Olmert trial draws to a close
Aviad Glickman
Published: 14.02.12, 18:29
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1. olmert's trial
mohson   (02.14.12)
talansky was not the best witness agaisnt olmert though cash was passed on. Whatever happens here, olmert will be convicted for the double billing travel file and will be going to jail after appealing and appealing perhaps in 4 years. Weinstein is trying to help olmert avoid jail as is the bench but it is no use. There are so many indictments -you know the story about walks like a duck. Olmert needs to go tojail more for arrogantly sitting in office for 3 years after winograd said clearly that he messed up the hezbollah war in which 150 israelis died-because of his picking no nothing peretz as defence minister and not taking yaalon on as military advisor as the war was ongoing. Olmert needs to go to jail and livni can visit him there and cry about why she never became PM
2. Another Jewish idiot will join Katasav soon...
3. Political trials
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.14.12)
If possible, please finish this series of self destructing processes, which harm the image of Israel all over the world. The only profiteers from this are the laughing antisemites.
4. With any luck at all...
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (02.14.12)
.... they will throw Olmert in the cell vacated by baby-killer Samy Kuntar whom Olmert released.
5. It's not about guilt
adam eliyahu   (02.15.12)
Welcome to Israel. They could have irrefutable physical evidence of his gult and it wouldn't matter. It is all about political agenda based on cronyism and money. The only reason Katsav is sitting in jail is because he pissed of Shimon Peres.In this country, where there is no constitution and the court can change the law at a whim, the reality is that there is no justice. Personal property can be declared illegal (Bet Shalom in Hebron, Gush Katif), public property can be declared private (Galant), and politicians don't need to be elected to stay in office, be qualified for their jobs or represent the voters that elected them.Israeli justice is a disgrace. Who is willing to bet cash money that Olmert will everr see the inside of a jail? I think he won't
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