Are nuke fears exaggerated?
Asaf Gefen
Published: 12.02.12, 21:01
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1. Asaf Gefen has a screw loose.
Bob K ,   Orlando USA   (02.12.12)
2. the Gulf states are the ones who are really scared
zionist forever   (02.12.12)
Iran wants nukes for a number of reasons which don't directly involve Israel. There is of course the prestige, if your in the nuclear club your a member of the elite powers. They also have political ambitions to create some kind of Islamic alliance in the Gulf that it leads. Get the arabs to stop allowing the US to base the Fifth fleet or set up airbases in their territory, a new Gulf order which is more anti west. The threat as far as Iran is concerned comes from Saudi Arabia who have the biggest and most advanced air force in the Middle East ( Israel included ), their ground forces use American hardware compared to Russian rubbish and although they have no submarines Saudi Arabia also has the at least one of the biggest and most advanced navies in the region. Last but not least the US has at least two airbases in the Gulf along with the Fifth Fleet patrolling the are 24/7 So Iran's conventional military forces are no match for its neighbors and the only way to counter that is nukes. Problem for Israel is even if its not the primary target all it takes is for the Grand Ayatollah to have a vision from Allah saying nuke the zionist entity it doesn't matter if they retaliate we will all be glorious martyrs the zionists will be wiped out. Israel can't the chance of one day Iran using nukes if it gets them so has to stop the program before they get the weapons. There is also the problem that if Iran gets nukes Saudi Arabia have said straight out they will develop their own ( buy from Pakistan ) there is also a possibility of the likes of Egypt & Turkey developing nuclear weapons. So one of the most unstable parts of the world could find itself with the largest concentration of nuclear powers just waiting for somebody to press the red button. If Obama does take action which I believe he will after the election it won't be because of Israel it will be for Saudi Arabia and to make sure the region isn't flooded with nukes.
3. #1, NO ! He is INSANE !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.12.12)
4. Asaf Gefen, you make no point...
James ,   London UK   (02.12.12)
..or at least no sensible one. So you think that nuclear weapons are out of fashion? So what? A maniac who wants to destroy a country with a nulcear weapon is still capable of doing so. God forbid that happened, would you run for the shelter crying, 'Oh this is SO 1970's'?!
5. The majority of us do indeed fear nuke-armed Islamic terror
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (02.12.12)
This op-ed makes one wonder whether 75 years after Hitler said he was going to wipe out the Jews, Gefen thinks that Ahamadinejad is kidding when he says that he'll do the same to Israel and he wants nuclear weapons. Only an ignoramous like Gefen would write an op-ed like this without bothering to read the IAEA report that concluded Iran is indeed taking steps to weaponize its nuclear program. Go back to sleep, Gefen. You don't think it's logical to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists who are more than willing to blow themselves up and take Tal Aviv with them. The majority of us do.
6. The nukes aren't the problem. The Mullahs are.
Jake ,   USA   (02.12.12)
A peaceful Iranian regime would be no threat to Israel, with or without nukes. Perhaps the best course of action would be to declare war on the regime and refrain from bombing the nuclear facilities. Too bad Israel cannot withstand a long drawn-out war against the regime, so in the end, all they can do is destroy the nuclear program. I would hope that Israeli leaders are better at critical thinking than Ynet op-ed writers.
7. Reads Like "Fifth Column" Writing
Dan ,   USA   (02.12.12)
8. Ok fine, but what is your argument?
Daniel Teeboom ,   Netherlands   (02.13.12)
Why is it irrational not to fear an iranian nukes? Please give arguments, something, anything!
9. Of course they are, however the fact that everyones is
Abe ,   AZ   (02.13.12)
talking about it is great success to Israeli propaganda. Israel has two aims; 1 - divert attention from the Palestinian issue 2 - give the republicans in the 'us some amo to defeat Barak Obama. Both are and will be successful in the short run not in the long run. Obama will get re elected and the Palestinian issue will return to be front t and center. Iran? - Israel can't and won't do nothing about it.
10. Yes! And if Israel wants to try to
Nick ,   NYC, USA   (02.13.12)
preemptively rid Iran of nuclear weapons, let Israel do so without US help. No amount of preemptive strikes and sanctions will stop Iran from attaining nuclear capability. Even Pakistan has the bomb, after all, and it's a far poorer, less advanced country. Good luck!
11. Wrong thinking
wiz of iz ,   montreal canada   (02.13.12)
Fools dance with the foolers in Iran. It just goes to show you that oblique opinions are out there and have to be addressed and exposed as wrong in this framework.
12. Still Vital
Zivron   (02.13.12)
Tactical nuclear weapons and neutron bombs which can wipe out armies and not cause a bell of fallout are usable.
13. #8 - you're right
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (02.13.12)
There are so many articles and talk-backs all over the world about all kinds of subjects, expressing what shouldn't be done. My stock reply is that negative comments are easy and we can all do them all day. The article suggests no alternatives and is therefor worthless.
14. Asaf Gefen is even loonier than Aviv Gefen
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.13.12)
15. JFK was killed with pretty much 14th century fire pipe...
Miron ,   USA   (02.13.12)
and din't feel all that important towards donkeys. I think we just figured out what is wrong with our nation and her leadership.
16. half-right
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.13.12)
Gefen is right, Israel's nuke fears are exaggerated. As long as Israel holds Judea and Samaria, Iranian nukes do not threaten Israel's existence. The only real existential threat to Israel is Arab colonialism under Fatah/PLO. That said, nukes are nasty. I guess Gefen assumes he won't be one of the 40,000 Israelis estimated to be killed by an Iranian nuke.
17. In one word - Yes
Counter Punch ,   Australia   (02.13.12)
The threat is totally exaggerated and hyped up as a prelude to a disasterous war. Regardless of the hysteria and paranoia, the Iranians are not crazy. They understand what the damage will be to Iran if they ever used these weapons. Everyone needs to take deep breath and a step back.
18. A totally frivilous article
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.13.12)
This article is frivilous and valueless. The Iranian threat is a real one. Two Presidents and a Supreme Leader have promised the destruction of Israel. The damage that can be done by a nuclear weapon is so horrifying it is impossible to even begin to imagine it.
19. israel israeli #16 what a moron
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.13.12)
Do really think that the Iranians give a damn about Arabs? Really are you that stupid? They will use it the first chance they get.
20. This guy talks rot!
Sid ,   Jerusalem   (02.13.12)
Perhaps it is time to strike the Iranian Heavy Water Plant - shown in the picture. This would stop their nuclear reactors. The Heavy Water Plants are and do not produce radio activity but separate out the much needed nuclear reacor moderator Deutirium from water.
21. I wonder if this is another satirical article....
Henry from New York ,   USA   (02.13.12)
22. #19 I will explain
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.13.12)
Iran will target the Tel Aviv area for various reasons. Due to the topography, at most 40000 will die maybe less, but Israel will be in chaos. Hamas and Hezbolla will launch rockets, and together with Fatah, also terror attacks. Relatively quickly, Arab ground forces will join the battle. Without Judea and Samaria, Israel will be physically split, Jerusalem will be cut-off, IDF emergency bases plundered and supply lines cut. The airport will be closed. The Jews will have nowhere to run. I could go into more details, but it isn't pretty. If Israel holds Judea and Samaria, after the nuke, Israel will be able to move children and the wounded to safe haven in the hills. From the hills, the IDF will regroup, resupply and secure the airport. Supplies and weapons from bases in the South will be able to move northwards unimpeded. We win.
23. israel israeli #22 wishful thinking
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.14.12)
They will lob one after another until the entire region is gone. They don't care how many Arabs die in the process nor do they even want the land. They just wish to deny us the land.
24. #9 abe
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.14.12)
Didn’t you hear? Israel is also responsible for the attack on the two Israeli embassies. They also probably targeted the diplomat’s wife in India. And everyone knows they caused the destruction on 9/11! All the preceding is as plausible as your post.
25. Take Iran Nuclear Threat Seriously?
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (02.14.12)
Of course, Israel should not take the Iranian threat seriously. Of course, the declarations of Iranian leaders that they will destroy Israel should not be taken seriously. If they are taken seriously, then Israel will have to do something about the threat. And, it is a much simpler matter to anguish over a Holocaust that has already occurred, than it is to act to prevent one that is threatened, but which has not yet happened.
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