Dershowitz: Strike on Iran legally justified
Itamar Eichner
Published: 13.02.12, 11:13
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1. This legal mind is confused....
Robert ,   Australia   (02.13.12) there is no proof whatsoever that Iran is producing nuclear weapons. If you have proof, let's see it! This would be tantamount to lynchings in the wild west on a mere suspicion. It appears senility is contributing to this announcement.
2. Ok and all, but, where did this came from?
John ,   Europe   (02.13.12)
"who is considered one of the world's foremost Legal experts"... First, in WHAT FIELD of LAW? International? Corporate? Civil cases? Which one? Also, who gave him that title and based on what? This is the first time I hear this claim about him.
3. Depraved Indifference
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (02.13.12)
Alan Dershowitz shows complete, utter and total depraved indifference to the American lives that may be lost due to a wild card strike on Iran, especially if it starts a world war and there is no proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Iran is actually building a bomb.
4. #1You need a body as "proof"?Since it'll be mine, no chnce
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.13.12)
mate, that I shall wait with my feet up on the bar. If you neighbour starts collecting weapons AND makes public promises to wipe you&you family from the face of the earth AND the police say "sorry, no shots were fired yet" (and you're not the most poular family in town, for no reason at all) what is that you're going to do? I know what I'd do....
5. Mr Dershowitz
Esteban ,   Argentina   (02.13.12)
I salute you Sir. You are brave man, God bless you and the people who support and understand you.
6. Who pays for the consequences?
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (02.13.12)
Definitely not the very clever law professor and attorney, far away in the USA, where he and his opinions ought to stay.
7. Robert's Aussie mind is the one that is confused.
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (02.13.12)
Read the news, Robert. Iranian leaders have repeated called for war and genocide against Israel. Iranian calls for the destruction of a United Nations member are a war crime. Iran is in violation of international law, in violation of the UN charter, and in violation of so many human rights statutes that all human rights associations have condemned the regime there. Iran is also in violation of the NPT, and the IAEA concluded that a lot of Iranian nuclear development could have no other purpose than the production and delivery of nuclear weapons. We don't need proof that Iran is producing nuclear weapons. Iran's leaders have openly declared their intention to destroy our country. Why don't you logoff and go have another few beers, mate...
8. what to legality and war?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.13.12)
The NATO attack on Yugoslavia, the American attack on Libya or the Saudi massacre in Bahrain were all illegal, but the fact that the US has more than 5000 nuclear warheads means no one cares. Israel's liberation of Judea and Samaria, the Cast Lead operation and the Mavi Marmara were all legal, but Israel is and was castigated for "breaking international law" Lawyers like Dershowitz want to be important and relevant, but in reality they are insignificant.
9. A very dubious legal assessment
International lawyer   (02.13.12)
I would love to see the kind of mental gymnastics that Dershowitz went through to arrive at this conclusion. International law establishes very strict requirements for the use of force. Short of an actual armed attack having taken place, or an armed attack which we may reasonably anticipate will take place in the immediate future, an attack by Israel on Iran would be illegal.
10. #8 On legality and war
International lawyer   (02.13.12)
You're wrong, clearly. What makes you think "no one cares" about the violations you listed? The fact that you - and the rest of the world - articulate the legitimacy of conflict through the prism of international law is proof of its influence. The fact that people even care whether a war is "legal" or "illegal" is proof of the powerful legitimising force of international law. There certainly was international outrage over the Saudi massacre in Bahrain and the ongoing bloodshed in Syria - in fact, it makes the news every day, is constantly being discussed by government, and is on the agenda of international organisations around the world. You may say "talk is cheap - where is the action? Where are the prosecutions?" -- to which I would answer, there has been action! Sanctions are being imposed on Syria, and will increasingly be as the severity of its violations worsen. The same, incidentally, appears to be true of Israel's violations, which (despite your protestations) do amount to contraventions of international law.
11. Depressing but right
Moses I. Supposes ,   Tehran Iran   (02.13.12)
At what point do people begin to believe the inflammatory rhetoric of mad men? The regime has a long history of implementing that of which they proclaim.
12. to "robert" 1
Arctodus Simus ,   Fort Yukon-USA   (02.13.12)
Iran repeadtly, and in numerous occasion clearly mentionned their will to destroy Israel, and is pursuing that goal in preparing a nuclear bomb and missiles to deliver. Therefore, it is quite normal for Isarel, to answer that threat by the use of force. By the way Iran used terrorism against Israel since the 80's, and is directly involved in the killing of score of westerners. Iran is clearly a terror state, and its ruling regime are legitimate targets
13. Professor Senile?
Lenya ,   Australia   (02.13.12)
No proof? Then why won't Iran allow the Nuclear inspectors to inspect any of their nuclear facilities and even barred them from speaking with their nuclear scientists...What are they hiding? Tantamount to lynchings? What are your qualifications for your accusations of senility on a Harvard Law Professor? If your education isn't on par with Professor Dershowitz why don't you just shut up.
14. Rather a senior hasbarist
Bob ,   TA   (02.13.12)
Much more then "senior jurist", Mr. Dershowitz is a senior hasbarist. Puting political agenda before law - this is what he is doing in all his books, speeches etc... And if I am wrong, let's find a single case where this "legal expert" puts any part of guilt or illegal deeds on Israel...
15. Refreshing to hear from an accomplished Jurist
Norman   (02.13.12)
Can the people in the peanut gallery (the laymen or TB that criticise this great mind) please have some respect and realise your own shortcomings (your little brains) Thanks
16. Methinks the world doesn't care about legality, but that's
Henry from New York ,   USA   (02.13.12)
just me.
17. #9 - Israel in violation of international law?
Canadian lawyer ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.13.12)
Based on what? Resolutions of the UN General Assembly (aka the International Mafia on the East River) and its bodies, which have no legal significance whatsoever? Based on your say so? How about producing evidence for your assertions. Many eminent lawyers (including Allan Dershowitz and Irwin Cotler, a former Canadian Justice Minister) disagree with you.
18. Justification OCCURED when dummyjad promised to "wipe Israel
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.13.12)
off the face of the earth." When someone promises to kill you, it is your duty to take whatever means necessary to defend yourself, you don't need to wait until the nuclear missile is above your head to take action.
19. Self-defense?
Vic ,   Lausanne, Suisse   (02.13.12)
Would not Iranian strike on Israel in these circumstances also be considered as pro-pro-active iranian self-defence against israeli pro-active self-defence ? Where is this proactivity coming from, where is starts and where it finishes ?
20. History will be the judge.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.13.12)
History will declare the evil party and I am certain it will be the one which attacks first. Physically attacks, I mean, not verbal attacks which are a lot of worthless hot air. Dershowitz knows it also, but doesn't care because he is a "professional" bent on making money or stirring mud for prestige. His academic arguments are the sand in which lawyer-ostriches will be burying their heads for a long time. But history is the real judge, so it is irrelevant what the lawyer Dershowitz says.
21. #1 Robert
Natan ,   USA   (02.13.12)
Nonesense!!! If you threaten to shoot me, i have no obligation to prove that you actually have a gun!!! The threat to cause harm is sufficient..
22. this legal mind is confused.
DANNY TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (02.13.12)
23. Dershowitz
Harold ,   USA   (02.13.12)
I never heard one word from Dershowits about peace. He always complains about Moslims and Arabs and backs Israel. He is a neo-con, Zionist, part of AIPAC and a war monger. I suggest he moves and settles in Israel.
Harold ,   USA   (02.13.12)
25. #21
Harold ,   USA   (02.13.12)
Saddam Hussain and George W Bush used your tactics "I KILL BEFORE I AM KILLED" Look what happened to Saddam and look what happened to Bush who is afraid to travel abroad to avoid arrest.
26. John #2 very ignorant then
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.13.12)
Why don't you look him up on the internet? Seems to me that if you wanted to know that he is considered one of the foremost authorities on the subject of international law in the world one would attempt to at least check out his biography.
27. International lawyer #9 you have to be kidding
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.13.12)
Iran has announced that it has and will continue to support genocide against us and has committed numerous attacks and brags about it. The only mental gymnastics being performed are yours that ignore that those armed attacks have already taken place for decades now.
28. Then attack against Israel is legal then too?
Considering that Israel already has nuclear weapons, broke the sound barrier over Beirut tonight and other such incidents. For a very bright mind this was a short-sighted analysis.
29. Dershowitz
saw him on tv calling for America to do more ''shaming'' of Jews who step out of line. A truly repulsive odious ugly little man. America seems to be overrun by such people nowadays in positions of power. What happened to the America of my youth? 50 years ago America was a totally different country
30. #19 Vic
Phil ,   USA   (02.13.12)
Vic, what thehell are you talking about? Just last week, Iran announced that they would wipe Israel off of the map. This was one of a long line of threats that the derranged and beastiality rulers of Iran have made against Israel and the Jewish people. Israel has never threatened to destroy Iran. They certainly have ythe right to destroy the weapons of mass destruction since Iran has announcecd its intentions to destroy Israel. Vic, your logic is that of a feebleminded ape.
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