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'Hitler had son with French teenager'
Published: 18.02.12, 09:18
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1. Amazing story if true.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (02.18.12)
You have to pity him having such a lineage. At least he fought well during the War. You know though, I didn't see anything about him having a child himself. The bloodline may have continued?
Lawrence ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (02.18.12)
Hitler only had one ball, The other was in the Alber Hall . his mother ,the dirty bugger ,cut it off when he was small. YIMACH SHEMO .
3. Do we must really care?
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (02.18.12)
Do we must really care about this Amalekite's bastard? Who cares? The entire memory of sHitler can be deleted... We have a lot more important issues and it is on the top news? :OO the amalekites are gone since 1945...
4. "The son"
AARON ,   Jerusalem   (02.18.12)
Where is he if still alive.
5. Hitler is alive and well - He is now Ahmadinejad!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.18.12)
To be fair, let's not blame the son for the sins of a father. Do we blame Abraham for siring Ishmael from whence came Mohamed with the Turban Bomb, Hamas, Hezbollah, Abu Mazen, Ahmadinejad and the rest of the Arabs who wish to destroy the Jewish side of Abe's family?
6. just doesnt fit
ky   (02.18.12)
You get these crazy stories form time to time because there is money to be made for someone, somewhere. For anyone who knows anything about the young Hitler it was plain to see that he had serious problems with relationships with women. All the women that had anything to do with him ended up taking their own lives.
7. Hitler's son
Glenda ,   Leicester, USA   (02.18.12)
I really believe it is true according to the facts related in the article. I did a lot of research for a book report in a Psychology class on Hitler, and found that he was probably a Sociopath at the time, but now, I just believe he was demonic. He did have a totalatarian father who beat him severly one time...maybe more than once but this was a severe beating. Hitler want nothing more than to be an artist but his father, Alois, insisted he go to school and pursue government work. Little did he know !! I am sorry for the young man who had to try to live down this sad beginnig to his life, but I pray he was a Christian and knew he did not inherit his fathers sins. Our sins all belong to us as individuals and are not inherited. A lot plays into our makeup as we go along in life, but once we realize that there is a God and there is His Son, our lives can be made competely new, our spirits can be revived by Grace and faith, by the power of God can keep us alive forever.
8. Hitler's son
Glenda ,   Leicester, USA   (02.18.12)
Just found this article that says Loret did have children. The evidence comes from Loret's lawyer, Francois Gibault, who said Loret's children could use it to establish a claim to royalties from Hitler's manifesto, "Mein Kampf." Loret's 30-year-old autobiography is also expected to be republished to include the new evidence.
9. An old story from the 1970s
M. ,   Haifa   (02.18.12)
This story was popular in the 1970s and apparently proof was delivered in 2008 that it is not true. See: and similar references.
10. Who cares
Mark ,   New York   (02.18.12)
British tabloids must be running out stories to write about Amy Winehouse or Kate Middleton. So Hitler had a bastard...I'm sure 1/2 the german soldiers father children with French prosititutes while stationed there. It's not like this son did anything wrong...children aren't born evil, they're made that way through upbringing and social experiences. Hitler was abused by his drunk of a father and taught to be an anti-Semite by the mayor of Vienna. His son was raised French and battled the invading Nazis. The guy was just unfortunate that his mother was a slut.
11. #9
Henry from New York ,   USA   (02.18.12)
The article was recently edited with that stuff. Whoever did the editing though clearly doesn't use English as his first language.
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