moshe ,   USA   (02.10.12)
Thank you Wissam for your honesty. You want a full divorce followed by murder. You ("we") "are not interested anyway" in a two-state solution. Is there anything to add?
20. pa rejecting....?
les ,   canada   (02.10.12)
we jews suppose to be smart on the whole. so why can't our leaders understand when they say: israel must be eliminated, it is the "religious" duty of muslems to kill jews, cuting the throat of jewish babies make you a shahid, shooting at school bus with anti tank missle is honorable etc..etc. israel has nothing lose at this point. there must be an all out effort to pre-empt the comming holocoust, or relive it again. WHERE IS THE NEVER AGAIN.....
21. It is about time
joe ,   newtown USA   (02.10.12)
as much as we don't want to hear it - the Palestines do not want Israel to exist. They think they have Israel on the run with world opinion. They don't seem to want peace, as the dispute acts as a distractor from their internal problems and issues.
22. # 3
Birdi ,   Israel & proud of it   (02.10.12)
Oh we know you are not interested in peace with us. All you want is to push us off our own land & take over Israel. No way, not ever. We are here to stay. Learn to live with that.
23. no deal so
arne ,   chicago usa   (02.10.12)
what else is new? Pals really happy with status quo. Why change a good thing when your given millions and nobody questions what you do with it.Their like children who don't want to leave the nest. They talk a good game but they can't play one. Just look all around the Mid-east you'll see the same stuff
24. you do not have to incite for what you have to do
observer ,   Egypt   (02.10.12)
The first part or preamble of Egypt-Israel peace treaty is a framework for negotiations to establish an autonomous self-governing authority in the West Bank and the Gaza strip and to fully implement UNSCR 242. The Accords recognized the "legitimate rights of the Palestinian people", guaranteeing the full autonomy of the people within a period of five years. Egypt, guarantees of freedom of passage through the Suez Canal and Straits of Tiran. Israel agreed to limit its forces a smaller distance (3 km) from the Egyptian border, and to guarantee free passage between Egypt and Jordan. The treaty contains two parts; first areas of Limited military presence on BOTH sides of the border, Secondly UNR 242 application. Israel breached the Two Parts.
25. Tell racist pa and hamass to go to hell !
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (02.10.12)
Enough trying to deal with the arab idiots who want war and killing. Israel should annex Judea and Samaria and drive the arabs out , period. Stop the nonsense of talking to the arab morons.
26. Stop give pals money
Oleg ,   USA   (02.10.12)
As soon as West will stop giving them money, the situation change. They need to earn money, not get them for free. They need to work to support themselves. They live on donations, stop waste our money on those dumbs!
27. No.3, so you won't get it. Period.
28. #14 Zionist forever
Maureen   (02.10.12)
Do you think abbas is capable of writing his Memoirs? Did he have any schooling other than Arab schools? I doubt it. The guy is from Earth's furthest Planet!
29. Wissam @3
Moragh   (02.10.12)
then get the Hell out of Israel^s JEWISH LAND. How can you possibly have any pride in trying to take over the Land of Israel which the Mighty G-D himself gave Israel. If you would like to read it for yourself, I will gladly buy you a good straight-forward Bible. All it takes from you is an OK and your address (if you have one).
30. please, pretty pretty please.....
tiki ,   belgium   (02.10.12)
Its about time Israels stops courting Abbas and his gang, abolish the "BS Quartet, give all of them your NEW number, which they can phone/mail if/when they will be serious about getting things done.
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