Israeli missions in India, Georgia targeted
Aviel Magnezi, AP
Published: 13.02.12, 17:08
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1. Can Iranian Embassies And Diplomats Be Also Targeted?
vit ,   usa   (02.13.12)
Can Iranian Embassies And Diplomats Be Also Targeted?
2. it is a Iranian hand at work there.
Castor Troy ,   Los Angeles-USA   (02.13.12)
Israel should target Iranian officials in reprisals..
3. Targeting Israelis
Spencer ,   Israel   (02.13.12)
This has now become almost a daily occurence somewhere in the world. What needs to be done to curtail these incidents is to take out the leaders of ALL terrorist organisations wherever they may exist.
4. Delhi Blast
moshe ,   USA   (02.13.12)
Live NDTV in English states clearly "Israeli diplomat injured". If Israeli Embassy is located in the same area as US, I can affirm that you have to go though half a dozen security checks to even get near those buildings. SO the big questions that Indian news media are at this moment scrambling learn more about are, from their perspective: who did it and how did they get in there. Of course.
5. Prayers
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (02.13.12)
Prayers for the injured.
6. ahamadinejad and blood
gandjian   (02.13.12)
we all know that ahmadinejad was behind the taking of us captives but got off by having plastic surgery. and kameini took part in falsifying the past election results and approving the use of araB Hhezbollah operatives in killing nada and other iranians. Persians, rise up and swarm and eliminate the twin heads of the illegal ayatollah entity. kameinei already insulted obama and now threatens him. Obama is a lot of things but he is not an olmert coward who raises concessions in response to threats. Obama willl get kameini whose body will be like kaddafi and bin laden. its only a question of time.
7. Not exactly one of Iran's industrial accidents
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.13.12)
8. yet to come, like it that way lol
shiroz   (02.13.12)
9. Irans revenge has started
Jimmy   (02.13.12)
10. Attacks on Israeli Deplomates
Harold ,   USA   (02.13.12)
Israel created this problem by assossinating Iranian nuclear sientists and now she is in trouble. I predict this problem will go on and on until a war sparks.
11. Time to raise the stakes for Iran
usa   (02.13.12)
But be smart about it, no need to retaliate on foreign soil. Retailiate against Iran directly.
12. Two realitys
selsanj80 ,   EU   (02.13.12)
1. What goes arround comes arround 2. One man's hero, is another man's terrorist.
13. Yesterday Israel blasted Iranian scientists
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (02.13.12)
Today it's Iran's turn to be on the top of celebrity... Just another regular day between two f***ed up countries
14. Israel knows how to take care of those responsible
A very heavy stone ,   Florida   (02.13.12)
Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said ," Israel knows exactly how to identify those responsible for the attacks and how to 'take care' of those who carried them out as we have much experience in Gaza and allowed it to fill up with many thousands of them. We feed them,send them everything they need and keep the lights on for them. We take very good care of those who call for our extermination and only target empty tunnels and vacant fields in Gaza because we are slightly mad for the phony peace our phony ally keeps shoving down our throat and we are too fearful and feeble to say 'NO MORE'," he said
15. What else did you expect ?
Vic ,   Lausanne, Suisse   (02.13.12)
Did Israel expect some roses from Iran in response to blowing up iranian scientists ? Their security services also have some pride ...
16. Dear G-d, sending U a fast flash prayer for the recovery...
Shadow dancer ,   Israel   (02.13.12)
of the injured. Thank You, Amen. Alrighty then, now that the prayers are behind us, since I am a crazy and undiplomatic TBer I will go right ahead and speak my mind: Let us then go right ahead and unleash HELL on these sons of witches...Israel has had enough of this bad behavior!! Really, I mean really, since when is blasting a bomb at the car of an unarmed woman who has just dropped off her children at school an act of bravery and liberation?! These bastards have just bounced off the last nerve of the nation...let's go get'em boys and girls of the Hidden Light (Or Ganuz) Brigade!
Gamal ,   Egypt   (02.13.12)
from the Iranians
18. kill just more scientists, target Khamenei family !
Tar PIt ,   Ranch La Brea, USA   (02.13.12)
We are not afraid of you shia's
19. #13 Your post wins "common sense award" today
Nour ,   One-State   (02.13.12)
20. #9 An Act of War
Dan ,   Florida   (02.13.12)
Jimmy, This bombing is the beginning of the end for the evil black-eyed Mullahs. To hell with the diplomacy over nukes, this was an overt act of WAR and the illegitimate Iranian regime will surely pay for it. It is time to free the Iranians from the horrors of their Theocratic Fascist Dictatorship.
21. @4 u've never been 2 India...
because if you had you would know that the Israeli Embassy and the American Embassy aren't near each other. and if you really knew your stuff you'd know better than to even think that there are half dozen security checks anywhere near those buildings.
22. Obama's fault
ZionistJim ,   Israel   (02.13.12)
Obama encouraged Mubarak to leave and this is the result we get: Israeli diplomats attacked. What we need to do is use our AIPAC agents to make the Americans elect either a Jew or a Christian fundie to the White House. At the very least, we should ensure the US doesn't elect another Muslim.
23. Well, everybody hates israel
NadMan ,   Palestine   (02.13.12)
My message to israel, make peace while you're able to, before it's too late .
24. @21
moshe ,   USA   (02.13.12)
I HAVE been to India and have been to the American Embassy. I wrote that IF the Israeli Embassy was near there...when I went to the American (there was an event going on) THERE WERE a half dozen zigzags with different security levels AND Indian soldiers with automatic weaponry ...a dozen of them deployed on the grass between the entrance to the Embassy and the traffic behind them. DUH
25. Oh Gamal, you scared myself
David ,   Tel Aviv   (02.13.12)
Really, you did.
26. There is a simple solution:
Vlad   (02.13.12)
Begin taking out Iranian Intelligence Ministry and Revolutionary Guard commanders. Kill one every time they pull this shit.
27. israeli attacked
joel ,   usa   (02.13.12)
its time that the israel should act summarily, it is iran's hands that is seen on these terrorism, TIME TO STRIKE TO THE FINISH, OK?
28. @21 and furthermore...
moshe ,   USA   (02.13.12)
now that I have located where the Israeli Embassy is using Google maps, I see that it is quite close to official INDIAN govt. residences and buildings, and the Taj Mansingh. I saw the army encampment AT the Taj hotel, below the driveway. This is just a few blocks away from the Israeli embassy. SO what are you talking about??? Perhaps you are just a hater.
29. @#22 Obama's Fault
Shlomo ,   USA   (02.13.12)
Another idiot heard from. I suppose that your comment is as intelligent as those of Muslims that claimed the Indian Ocean tsunami was Israel's fault
30. What goes around comes around!
Jupter   (02.13.12)
When terrorists assassinated Iranian scientists some naive people here celebrated. This is what you get one you go down that path.
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