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US county suspends Beit Shemesh pact over women's exclusion
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.02.12, 19:12
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1. a natural sister city for Beit Shemesh
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.12.12)
Qom, Iran
2. Left Wing Currurption
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (02.12.12)
Another reason not to vote Democrat where is this guy when there is deligitmazation of Israel. How many human violations does Ethiopia have.I say don't vote for George L. Leventhal he is no friend of Israel.
3. bad idea
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (02.12.12)
I hope this is only the county government and not the Jewish Community. The normal people in Bet Shemesh need all of the help and support they can get. I can understand the county government not wanting to be in such a poison situation.
4. Well look in the mirror first
Yosef ,   Boca USA   (02.12.12)
This is not a wide spread phenomenon. It is circumscribed to a few among Haredim, just as much as there are a few Chilonim that also abuse women. This is ridiculous. Is like Beit Shemesh nixing the same agreement for what happen at Virginia Tech University, located in Montgomery County also.
5. because the main victim naama happened to be US citizen
David   (02.12.12)
6. (C)haredim are the salt of the Land
Bernardo ,   France   (02.13.12)
And the Goyim only purpose is to serve Jews (quotation from Ovadia Yossef). Which should be read as such : Secular Israeli Jews (who serve, work and pay taxes) only purpose is to serve the noble (C)haredim who are deems to holy to serve, to work for a living and to pay taxes.
7. A wise descision, Beit Shemesh is a city of violence
Haim ,   TA   (02.13.12)
Beit Shemesh is a city of violence and intollernces, women are physically attacked including 8 year old children. What city would want to be twineed with such a place. They are makeing a wise descision , it sends a clear message that such behvior will not be tollerated.
8. Sister Cities and to #4
Joel ,   Montogomery Cty, MD   (02.13.12)
Sister Cities are not that big a deal. The issue here is the bad press that Israel gets anytime these Charedi nut jobs get off their leash. And to #4, how dumb could you be? Virginia Tech is in Virgina (well, duh) and Montgomery County is in Maryland.
9. Good Judgment
Golden Dome ,   Washington USA   (02.13.12)
Thank you Montgomery County! The one thing welfare recipients like the Beith Shleps recognise and respect is the economic hit that their hate costs them.
10. Great news
Sagi   (02.13.12)
The only way to deal with these people is to boycott them and anathematize them completely.
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