EU 'concerned' about Palestinian hunger striker's health
Maor Buchnik
Published: 18.02.12, 18:44
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1. Adnan knows WHY he is in administrative detention.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (02.18.12)
And he knows that he would not be released to cause havoc. His only way out is to be out of this world. The gates of hell are wide open for him. Do let him pass through quickly. His reception is waiting for him.
2. Unelected Ashton
Mosskyboy ,   London   (02.18.12)
You are a joke - has never been elected to a position in her life yet deems the right to dictate to another country on their policy with regards to their enemies that are sworn to their destruction!! you couldn't make this stuff up!
3. Shouldn't the EU be worried about their starving population
Barry ,   Tokyo   (02.18.12)
Instead of a IslamoNazi's self-inflicted health issue? No wonder Europe's going down the toilet.
4. Politically incorrect to say...
Yitz   (02.18.12)
....that her majesty the antisemite-in-chief has spoken.
5. ashton
A V ,   london. uk   (02.18.12)
who the hell is this monkey ? no one knows her in the uk ,
6. Adnan looks like a Holocaust victim now
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.18.12)
Adnan has went from weighing 200 lbs to weighing 121 lbs.
7. First time EU cares that a Palestinian kills someone
Charles   (02.18.12)
Even if that Palestinian kills himself, at least the EU is showing concern.
8. concerned?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.18.12)
500 Rockets fired at civilians in the Negev by the Schocken and EU promoted islamist terrorists and not even an iota of a comment. Hitler was also concerned
9. Seems the EU is seeking a diversion
An American Patriot ,   San Antonio, TX   (02.18.12)
violent riots in Greece, Spain, and Italy because they are bankrupt; violent and homicidal riots in Britain as the gangs and their Muslim allies seek a takeover; Of course, the EU is 'concerned'. They need to divert attention from their own implosion
10. Ashton's concerns
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.18.12)
There are starving peoples, hundreds of millions, for instance in Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan etc. They are victims of global overpopulation, getting worse and worse every years. Why does the noble lady nothing for them in international forums, like EU ? A single arab terrorist is more important for her, than millions of innocents ?
11. Why not use same method used for coma patients?
boardrider ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.18.12)
Why not feed him the same nutritions that are fed to coma patients? People in coma are know to live for years and even decades without any health problems.
URBAN POET ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (02.18.12)
Piss off.
13. The joke of Europe // Catherine Ashton
tiki ,   belgium   (02.18.12)
I havn't heard her 'concernes beying uttered once, about the thousands of dead in Syria, Egypt, Irak, Lybia, Iran & all the other Arab countries or the rest of the world. I also didn't hear her 'concern about rockets being fired into Israel from her 'beloved Gaza again. I also didn't hear her 'concern about the Brits sniffing around the Falklands again No, her concern, in the name of all Europeans, is about ONE "Islamist Jihad fighter/terrorist" who is in an Israeli jail (probably not for a parking ticket) on a 'volontary hungerstrike. This woman should be dismissed for total incompetence NOW.
14. Another reason Israel should be glad its not in the EU
zionist forever   (02.18.12)
The EU economy is going down the toilet whilst Israel's is growing. Now Catherine Ashton has give us another reason to be glad we are not part of the EU. This guy is being detained for terrorism involvement and he is going on hunger strike because he wants a get of jail free card. If we started changing the laws each time a prisoner went on hunger strike there wouldn't be much point wasting time making laws as prisoners will be making them through hunger strikes. Nobody is denying this guy access to food and nobody is forcing him to strike its all personal choice and people have to be considered responsible for their own actions without foreign politicians getting involved because they are worried about the fact a prisoner on hunger strike is in bad shape. Even if we were going to consider changing the law it would take months before they even got round to discussing it let alone make decisions of pass it into law and he would be dead long before then. Time for him to do us all a favor and die, that way we won't have Bibi caving into EU pressure the way he did when he canned the bill on foreign donations to NGOS. Ashton if you want to criticize Middle Eastern politics why not criticize Syria. Here we have one individual who might die from a self imposed hunger strike in Syria Assad has killed 5000+ civilians as he attempts to hold onto power, so please EU give Israel a break just for once and address with the worlds real problems.
15. He does it to himself - where was the EU for Arad & Shalit?
Estel ,   Netherlands   (02.18.12)
Strange, I never heard any concern for Shalit's health, and none for finally telling the grieving family the whereabouts of the (grave of) Ron Arad, so they can have closure. But for this jihadist terrorist there is a lot of concern. It's becoming a custom of western society to have pity on the perpetrators and leave the victims out in the cold, viz the movie Munich as an example.
16. M'Lady Ashton appears to forget....
Gideon Reader   (02.18.12) is a frequent maladyof someone of her years; the late Bobby Sands, who died (1981) while imprisoned and hunger striking against the UK and it's oppressive and fascist occupation of Northern Ireland. The chin challenged Baroness is doubtlessly aflicted with a personally small capacity memory and a bumper crop of hypocrisy. Pizzov M'lady, and caution the swing of the portal as it shuts behind you.
17. Do all it can
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.18.12)
Do what ?.give in to all his demands,create a palestinian terrorist state from the sea to Iraq.
18. # 2 Unelected Ashton
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.18.12)
Mosskyboy ! Given the present Antisemitic atmosphere in Europe,she will be elected for high office,because Europe's hatred for Jews,exceeds Europe's fear of Islam.
19. # 11 feed him like coma patients,
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.18.12)
At what cost ?.let him go,the young ladies on allah's lap are impatient.
20. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel = Jewish land   (02.18.12)
Assad is deaf to anyone criticising him & his regime, so Ashton jumps on Israel.
21. mirror mirror on the wall
Wally   (02.18.12)
who's the ugliest horseface of them all?
22. When Bliar comes again,ask him why he appointed her
Alan ,   SA   (02.18.12)
She is a Labour Party appointment
23. 20 - Assad is deaf to anyone criticising him & his regime,..
split ,   US   (02.18.12)
Yo birdi boy, take a note that Syria or any other country in the ME except of one little bully doesn't call itself or pretend to be a democracy ,...
24. a logical reaction
Bob ,   L.A   (02.18.12)
seems to be the wisest way to handle being prisoner in a country with the most odd and vast range of torturing tools. make urself unconcious or even go to coma ,and let the torturing pain fade away !!
25. This is Ashton's most ludicrous "concern" of all.
Devorah   (02.18.12)
Why isn't she "concerned" about the rockets and missiles being launched from Gaza into Israel? Why isn't she "concerned" about the terrorist attacks coming out of Iran and Hizbullah? Why doesn't this sow just shut her mouth and go back to her residence in the lower bowels of hell?
26. Forced Feeding Is OK???
leo ,   nyc   (02.18.12)
As always, Ms Ashton glosses over the horrific acts taking place in other areas of the Middle East, and treats Israel as the "whipping boy"--it takes chutzpah to do this, but then again look at the BDS movement which zeros in on Israel while the rest of the ME is in flames--some things never change...!
27. Asston is the darling of the Arab terrorists !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.18.12)
28. #6
He did it no one but himself. Israel has been giving him intravenous liquids, and inserted a feeding tube in him. He can always eat anytime he wants. Unlike the victims of Islamic Jihad who don't have a choice on whether they get to live or die in terror attacks.
29. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.18.12)
Don't you DARE compare an unrepentant, vicious terrorist to a Holocaust victim! Adnan isn't being starved, he is starving himself. Would you prefer that Israeli authorities order the forcible insertion of a feeding tube? That would save his life, but then critics would be all over Israel for denying this terrorist scum the right to exercise free will. He isn't going to be released from prison, however. He is in administrative detention for a reason. The only way he leaves will be feet first -- and he will be exclusively responsible for that.
30. Enough with telling Israel how to govern itself!!! The days
JBI   (02.18.12)
of European imperialism and colonialism have been over a long time ago. Europe better used to it!!
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