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Israel won't blink first
Sever Plocker
Published: 14.02.12, 17:59
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31. to 20
karim   (02.14.12)
you live on the myth of the past exploits , closer to us in time: 2006 Hizbullah has given you a beating, do u have already forgotten the images of soldiers crying like girls on the cameras?
32. to 21
karim   (02.14.12)
Revise your geography there has never been 300 million Arabs who attacked israel.! in 2012, conditions have changed. if a war breaks out you will lose it as you lost in 2006 by the way i dont want be your friend man me country will survive but yours ....
33. to 12 keep dreaming
karim   (02.14.12)
iran will never send its nuclear abroad, imagine that, if the north korea, a country where famine was built nuclear weapons, and modern centrifuges, so do not doubt for a moment, a great big country like Iran will resist the sanctions "the pakistani prime minsitre Butto said even if we must eat grass, pakistan will get the bomb" then you know the rest.....
34. #12 esnuffnsti
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.15.12)
If the US did not go after Saddam after he took over Kuwait, the US would have lost even more credibility (aka diplomatic capital).
35. #20 allon
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.15.12)
Although I agree with the essence of your post, I think a review of history is in order. In 1948, Israel ‘trounced’ the arab armies only after an armistice during which time both sides smuggled in weapons. The Israelis were more successful (Thank G-d). The Jordanian Legion, however, was not easily ‘trounced’. If it would have been so, the Jews would have controlled the Old City and wouldn’t have been kicked out of the Jewish Quarter. In 1973 Israel certainly turned the tables on the attackers. Remember, however, that the ammunition sent by the US was needed so badly, it was sent directly from the airport to the front. The Syrians broke through at the southern Golan and could have entered the Jezreel Valley. (And thank G-d for the 7th Armored Brigade, among others.) My point? Don’t under estimate one’s enemy, even in history.
36. No. 21 -- You Are Right, but...
Mike ,   Peachtree City, GA   (02.14.12)
No. 21 -- You are right about the US before WW II, but the wrong diplomacy and missed opportunities by Prime Minister Chamberlain before 1941 are historical facts. No amount of blaming the US will change what really happened. Today, I don't want my country and my President to repeat the stupidity represented by both sides (US and UK) leading up to WW II. Though I voted for him, I'm having a hard time seeing President Obama publicly and loudly joining with Israel. This nutcase in Iran needs to be replaced, his nuclear weapons program stopped, and the Iranian people allowed to lead a peaceful and productive life. End of Story.
37. Iranian nukes don't matter?
Fredrick Swenson ,   Las Cruces   (02.15.12)
Hey, buddy; what if we (the US) had sworn to wipe Canada off the map at the first opportunity (can't have all those Canadian-born hockey players clogging the rosters of all the NHL teams!) Would what we have in our military arsenal and what we intend to do with it matter to you then?
38. You will se no war When it comes to Israel
Eitan ,   Rechovot   (02.15.12)
attacking Iran, its same as an impotent looking at sexy lady.. The intentions are there but no can do... Oh well..
39. bombs!
sandohill ,   sudbury,on.canada   (02.15.12)
israel have nuclear bombs which were supplied by all the so called "white"nations of the world.
40. #24 frank
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.15.12)
Some minor details you "left out": If Israel was going to use nukes they would have used them already. If you trust Israel and Iran the same, you are foolish. It is Iran that threatens Israel’s annihilation. Syria and Iraq also threatened. Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran with the same threats of total destruction. Lebanon is now Hezbollahland. Gaza is now Hamas, sworn to Israel’s destruction. Read some current events, then post.
41. #21 historian
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.15.12)
And when the US did "decide to do something about the War", it was able to be won. A 'minor detail', I'm sure.
42. #4 poyani- There are some holes in your facts.
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.15.12)
You leave out some ‘details’. 1. When Iran agreed to inspections, they did not notify anyone of the existence of their underground facility. They admitted to having it only after it was exposed. (I know, this only a ‘detail’, right?) 2. They recently granted the IAEA inspectors the type of inspection to which you refer. Yet when the inspectors showed up at facilities in Iran, they were denied entry. (Another ‘detail’.) 3. Prove that Iran's economy has surpassed that of Israel. 4. If you really believe that Iran's technological capabilities are going down the same path, then I shouldn't even be addressing you as you show your gullibility. Iran has created an anti aircraft missile system better than Russia's as soon as Russia said it wouldn't sell them any? Yea, right. 5. Israel insists that it be allowed to live in peace, without any threats. As long as Israel has superiority, it's working. Once Israel loses it, it could be destroyed. (Another detail which you choose to ignore.)
43. Iran must boycott Jewish products like Nukes.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (02.15.12)
Nuclear power is derived from Jewish physics which made America a super power. Its use by Islamic regimes can eliminate all oil reserves and is against the teachings of the Quran.
44. #39 sandohill
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.15.12)
Most nuclear bombs that are the property of what one might call non-white nations were built with plans supplied by Pakistan. Israel built its own, thank you very much. As do many posters, you have it backwards. This aversion to truth is caused by your hatred.
45. Plocker goes Freudian?
HaifaGuy   (02.15.12)
Teheran-Tel Aviv? Really, Sever? Please check your geopolitical knowledge b/c last time I checked, israel's capital was still Jerusalem. You freakin' TA Bohemian moron!
46. What Do You Do After The Strike?
World Citizen ,   the world   (02.15.12)
An Israeli strike will galvanize the Iranian population behind the mullahs. A strike by Israel will convince every Iranian that they do need nuclear weapons to defend their country against naked aggression. If a strike by Israel was lucky enough to take out their alleged nuclear weapon manufacturing capability then their pursuit of nuclear weapons would focus on obtaining them from countries that already produce nuclear weapons and might be willing to sell some of them. North Korea, Pakistan and India come to mind. All of them need oil and natural gas. Even the Russians, if feeling threatened by the US and Nato, might cross that boundary. Think long and hard about the possible implications of your actions.
47. #46 world
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.15.12)
Israel is also thinking long and hard about the probable implications of inaction. Their fears are grounded in the constant threats of Israel's annihilation by Iran, Iran's support for terrorism world wide (against others, eg the US, not just Israel by the way), etc.
48. the longer we wait
alan ,   texas   (02.15.12)
the longer Israel waits to destroy iran, the more costly it will be in terms of blood, money and time. Already, Israel waited too long.
49. to#14 And I read a book from an insider in Israel
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (02.15.12)
Which suggested that Israeli government would sacrifice that or more in a war with Iran.I think both sides are overplaying this brinkmanship.Surely there must be some rational leaders who can get to the truth,without guessing,like US and Iraq. An Iranian threat against Israel does not definitely mean that they want nuclear weapons.Also I'm sure that both sides know about MAD (mutually assured destruction.This is why nuclear weapons are supposed to be a deterent?
50. Israel Won't Blink
Lawrence A Dickerson ,   Bremerton,USA   (02.15.12)
In this editorial you YNet claims:"The situation is similar to the state of affairs that prevailed on the eve of the first Gulf War. The US Administration and American public opinion were united in the approach that should Saddam Hussein not withdraw from Kuwait under diplomatic-economic pressure, the US military will remove him from there by force." If indeed this is a similar scenario it is because the US attacked Iraq based on lies created by Israeli sources and that is not a deniable statement. Israel is always in the position that their boisterous demeanor is expected to be backed up by the rest of the free world allies.Let her act on her own and Israel would react differently. I personally object to providing that three billion dollars in military aid to Israel to be used in ways and means that do not support a democratic society. The collective fear of another Holocaust may be factual;however,that does not infer that it is a healthy foundation for the Jewish peoples.Israel ,out of necessity,needs to alter their,"My way or the highway",attitude.Peaceful coexistence requires true compromise on all levels.There can be no demonstration of being a light unto the nations unless it is a laser weapon as it is progressing now.
51. #49 exuk
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.15.12)
There are NO rational leaders in Iran; they have stated that it doesn't matter if they die as long as Jews die. Suicide bombers from Hamas and Hezbollah prove this can be true. MAD is postulated on sane parameters. Read some more and you will see the basis for MAD doesn't exist. Nuclear weapons are supposed to be a deterrent; they are not so in this case, however.
52. 31
John Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (02.16.12)
Read the facts about who gave who the "beating" fool.The obese Hiz leader still calls his bunker home.
53. Karim, you entirely missed Allon's point
jj ,   USA   (02.16.12)
please read his initial message again, its the one highlighted in red because people have read it and concur it is well stated You were the target audience, and if you can find a way to constructively relate to his message as, of note, jews/israelis would wish to constructively (and productively) relate to Iranians, then much is possible beyond the will of the ayatollahs. The skills and dedication and know-how of the jews paired with that of the persians (minus the fanatics in charge) stands to be powerful force with the ability to reshape the middle east for the better. Consider it, from the standpoint of share economics, culture, medicine, technology, education, all of which could flourish in a friendship between the states with a dedicated mutual respect and an even stronger dedication to peace. As long as the ayatollahs are in charge, that is impossible.
54. Iran
Cherokee Rose ,   IndianFlintRidge USA   (02.16.12)
Heard today that USA would use SWIFT against Iran. not sure but sounds very bad.
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