Israel a haven for Arabs
David Ha'ivri
Published: 16.02.12, 18:30
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1. Some Very good Questions and Observations
Galut ia ,   Selah   (02.16.12)
Would like to see some Honest and fair answers !
2. False arguments and Delusions of the settler right
Avramele   (02.16.12)
Once upon a time in America supporters of segregation argued that blacks in the south had it better than those in Africa or even the northern states os the US. Both they and this author miss the point. A democratic society judges itself by it's own rigorous standard of equality for all in the civil and political spheres. Israel can maintain it's Jewish and democratic character only if a) it adheres to the above standard and b) removes itself from most areas east of the security fence. The inevitable alternative would be a bi-national state of two roughly equal populations. Since we know that the author is a former disciple of Meir kahane, and not Martin Buber or Judah Magnes, I doubt he would consider or wish that possibility. (And to state the even more obvious - a one state solution based on notions of apartheid, bantustans and expulsion is morally and geo-politically unfeasible.)
3. Avramele
leah Goldsmith ,   Israel   (02.16.12)
Avramele- your name is based on the first person to know G-d, to be picked by G-d to go tho the Land: He arrived at the very heart- Shechem.Some call it Nablus but any torah person will know it as the foundation stone. If you are connected to your name in any way- realize what the heart of Israel is and it's centrality to Judaism.
4. #2 - why don't you answer the questions at hand?
William ,   Israel   (02.16.12)
Instead of launching your anti-settler tirade based on false pretenses and basic racism, just answer the 4 questions in the article - honestly. Then you can answer a 5th - how does the 1949 ethnic cleansing and illegal annexation of this land by Arabs somehow extend absolute ownership to them, and cut Jewish ownership of the land stolen from them there?
5. Just LOOK what's going on in the news with the Arab States
r ,   Betar   (02.16.12)
One by one, we see slaughtering of innocent people by their "leaders." It's unbelieveable. The Arabs in Israel would be better off being under Israeli rule!!! At least we don't do what their people do!
6. Justification for more chauvinism
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (02.16.12)
This article is based on the false premise that if the Arabs have it so good here, as compared to anywhere else, then they should just shut up complaining. And that flies in the face of who we are, who we aspire to being and what we said to the Arabs who stayed after 1948. And what we said was that if you keep the peace you will be partners in our growth. And having said that we then put them under military administration until 1966 - a sort of practice for the occupation we then imposed on the West Bank and Gaza after 1967 - and forgot about the partnership idea. And if the next generation of Palestinian Israelis is radicalised, it is because the way we treat the Palestinians we occupy is an object lesson. So don't expect them just to roll over and accept the chauvinism and the prejudice we dole out to them, or that they should up. After all, they've been with us a long time and they know that we won't shut up about most things - except the occupation, the settlements, the cost to us the taxpayers, the sticking fingers up at the laws of the State, etc etc
sherly   (02.16.12)
8. I recall the days before fences and checkpoints
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (02.16.12)
Some decry the checkpoints and the security fence/wall, but forget there was a time when neither existed. I was first in Israel in 1970-71, just a few years after Israel's victory in the Six Day War. The entire territory was open, and for a good reason. Few were foolish enough to challenge Israel's security authority. Except for a few associated with Arafat's PLO, most chose not to "mess" with Israel. Everyone benefitted from the massive infrastructure improvements Israel brought to the newly captured territories, all of which experienced a "golden age" of development extending to the first intifada. Decades of Israeli concessions and capitulations, and leaders who were "tired" of defeating their enemies have telegraphed weakness and suggested Israel might be "beatable" after all. As a result, more daily challenge Israel. Israel needs to return to a "don't mess with us" posture.
9. and your point being? what does truth and reality have to do
ralph   (02.16.12)
with it?
10. Hello there. Israel was meant to be THE haven for Jews.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.17.12)
There are 22 nations which should be havens for Arabs. Israel was meant to be THE haven for Jews. The painful truth is that however well Israeli Arabs have it in Israel, the vast majority of them still want to turn Israel into another Arab state.
11. #6. Debate MK Ayalon on the "occupation".
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.17.12)
#6 Ussishkin, You drone on and one about Israel's supposed "occupation" of Judea and Samaria. Since your friends in the P.A. lack the courage to publicly debate MK Danny Ayalon on the "occupation", why don't you do so? Stand up and try to defend your ludicrous position in public. The obvious fact, as have been proven by countless international law experts, is that Israel owns Judea and Samaria.
12. #8 Exactly right. Ditch the phony "peace process".
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.17.12)
#8 Raymond. You are exactly right on target. Before the Oslo Disaster, Israel was highly respected by friends and foes alike. As you note, Israel had a "don't mess with us" posture. Nothing will improve till we ditch the phony, incredibly harmful "peace process" and return to our "don't mess with us" posture.
13. 100 percent true
UNCLE JOE ,   CONN USA   (02.17.12)
every time they conduct a survey in east JERUSALEM ,a vast majority of arabs insist they would rather stay and live under ISRAEL ,than go to any muslim countries .very true . another example ,in the GAJAR village on the lebanese-ISRAELI border,the syrian-lebanese population there went up in arms and angry demonstrations a couple of years ago ,when ISRAEL told them they maybe returned to live under hezbollalla rule in south lebanon .i strongly believe that most arabs ,not just the so called ''palestinians''harbor deep respect and admiration for the JEWISH STATE . and for too many obvious reasons .GOD BLESS ISRAEL .
14. Gaddafi? Libyans might long for Gaddafi.
Steve   (02.17.12)
One day, Egyptians, especially Coptic Christians, might long for Hosni Mubarak. Christians and other non-Muslim minorities in Iraq miss sadistic Saddam. At least he protected Iraq's peaceful minorities.
15. Israel a Haven
Shirl Lehoski ,   Dallas, USA   (02.17.12)
Thank You, David Ha'ivri. Truth without Love is not Truth; Love without Truth is not Love. Truth in Love is good. Israel is a Jewish Nation; One Nation. Yisrael is a Light to the nations.
16. Jews are good to their Arabs
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.17.12)
...and Arabs will be good to their Jews when the tables are turned, soon.
17. Heaven huh
Jalal ,   Gaza   (02.17.12)
u live in heaven that's right jews arround the world pay to make ur life a heaven they pay for ur settlement , ur streets , ur electricity even for ur 8 kids now enjoy there money and have fun with ur free heaven
18. #6 - and the aid Israeli Arabs gave to Pally terrorism?
William ,   Israel   (02.17.12)
Just practice, I suppose. Puhleeze. Those Arabs who stayed in Israel never became honest citizens for the betterment of the Nation - except the Druze and some Bedouin. Guess what? They have more freedoms. Every generation among Arabs are radicalized not because of what Israel does, but what Israel has become - successful and a strong presence. Their lessons of hatred are not borne from the fruit of Israel's existence but rather the radical hatred of Arab nationalism right after WW I. You see - since 1948, Arabs weren't really in a true partnership with Jews to build Israel and the Jews remained cautious for a reason - a GOOD reason! Your claim that Arabs were always great partners, and honest, falls flat in the face of basic facts - one of the most glaring is the 1949 illegal annexation by Jordan and ethnic cleansing of Jews, which your ilk ignore and somehow equate with legal ownership, which no law or convention supports. Speaking of sticking fingers up the laws of the State - do you remember the Sheik Jarrah Leftists who protested Jewish families who returned to their rightfully owned home, thanks to the court system,but you claimed they were illegal settlers who do not belong in homogeneous Arab neighborhoods (which seems like Apartheid, does it not)? Dumbass.
19. #16 Tables turned soon...maybe in the next 63 years?
20. I totally agree. I live in Jerusalem and see for myself
Nowhere in the Arab world are ordinary Arabs (I'm not talking about the minority of rich and corrupt Arabs) have access to jobs, transportation, social benefits that they have in Israel. NOWHERE. With all the problems that still exist for Arabs to assimilate in the Israeli society, they are still much more better off than Arabs in Arab countries. Sometimes it's kind of annoying to see that in the capital of Israel, where I live, almost half of the people are Arabs, when they didn't do anything to make Israel what it is, on the contrary if anything, but they enjoy the standard of living made possible by the Jewish population. Because let's face it, the only reason Israel doesn't look like its Arab neighbors is because of the Jews, not the Arabs.
21. the defensive "wall "
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.17.12)
This barrier that has saved Israeli lives can be demolished when peace will come , and no more suicide bombers will try to act . But no dead can be revive after he/she was murdered . Secondly , we could use all this money for better purposes . Regarding the Israeli Arabs , they enjoy all the freedom possible , even to oppose the state as some of their politicians are doing . In wich arab country is such an opposition tolerated ?
22. #16 Benassi, How do you turn a table set in stone?
Phil ,   Ireland   (02.17.12)
23. 16. Arabs will be good to their Jews
A ,   Belgium   (02.17.12)
Just like the whites were good to the former residents of the "land of cloudy waters"-Minnesota. Right, Benassi?
24. Pure hatred will always turn a blind-eye to simple truths!
Taz Man ,   USA   (02.17.12)
God bless, Israel and His Jerusalem! A Christian Zionist
25. To: Raymond at No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.17.12)
I agree with everything you said except I would not have characterized the acquisition of Judea and Samaria as "newly captured." They were LIBERATED.
26. BENASSI - Quite your kidding
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.17.12)
“MUSLIM DHIMMITUDE” IS “APARTHEID & RACISM” For well over a millennium, across three continents - Asia, Africa,and Europe - non-Muslims have experienced jihad war ideology
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.17.12)
Read about Dhimmi's then talk
28. Apartheid yes - but Jews are the VICTIMS
Rachel ,   New York   (02.17.12)
Arabs go freely all over Israel. Jews can't walk through Ramalla or study at Bir Zeit University. I suggest that any man who claims Israel is an apartheid state should walk through Ramalla with a kippa on his head.
29. To some talk-backers
Yossef   (02.17.12)
There is something I hate more than the anti-jews arabic racism, it's the anti-arabs jewish racism. Because we pretend to be more educated (the reality proves the contrary unfortunately).
30. Well now...
PaulZion ,   Israel   (02.17.12)
This isn't apartheid, by a long shot, and I should know, coming from South Africa, but that does not justify the acts of the right wing fanatics and the inability or lack of will on the part of the authorities to deal harshly with them ( as they deserve), because of "political considerations".
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