Seeking Israel’s destruction
Giulio Meotti
Published: 15.02.12, 00:11
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1. Nothing new here.
Jules   (02.15.12)
Israel is a role model for those who want to develop their countries - therefore, she inspires extreme hatred from those who cannot boast any scientific and technological achievements. Ignore them all. Keep the IDF strong. Teach young people science and technologies. NO MORE "PEACE PROCESS" !!! Let your enemies fume with hatred - they are very primitive creatures. Just make sure they don't become stronger than you are.
2. Seeking Israel's destruction
E ,   Los Angeles   (02.15.12)
I agree with #1 JULES.
3. Unholy Alliance
Zivron   (02.15.12)
The unholy alliance of the radical atheist socialist islamofascists and old neonazis and useful idiots though they are feral cannot excuse any human rights abuses in the post shoah created Jewish state.
4. BDS book, must read
Judy Miller ,   Burton, Ohio   (02.15.12)
This article is great, but you really need to read the book Boycotting Peace by Fred Taub to get the rest of the story.
5. How can you educate those that don't want to listen?
Henry from New York ,   USA   (02.15.12)
Most of these BDSM (Boycott Divest Sanction Movement) folks are howling unreasonable and sometimes violent people. They don't care about facts or the truth, only preconceived notions and "research" done for them by other BDSM people. I'll proudly walk around in my Israeli flag jacket. It's a small showing, but a showing nonetheless.
6. Purpose of BDS is to end the occupation of Palestine
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.15.12)
7. #1 Jules is 100% correct!
Reuven   (02.15.12)
8. To be considered
Anonymous ,   Mexico.City, Mexico   (02.15.12)
The Jewish people have been chasing me for a while. I have never considered myself antisemitic but after seeing what they have done to me and the lack of ethics they show towards the palestinians I prefer not to have ties with jews and help the palestinians.
9. "BDS", again... , anti-Jewish racists!!
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.15.12)
Israel is a tiny liberal democracy and by right the nation-state of the Jewish people. Its right is derived from three elements: historic, ethical and legal. Israel is the manifestation of the re-institution of the Jewish people's sovereignty in Eretz Israel (Land of Israrel), the homeland of the Hebrew/Israeli/Jewish people and the cradle of its civilization of 4,000 years: Judaism. Despite all odds, members of the Jewish people have been the only ones who have maintained constant presence in their homeland as Jews for all of this time and have never considered any other place as their homeland. This historic right was appreciated by those who, in the 19th century, recognized the Jewish people's ethical right. It is a universally accepted right of all peoples, including that of the Jewish people, to national self-determination and independence in each people's homeland. This ethical right was understood by the powers that be when the non-violent (not pacifist, mind you) national liberation movement of the Jewish people, Zionism, demanded the right to re-institute Jewish sovereignty and independence in the Jewish people's homeland of Eretz Israel. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 is an expression of this ethical right. These historic and ethical rights were then translated into legal right. It was first the San Remo Conference, 1920, that designated "Palestine" - the name of a territory, not a nationality or a state, mind you!! - to be "the national home for the Jewish people". This language, taken directly out of the Balfour Declaration of 1917 was adopted by the League of Nations, 1922, which partitioned "Palestine", handing over 77% of it to the Arabs who subsequently renamed their part Jordan, and the rest, 23% of it, between the Jordan River to the Med. Sea, to the Jews, who subsequently re-named their part Israel. This legal process was completed when the United Nations, in 1945, incorporated the League of Nations decisions of 1922 into its Charter, Article 80, as an irrevocable act. Hence, Israel, being the independent "national home for the Jewish people", i.e. the nation-state of the Jewish people, is here by right: historic, ethical and legal; having been proclaimed as such on 14 May 1948. Singling out the nation-state of the Jewish people, and therefore, by extension, the people whose nation-state Israel is, is an act of racism, anti-Jewish racism. And, calling for its elimination under such slogans as "one state", "no state", etc. amounts to a double insult of not only singling out a people, the Jewish people, but implicitly denying this people's very first human right, the right to live and to defend one's life; and the ability to apply this denial of right to Jews, for no other reason but for the fact that the members of the Jewish people are Jews. Regardless of the amount and colors of feathers used by the BDS members with which to veil their true intent, their words and actions amount to racism, anti-Jewish racism at that!!.
10. No bycotting Arab Apartheid states?!Or Apartheid Islamic
states!?   (02.15.12)
Its seems Methodists and other Christian Crusaders are trying to get together with Moslem Jihadists agaisnt Isarel for the first time in history! They feel many centuries of fighting each other over conquiring and occupying the Jewish state and destroying all thoes Jews who have dared to bring the words of the true God to the world, has failed. Now they just want to join each other and destsroy the whole country. If I can't have it, if you can't have it, lets just destroy it! its not the first time that Moslems try to kill all the Jews and its not the first time that Chrsitains have tried to kill all Jews. These two beautiful religioins of Peace! and Love! are getting even more peaceful and lovely by brainwashing massess into starting a great bloodshed against Jews, as they havae always done! Almost all the wars in the world are becuase of either Moslems greed for other people's lands or Christians's greed for other people's lands, now they only have greed for Jewish people's land becuae Jews are as week as ever and they are as strong as ever, with 4 billion population( 2 billion Moslems and 2 billion Christians )and all the lands and oil and riches of the world. still their greed for the land of Jewish people' never ends.
11. BDS is a cult
Dr. I. Barr ,   USA   (02.15.12)
One of the most virulent anti Israel characters is Norman Finkelstein. See what he says. http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2012/02/norman-finkelstein-slams-bds-ism.html
12. It's time for 'PROZAC' in the water and
Edithann ,   USA   (02.15.12)
antipsychotics drugs liberally in the Knesset..larger doses to Barak, Bibi, and the Militray...they're the most dangerous to Israel... http://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/publications/mental-health-medications/alphabetical-list-of-medications.shtml TATA
13. Stone Age methodists
ik ,   USA   (02.15.12)
I surmise that the methodists and their angry arab sympathizers also don't use Israeli designed computers, cell phones and a host of generic medicines. They can really get better ones from iran and syria, etc. Each BDS membership comes with a quill pen and a set of tin can receivers, They have to supply the string.
14. Churches Boycotting themselves - they are confused !
Abraham ben Jacob ,   CANADA   (02.15.12)
The religious Methodists churches worship "Jesus Christ". But, if he was here today , the churches would probably boycott him also as he was born in so called Occupied territory:,--- he was born in Bethlehem Judea, which the BDS movement call the occupied West Bank territory. The Methodist church seems confused as to who they are and what they represent.
15. I cannot understand how a Jew
Stephan ,   Munich, Germany   (02.15.12)
can take these threats of destruction seriously. Jews have the luxury, that their whole history has been predicted by the Prophets. And none of them talks about a final destruction of Israel. The opposite will take place: Jews will live in peace and rest in their homeland. This is what all Prophets said. It is a promise from JHWH and he holds his promises!
16. It's Ironic...
Michael ,   Wyoming, USA   (02.15.12)
Evil is an amazing thing to behold... it knows to offer the extremely addictive and hypnotic drug of hatred to gullible university faculty, then capture their minds whilst the poison has them hypnotized. Funny thing is that if these pushers and their demonic suppliers ever got into power, well... history shows us time after time after time that it's the "intellectuals" who are the first to be slaughtered. As for the Methodists; you who have long since traded in the gentle teachings of Jehoshua; love for G-d and love for all mankind for this stinking, rotting filth; shame on what ever is left of your dwindling congregation.
17. Additional details on the Penn Conference
Josh Felter   (02.15.12)
The personi question in the article concerning U. of P.'s disgusting antisemitic festival of hate, a certain Amy Kaplan of the English Dept. spread the word how to demonize, delegitimze and eventually Nazify Israel for the students. This is needless to say brianwashing propaganda which has no place in any learning institution. The woman took offense when - correctly - a colleague of hers - a lowe rank than full Professor on the Dept. of Psychology wrote in a local paper that what this atrocious, obnoxious hatemongering campaign amounts to can much more easily be compared to "Nazism" than Israel to South Africa during apartheid. The student paper gave an acocunt on all this hence I learned about this little qurrel on the wayside. He is/was correct on all fronts I think. Israel MUST move and act on the Public Diplomacy front if it wants to avoid the spread of this malignant cancer of hatred, violence and fascism any further. And act now!
18. So? First BALANCE via SECURE BIG ISRAEL: shalom,salam,peace.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (02.15.12)
19. Overstating the Case
Golden Dome ,   Washington USA   (02.15.12)
Not unless you think the "entire Jewish State" means the injustices and the dispossession imposed on the native populous.
20. #6: Classic Example of Bigotry
Susan ,   DC, USA   (02.15.12)
No facts to back up his assertion, just a bald statement that is proven wrong by everything in the article he obviously hasn't read. Blind to the truth - such as there being no "Palestine", & that even Hamas says they have beaten the IDF & ended the occupation - gee, that says something right there, that their supporters don't even listen to them, they just keep marching on, spewing hate and lies...
21. 19 only injustice is that agains Jews by racists like you!
For centuries people like yourself told us to "go to Palestine" and "go to Jerusalem". THANK YOU FOR REMINDINGNUS WHO WE ARE AND WHERE WE CAME FROM. Now we're here to stay regardless of your calls to genocide. Deal with it, racist pig!
22. Destruction of Israel
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (02.15.12)
is a pretty legitimate target. Did you forget Deir Yassin, Lydda etc? Why should such state exist?
23. good article
romanon5   (02.15.12)
Did not know they ha these here. Thank you Giulio Meotti!
24. True Christianity and Christians is -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (02.15.12)
- neither Anti-Israel nor Antisemitic ! Even the Devil can pretend to be an Angel of light, and so the Devils Servants. Arn.Sweden.
25. #6 Benassi- I gave you more than 1 chance
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.15.12)
To prove Palestine was ever occupied, thus far, vast silence, you're unable to prove your allegation II Have given you several opportunities to prove the land belonged to you, you failed to come up with the proof You're claiming something that you never had title to Let's try again, prove the land is yours, it should be easy Show me where Palestine, Jerusalem of Al Aqsa are mentioned at least once in the Quran Name your ancient self-ruled Capital City, while you're at it, tell me which museum has any of your genuine Palestinian coins One more thing, define the areas that your alleged land encompassed I am not holding my breath waiting for your answer, you don't have any & we both know it Sand fleas don't have a homeland C;mon Steve, give it a whirl, cough up an answer
26. #19 what native populace?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.15.12)
The PLO admits that 50% to 80% of the people called "Palestinians" can trace their roots to Israel no earlier than 1920, the beginning of the British occupation, when the British started a massive import of Arabs. And if you take it back to 1900, the number of "natives" is miniscule. If you think that we dispossessed anyone, how about this: any Muslim Arab whose ancestors immigrated to Israel since 1920 is no longer called "Palestinian" and is repatriated to his homeland. All the rest, including all Christian Arabs who immigrated between 1920 and 1948, stay in Israel as full Israeli citizens. Do you agree to this deal? or is your problem nothing to do with "native populace"?
27. To #15
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (02.15.12)
What you said about the old predictions by the Old Testament Prophets is quite true. What you failed to mention, however, is that the Presence, Ministry, and Passion of Christ Jesus on Earth made those predictions null and void. The New Testament bears this out fully.
28. 27
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (02.15.12)
God doesn't break his word. Nothing in the Bible is null and void. If you don't learn it now you will come judgement day.
29. hatefest at penn and elsewhere
moron ,   galut   (02.15.12)
too many left wing jews aid in spreading hate which is self-hatred in their case..certain to spread in troubled times especially...galut jews have to stop the funding to stop the hate..support israel more
30. The truth is obvious. Yet some hide from it.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.15.12)
The author is absolutely correct. It is obvious that the BDS is a fanatically racist movement aimed at destroying Israel. Just as it is obvious that the P.A. and Fatah want to destroy Israel. Moreover, they SHOUT their intentions out loud every chance they get. Yet, in both cases, there are those who hide from the obvious truth.
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