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UK's Hague sees Iran nuclear push leading to arms race
Published: 18.02.12, 08:25
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1. William Hague is a modern-day Neville Chamberlain
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.18.12)
2. This is the worst case of doublespeak ever!
Devorah   (02.18.12)
1. The Iranians "are clearly continuing their nuclear weapons program..." 2. "If they obtain nuclear weapons capability, I think other nations across the Middle East will want to develop nuclear weapons." 3. "That would be a disaster in world affairs." 4. "We support a twin-track strategy of sanctions and pressure, and negotiations..." 5. "We are not favoring the idea of anybody attacking Iran at the moment," BECAUSE 6. "The latest signal from Tehran that it might be willing to resume talks on the nuclear issue, in the form of a letter to European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, have been greeted with cautious optimism by the United States and the European Union." SHUT UP, HAGUE. JUST SHUT UP.
3. Playing for time
Harvey ,   London   (02.18.12)
The world is clutching at straws . No one in their right minds wants to go to war but sometimes there is just no other option . Stopping Hitler in 1935 when he refused to comply with the Versailles Treaty led to the death and destruction of WW2 and the Holocaust . Once again we face a similar threat from the worlds foremost terror state . We want to believe he's serious about further talks . Utter madness ! They are simply playing for time . Once those "talks "come to nothing they will have gained another 9 months . Sanctions will not work with ruthless dictators . The suffering of their people is a worth while price to pay . Either be prepared to live with a nuclear Iran or take it out today but stop the speculation .Its become boring .
4. Not in favor of bombing Iran
Yair Shalev ,   TA Israel   (02.18.12)
How about bombing Argentina or Afghanistan is he in favor of that.... Hague do us a favor and butt out......
5. Obama, Cameron, Clinton, Hague: How stupid can you get?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.18.12)
Are you so obtuse that you cannot see that Ahmadinejad is giving you the finger? OK, so you all hate Israel. Nothings changed, even the appeasing nonsense and the wishy-washy attitudes are reminiscent of Chamberlain and the stupidity of the Roosevelt administration which allowed the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor while the commanders were playing golf! If you think that Iran will stop after wiping out Israel then none of you deserve to be in any government!
7. Another example of this regimes insanity
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.18.12)
What are Iranians saying about the latest Ahmadinejad antic? The story thats going round that when Ahmadinejad made the announcement this week about his intention to 'Build FOUR more Nuclear Reactors - 'For Medical Research' once they were 'back stage' they burst out into guffaws of laughter...with one patting Ahmadinejad on the back heard to say...They will believe ANYTHING! Are these people living in the real world ..or in a world of their own.. Couple that with Ahmadinejads cat and mouse game with Chavez giggling in front of the worlds press about the Does He Does He Not have a Bomb charade? These people have lost all sense of rational thinking...Can the world trust these people not to act true to form...and perpetrate conflict that will end up in catastrophe? Sadly..With the Military having lost all sense of reality too they now believe themselves to be totally invincible, superior and all conquering A dangerous mix in Iran...that will their faces
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.18.12)
Is what you are trying to do.For years we have dealt with the Iranians in different fields and that includes the period between 1979 todate.It is only lately that Britain has cut off diplomatically with Iran.By demonising the Iranian leaders,you demonstrate your lack of knowledge of the Iranian people.Iran has amply demonstrated its Nuclear work being of civil nature but at the same time it does also not mean that they cannot weaponise their present progress.What interested parties are trying to achieve is to deny the Iranians even the right of any Nuclear science.Well,that is far fetched desire which will not be possible.So dont get bored and learn to live with reality.
9. The real truth about Iran
Bary Rubin ,   IL   (02.18.12)
after my audience with president Ahmedinadshad I am convinced that Iran has no plans to develop a nuclear device. On the contrary, they with peace with everyone, including Israel. Stop badmouthing the splendid nation of Iran.
10. to #8
Dik ,   Spijkenisse, Holland   (02.18.12)
Iran has something to hide, by going nucliair underground. Together with the unwise rethoric of their president and the mullahs, one should be scared they are secretly developping atomic weapons. If they come in possession of atomic weapons they will use them against Israel and USA and the so-called infidels in the West, also me. That is the reason this must be stopped. I hope the Iranians will revolt against their leaders and real freedom will come to their country. Shalom from Holland
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.18.12)
In their attempt to keep the issue of so-called terrorism on the part of Iran,the present media hype is similiar to the one that had happened just before the latest IAEA report was published.we need not go into the details as the IAEA report was dictated to by USA officials prior to it being published on the IAEA letter-head.These will remind you more of exactly the same course of action undertaken just before the attack on Iraq.The difference here is only that Iran has developed enough detterence power and would not allow easy escape for those who might make a mistake of attacking it. With NO evidence whatsoever upto now,you can imagine how the media has been manipulated to make readers feel that Iran is on the threshold of testing a Nuclear device.far from it,the same media has given nothing less than 60 predictions of Iran being able to produce a bomb........................the period varies from 1 year to four years.What exactly do you make of this,Tim?
12. Vague Hague
ky   (02.18.12)
This surely has to be the worst ever comment from a senior British government minister. David Owen a former foreign secretary once said "The art of diplomacy is to speak softly with an iron fist" Meaning even if you are not going to do take military action dont let them know it. Mr Hague does not seem to know the first lesson in dealing with rogue states.
13. Deluded Britain
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (02.18.12)
The Brits should take into account that if Iran has missiles with a 10,000 km range - as they claim - that can reach America, then these same misiles can certainly reach Britain and the whole of Europe. I don't think the Brits should be so smug and complacent. when push comes to shove they are the enemy just as much as the Jews or the americans.
14. Hague & Nuclear Iran
s weiner ,   Brooklyn ny   (02.18.12)
The whole situation is quite simple.Even Mahmood #11 can just about get his mind around the facts if he tries real hard. (1)If the Iranian leaders wanted peaceful nuclear energy they would be working with Thorium,not Uranium! (2)After the past history of this regime they simply cannot be trusted to keep any agreement.The only way would be with very stringent outside oversight which they would never agree to.To put trust in any treaty with this regime would be like trusting a written agreement with Al Capone,a worthless scrap of paper.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.18.12)
What Mr.David Owen said and what Mr.Hague said are two different situation.The fact that Iran's strength has grown manifold and they know the exact way to retaliate puts quite a few people in doubt.All the hue and cry in the talk-back coloumn is what is influencing you more than the ground reality.
16. #11: Well said from the Enemy Within!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.18.12)
The Brits seem to have forgotten the 7/7 attacks on their transport system carried out by BRITISH Muslims! Maybe that was a "so-called terrorism" issue?
I could care less what that follicly challenged slaphead William Hague thinks.
18. weak britons
mehrdad ,   germany   (02.18.12)
GB is a land of pussycats and cowards not. "fighting was no option" said a cpt. of the former proud royal navy and stood beside and let the waffen SS of the mullah capture 15 british sailors. there is no other countery in the world which became a weak and appeaser nation after ruling over 1/4 of the world.
19. forgot:
mehrdad ,   germany   (02.18.12)
oh, britons are only rising their voice when it comes agaist israel.
20. Hague wants to sell his nukes to Iran
Steve from Raleigh   (02.18.12)
Britain can't afford to be a nuclear power anymore so they're seriously considering eliminating them. What better way to make some money but to sell them to Iran? It's axiomatic. Why wait 10 or 15 years when Britain goes full Islamic? That's just years of unnecessary expense.
21. And now we start to see the truth behind
Chris.B ,   Australia   (02.18.12)
the demonization of Iran. a Middle East awash with nuclear capable countries would sound the death knell for Western interference and Israels importance.
22. Mahmoud and the use of Taqiyya
Harvey ,   London   (02.18.12)
Mahmoud Just for once switch off the Islamic fatwa of taqiyya - accepted use of deception in war against the Kuffar . Too many people are well aware of it on the Kuffar side including me . Apparently we both live in London . How about splitting a Shisha on the Edgware road where you can explain to me why I should believe the words of a regime which sees fit to murder its own citizens on the streets of Tehran in full view of the watching world . Explain how an innocent woman like Neda is left to bleed to death in a strangers arms on a street pavement. The regime is despicable . It exports and supports global terrorism . It preaches hated of Bahai , Sunnis and of course Jews who it threatens with a new Holocaust . It represses women's rights and sees fit to execute homosexuals by hoisting them from crane jibs in town squares . In short it is a repressive totalitarian fascist state comparable to the Nazis , the only difference being the failure thus far to put into practice what they preach on the same scale as the Nazis . The world sat back once before and allowed evil to take hold . It must not make the same mistake twice . Forget Israel for one moment . Iranian citizens deserve better . They too suffer under the yolk of terror perpetrated by barbarians . Unfortunately the greens are not strong enough to remove . Like Assad , khomenni and his side kick must be removed and it needs to be done now .
23. Brits were also against attacking Hitler
Alfredo ,   Raanana, Israel   (02.18.12)
even when they entered Austria and Czechoslovakia ... for all the good this did them.
24. england torn with chamberlains
alexi   (02.18.12)
england like france seems to have chamberlains, gutless appeasers running the ship until a courageous churchill shows up. Hague continues the line of cowards in europe. Well, you willl get yours when sharia and moslem brotherhood take over your countries.
25. #19 Britain stormed just now into Libya, Afghan, Iraq - just
26. #20 One thing they dont have is muslim leader like Obama or
Devorah   (02.18.12)
a pending muslim landmark like the GROUND ZERO mosque...
27. UK opposed to strike on Iran
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (02.18.12)
Of course, the UK is opposed to an attack on Iran. The "civilized" thing to do would be to wait until Iran has hit Israel with a nuke, and then condemn Iran "in the strongest terms". Of course, after that happens, Iran will command the Middle East, and Europe"s oil, and, by virtue of that, Iran will command Europe. In the meantime, Britain and the other European countries will continue to speak aainst any action. That's how it is with infidels.
28. #23 total lies.
Bea Smith ,   Wentworth   (02.18.12)
I can also write fake lines with absolutely no base apart from pure xenophonia. Plus if America had joined in the war earlier to help out, we would have not lost as many people in the holocaust.
29. The post at #26 is not mine.
Devorah   (02.18.12)
30. #8 "Nuclear work being of a civil nature"
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.18.12)
No evidence to support this. It doesn't take 40 years to build a nuclear medicine department and to build one, Iran didn't need to threaten to destroy other countries and become the primo supporter of global terror. The regime speaks for itself through acts of terror and acknowleges funding terror groups. They tested state terror aginst their own people to make sure the Iranian people didn't oppose them. No peep out of Mahmood over regime atrocities. The regime has earned sanctions, isolation and condemnation. When they self-destruct, they'll have no one to blame but themselves.
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