French court acquits Israeli doctor in intifada case
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 15.02.12, 19:02
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1. No...
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (02.15.12)
No, this will not put an end to the lies. This is just a beginning of a long road. Because their lies are so deep in the perception of the world masses that they (through international media, which is also to blame a lot) take for granted whatever Palestinians claim and don't even ask for proof. But it is a beginning. Good luck.
2. we know they lie. but christian groups will not accept the
ralph   (02.15.12)
truth because it fits in with their inherent anti-semitism.
3. Jewish Abra Kadabra as usual...
4. Justice delayed, by too many years, but justice done finally
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.15.12)
We should all salute the doctor for his honesty, integrity and his high professional ethical behavior by standing up tall and insistent on the application of justice. Sadly, the damage done by the Muslim-Arabs in their propaganda against the liberal democratic and nation-state of the Jewish people has been done and can't really be repaired.
5. Will world media apologize to Israel?
Carl ,   USA   (02.15.12)
This blood libel was a headline story for months, sparking not only a torrent of anti-Israel propaganda, but also many deaths at the hands of Palestinian terrorists. Yet the Israel haters continue drinking Palestinian lies with utter abandon in the years since - the "Jenin massacre," Goldstone's "crimes against humanity," and Turkey's terrorist ship - to name but a few. "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice..." How do you explain getting duped by the same people DOZENS of times, other than a deep underlying hatred of Jews and Israel that completely inverts right/wrong and victim/perpetrator?
6. 1 minute to accuse and twelve years to prove the lie
Arnold ,   Canada   (02.15.12)
Yet even this final decision will not change the minds of those who are biased against Israel.
7. what is the facebook page?
8. Not Just Al-Dura, Enderlin and France 2 lied
tf ,   herzliya il   (02.15.12)
9. You should sue the PA in the Hague for genocide.
This incident caused ,   the second intifada.   (02.15.12)
6,000 ppl lost their lives due to this lie. The PA should answer charges of genocide at the Hague.
10. father's scar make no difference, but
observer ,   Egypt   (02.15.12)
In September 2007, an Israeli government press office statement, approved by the Prime Minister's office, withdrew the IDF's October 2000 acceptance of responsibility. Father was not the sole witness.
11. #3 Jewish Abra Kadabra - Proof of pathalogical Jew-hatred
Carl ,   USA   (02.15.12)
So Jews somehow "own" the French Supreme Court in addition to all the world's media and banks? You're so quick to accept a mere allegation, but reject proof that contradicts your biased world view. Sad.
12. Ban AFP news from Israel unless they admit their fraud
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (02.15.12)
The French AFP news agency that filmed and publicized the A-Dura incident knew from the start that it was arab gunmen who fired at and targeted the two. They lied to sell the story and gain position in the Arab world. Simply tell AFP they will not be allowed to operate in Israel unless they widely and extensively publicize the fact that they lied, through a massive public relations program.
13. #2
Jared Henderson ,   Oromocto   (02.15.12)
not alll Christians are anti-semetic buddy put on your glases n see that a lot of us want nothing more than to help you
14. Not a whisper of this on NY Times or BBC websites
tf ,   herzliya il   (02.15.12)
15. observer #10 it does make a difference
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.15.12)
It proves that each and every claim he made was based one lie upon another and that every single thing he said was a lie. Yes he was in fact the only 'witness' and that 'witness' has not only been proven to be a liar, but the simple fact that unless we have bullets that can travel 100 meters and then turn more than 90 degrees and come from the rear, that we could not have done it. That is what this proves. The Arabs are liars, and they lie every time them claim anything whatsoever.
16. The fire could NOT have come from the Israeli position!
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.15.12)
The Arabs never produced the bullet that allegedly killed him. Another Pallywood production lots of it went on including corpses that got up and ran from their own funeral as an Israeli drone flew over, it can easily be found under Pallywood
17. The New York Times& others lied for the Arabs as well
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.15.12)
They produced a picture of a policeman standing over a student with a caption saying that the policeman had just beaten the Arab In fact it was a Yeshiva student who had been beaten up by Arab thugs and the policeman was guarding him.
18. U S A men back Israel
giovanni ,   U S A   (02.15.12)
Hey We the people back you man, you are being besieged from every angle, and i mean every angle. i worry for you, but we back you, this vet is fighting for you
19. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.15.12)
Why & for what purpose do you continue the lie?
20. #15
observer ,   Egypt   (02.15.12)
It took Israel 7 years before retracting responsibility. Which is better to be liar or to be fool?
21. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.15.12)
Makes no difference? Falsely slandering someone and misrepresenting scars makes no difference? I hope the doctor turns around and sues Al Dura for everything he has, or will ever have. The whole disgraceful episode is nothing more than Arabs trying -- falsely -- to blame Jews. Has it occurred to you to ask why this disreputable lying creature brought his son into an area of armed conflict? Perhaps he thought the loss of a son might enhance his questionable "cause" and brought his son to the junction deliberately. Not surprising, in a culture which values suicide bombers and all manner of "shaheed." Disgusting, but there you have it. And then to try and capitalize on what was very likely a deliberate sacrifice of his son by insisting on monetary compensation by passing off scars from prior surgery that had nothing to do with the actual incident? Willful disregard for the life of his son. Slander. Perjury. Does it get any more disgraceful?
22. #19 no single court said that French Media lied
observer ,   Egypt   (02.15.12)
23. #20 - give me an honest fool over a lying genius anyday!!
DONCHALUVIT ,   ohmakeitstop   (02.15.12)
24. weird logic
observer ,   Egypt   (02.15.12)
because the father wasn't wounded, his son didn't die.
25. Did the child die?
Shmuel ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (02.15.12)
Is there an objective evidence that the child was hit and died? My recollection is that he was rushed to a Gazan hospital and no outsiders were allowed to see & examine him. For all I know, he could be alive and well, a happy ending to a Pallywood production. Does anybody know otherwise?
26. To: No. 20
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.15.12)
You tell us. You can claim both dubious distinctions. You co-opt material from other websites without attribution (that's both plagiary and intellectual dishonesty). When you write your own thoughts, we see you for the fool you are. When you co-opt the work of others, you come across as a parrot. When you write your own words, you come across as an idiot. You're the last person on the face of the earth to lecture anyone.
27. Observer an ingnorant fool does not know Israel retracted
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.15.12)
almost immediately and actually showed how the fire could not have come frrom the Israeli position. What did your brothers have to hide with the bullet? Did it not occur to you that the story did not add up or is common sense not necesssary to have a hysterical 'death to Israel" demonstration? Enjoy Pallywood productions.
28. Wonder which Euro tax slush fund paid Al Duras court costs?
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.15.12)
Or was it the Ford foundation.? NIF?
29. Israel is too quick to admit liability!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.15.12)
This is just one of many incidents when Israel, with our higher values than the scum that commit acts of terror, admitted liability and after the damage is done and we have played into the hands of our enemies and those like Peace Now! and B'Tzelem who will shrink at nothing to vilify Israel and the IDF, then the truth comes out. Today with the internet and smartphones news travels like lightning and no one is interested in hearing the truth even a few minutes after the event especially when Israel is involved! We must learn to shut up until all the facts are known. No one ever thanks us for telling the truth but all jump on the band wagon when it comes to condemnation of Israel and Jews!
30. Case was exposed on video as a fraud years ago
Ezra ,   US-IL   (02.16.12)
A "Pallywood" documentary made years ago and easily found all Over the web (including YouTube) clearly exposes the AFP and other European media outlets of collaborating in these sick, perverted lies. The boy was never killed: unless, as the videos show CLEARLY, he can come back from the dead, lift up his head, shield his eyes from the sun and look around at the STAGED EVENT AND FILM SET to watch the action unfold and take direction. THAT is exactly what the video shows. As well as ambulances picking up "poor, slaughtered and bloodied" Palestinians, drive them one block, stop and let the "victim" jump out so the ambulance could get back to the set for another "take". That ENTIRE incident was staged with multiple cameramen filming for international media outlets which they collaborated on. It's the most disgusting display of Arab-European lies and their Nazi propaganda you will ever find. Pathetic liars.
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