J'lem: 80-year-old woman murdered; homeless man arrested
Yair Altman
Published: 16.02.12, 23:18
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1. Anyone else?
Casey ,   TLV   (02.17.12)
Sick of these non-Jewish Russian 'olim,' who come here to kill, use the system and desecrate our synagogues and our Muslim sibling's mosques with Nazi's time to shut down non-Jewish olim from the Soviet bloc countries...they might have a Jewish grandfather, but they obviously don't care about the state if it isn't giving them entitlements.
2. Russian Immigration
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (02.17.12)
B"H An inquiry is long overdue as to the management of immigration, especially from FSU countries. Is it a sochnut ("Jewish" Agency) policy to secularize the population? Will it backfire?
3. There is something very sick in this history.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.17.12)
The article says that the murderer had been living in the apt of the woman in the past month... What is exactly that?? Didn't her son know about that?? An old woman can not be let alone in this way ,unless she is really ok,and that woman was not really ok if she let a mental sick homeless man to live in her house. She was probably lonely and therefore did such a boob. Children should watch their parents more carefully when they become elderly,but moreover, people should take care of their own health when younger in ordeer not to become boob makers when they become older nor become a source of worries for their children.
4. Disgusting anti-Russian rhetoric
Kalina ,   I   (02.17.12)
The issue with this young man is NOT that he is a Russian. He was homeless and had been in psychiatric care, and obviously was not a stable person. If anything, it is the fault of the mental health authorities to discharge a person so mentally ill among the population. I know a great deal of non-Jewish Russians living in Israel, and indeed I am currently in a relationship with one (I am also not Jewish- as if it even matters) who signed up for an extra three years in the army and is part of one of the most important computer networks in Israel- ie if there is a war, he will be the one giving commands and mobilising all the units. I know many other non-Jewish Russians who serve their reserve duty gladly, and are studying in university and contributing to society. Shame on anyone who judges their fellow Israelis because of some nonsense laws spewed by religious who are single handedly dragging Israel back to the stone age.
5. #1
kelly ,   toronto   (02.17.12)
How do you know he is not Jewish? You think all Russians (or maybe anyone else) who are not Jewish are bad? You are a racist and I am disgusted.
6. #4
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.17.12)
The fact you and your boyfriend did and do army says nothing more than an obligation since you immigrated to Israel and that's part of the deal. Now,to judge if our religious laws and people are from stone age or not,is not your business,because when you immigrated to Israel ,you knew about them . Yes,we do have problems with non jewish people who came from Russia,and some of them are not nice at all and you must know about them and our position about them. We don't want to change you,but you must know that this is Israel ,with all its nuances and questionings ,and non jewish immigrants are part of these jewish questionings,because,as I said,your culture has brought not so nice things to us, along with nices ones too (I suppose).
7. It doesn't say anywhere what religion he is
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (02.17.12)
Why jump to conclusions.If i read an Israeli girl was raped should i jump to the conclusion that it was an Arab Muslim ,even though statistics point out out 80%of rapes of are committed by Arab /muslims om Jewish Israeli girls. Everyone would yell you're racist
8. #7 from where do you get your statistics?
Haifa   (02.17.12)
Rape in israel is mostly carried out by jews. Deal with it.
9. Immigration FAIL: someone forget a background check?
Ezra ,   US-ISRAEL   (02.17.12)
These staghound and killings keep happening in Israel, revealing some MAJOR disconnect between the immigration orgs in Israel and the people who arrive there: isn't anyone talking to these people to figure out whether or not they are worthy of entry? This man is a new immigrant and has taken more away from Israel and the Jewish people than he could ever give back: and now he is a. Permanent financial liability. Israel is a tiny country: there is no excuse for such stupidity, especially when it leads to the murder of an individual. R we that desperate that we'll accept the ciminally insane just to boost our numbers? Israeli immigration has to wake up.
10. 8 - Rape in israel is mostly carried out by jews.
split ,   US   (02.17.12)
By the president and the uniform brass, you forgot to add ;) ,...
11. Keren, deal with it
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (02.17.12)
Israel is not a Jewish state, aimed to Jews only. It's a state with a majority of Jews but has lots of other populations as well. Populations whom, as a democratic state, you can not ignore and refuse rights. We all come here for different purpose and come from different background. And Israel is not asking people to assimilate to "jewish culture" in order to settle here.. because "what is jewish?"
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