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Barak on India car blast: Iran targeting Israelis worldwide
Published: 14.02.12, 10:27
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1. Cowardly actions by cowardly terrorists
Attacking an unarmed woman in a car is an act of total cowardice and not an act of liberation. May Ms. Koren have a speedy recovery. May Israel prevail
2. Hashem miracle
y0hanan ,   manchester uk   (02.14.12)
"Bomb goes off, but gas tank does not explode". Hashem is really looking after its People. Wicked iranian.
3. Obvious False Flag
OJ ,   Lebanon   (02.14.12)
The "Israeli" government is so pathetic. Iran would not risk it's relationship with India to kill one person. Attempt to kill one person.
4. #3 so
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.14.12)
So you are suggesting that it was a Sunni group, probably Al Qaeda, financed by the Saudis? It makes sense.
5. IRANIAN bombs
edy ,   MIAMI, USA   (02.14.12)
I'm very afraid of the jews of argentina(trucholandia).- very antisemitic country , easy help there for the Iran....
6. Barak on India car blast: Iran targeting Israelis worldwide
A ,   Belgium   (02.14.12)
And as long as Israel has this marshmallow for a defense minister, they and all the rest of the terrorists will keep trying. Drop Barak and get a REAL defense minister!
7. #3. You dont say...
A ,   Belgium   (02.14.12)
but Iran doesn't give a s*t obviously about their relationship with Thailand.
8. This will stop when iran is totally destroyed.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.14.12)
9. Jews worldwide are legitimate targets now, thanks to Mossad
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.14.12)
10. #6 Spoken like a true anti-semite
Ben Dover ,   Phil McCrackin   (02.14.12)
Name a time Squeave WHEN Israelis and Jews WERE NOT "legitimate targets"??? According to those that share your albeit "masked " sentiments. Unlike you, at least these filth have the guts to carry out their convictions.
11. #3 Iran's terror campaign trumps trade
Ron ,   US   (02.14.12)
The regime is desperate. Expect more mistakes along their path to self-destruction. India should cut off all relations with Iran.
12. #6. me? anti-semite?
A ,   Belgium   (02.14.12)
I hope you dont get paid to judge human character, you would definitley be unemployed and sleeping on the street. Why am I STRONGLY against Ehud Barak as minister of defense? I am worried about my kids, one of whom is in the IDF right now. I lived in Israel when Barak was APPOINTED, not elected after Rabin was shot, to PM. He was ready to give Judah, Samaria, E. Jerusalem, and the Golan to the "palestinians". And this is a military man who should know something about strategic advantage. But Mr. Barak knows that as long as Bibi is PM, he has nothing to worry about. So he can afford to smile his smug smile and say..."we are targets". He's not a target, but every young kid in the IDF might be. AND diplomats and their families serving outside of Israel. So, sorry, I'm not an anti semite. I am a Jew, I served in the IDF, I had rocks thrown at my car several times by our "palestinian" neighbors, and YOU, I think, are actually the anti-semite!
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