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Security aid to Israel at heart of US political debate
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 20.02.12, 00:09
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1. reality
Matt   (02.20.12)
The facts are some stage US funding is going to dry up, not just for Israel but all overseas military aid. The State Department budget will be next, US influence is bought by money as that dries up so does US influence and it's ability to influence. That is just another reason why question containment, the threats keep growing as you seek to contain them, yet the resources grow less. It means things are more dangerous. The US will not reach 313 ships the minimum, they are going to be bogged down in the Med and the Mid East. Yet want to increase the posture in Asia/Pacific it cannot be done, containing too many threats with limited resources. If you look at all the money Jews overseas contribute to political campaigns, support at some stage that will have to be redirected to the IDF, it will help make up for the shortfall to some degree.
2. Needs The Jewish Vote
Dan ,   USA   (02.20.12)
The only way Israel will get Obama's support is to strike Iran in September or October leading up to the November election. Although by that time he will already have their money, he will need the Jewish vote in a key state such as Florida.
3. 6 mil is chump change in a defence budget
tf ,   herzliya il   (02.20.12)
Republican Jewish Coalition is doing Israel no favours with such a silly and hysterical campaign. In fact they could be doing harm, they should shut up.
4. really
frank sol ,   San Diego   (02.20.12)
What a joke!
5. The heart of the debate is THE ECONOMY.! With Obama leading!
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.20.12)
"Its the economy stupid" !
6. Missile defense
Simon ,   Florida   (02.20.12)
Here take this bullet-proof vest.
7. Reduction in U.S. Nuclear Arsenal
Devorah   (02.20.12)
We cannot afford to trust a man who is trying to destroy his own country from the inside, and this is but one example: "AP, citing 'a former U.S. official and a congressional official,' says the administration is debating at least three options to bring the U.S. stockpile down to somewhere between 1,100 and 300. The current treaty [START] allows 1,550." (USA Today, Feb. 14, 2012) The bare minimum would represent an 80% cut. To put this in perspective, the U.S. had over 31,000 nuclear warheads during the height of the Cold War. Russia would not be required to do anything.
8. What is "at the heart of political debate" here now?
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.20.12)
If I did not tune in to Ynet for a couple of minutes once or twice a day, I would hardly hear anything about Israel here. The American economy is at the heart, not Israel. The debate leading to elections in November will most likely be all about unemployment, about the recession in America and Europe, about China and Japan, about the crises in housing and the automotive industry. The differences between Democratic and Republican programs will be debated and ironed out on those issues. And as to security aid to Israel, I guess I will need to keep reading Israeli press.
9. Israel aid
Stan ,   Usa   (02.20.12)
All the financial difficulties in the US and you people want more money, greedy much
10. Missle defence
Cephus ,   Auburn USA   (02.20.12)
I didn't realize that the Israeli media were in Obama's pocket too.
11. Obama: "Our commitment to Israel's security is unshakable"
Adam Smith   (02.20.12)
So, he said..., and has has said and done many other things that totally contradict that statement. Yet, some, naively, continue to support this disciple of the Rev. J. Wright of Chicago and the close associate of Min. L. Farakhan of the same city.
12. It's hard to make this argument when ...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (02.20.12)
... under Sheshinski guidelines, Israel *itself* is cutting its defense budget, including for missile defense. The US can't be more committed to Israel's defense needs than Israel is.
13. b.o. is weakening the U.S. military and
jason white ,   afula, israel   (02.20.12)
strengthening his moslim bros. Israel has the money to pay for its own defense, but sits on tens of billions of dollars in the Bank of Israel accounts. Spend 15-20 billion dollars now for our defense, before we fall behind the arabs. Every armored vehicle should have the Trophy system. All troops should be trained and equip with the best. We have to think about buying the F-34 VTOL. We cannot wait for the F-35. It may never be produced. Or we can develop our own fighter aircraft with India as a partner.
14. I became naucious
Steve ,   USA   (02.20.12)
after reading this article. The author is way out in left field. Does this guy write for the Huffington Post? The Self righteous Dems can't stop making excuses for their savior. It's a sinking ship.
15. Jews make up less than 2% of US population.
Bob Van den Broeck ,   Kouchibuguac, Canada   (02.20.12)
Obama needs the Protestant Evangelical vote. They believe if the Jews are not wiped out that their God won't come to Earth. They think only 144,000 Jews will survive the "Rapture". Some ally, expectation that the entire Jewish race will be wiped out so they can go to heaven. Enemy of my enemy?
16. Getting things backwards
joe ,   st louis, USA   (02.20.12)
Its interesting to see how israelis misunderstand american politics republicans do not support israel, they support perpetual war in israel, and literally view israel at war as some kind of homing beacon for Jesus almost all american jews vote democrats.
17. Israel must stand on its own two feet!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.20.12)
We must stop the handout by the USA which is now being used against us! Republicans and Democrats will try to get the vote of the tiny Jewish population to increase the donations to their campaigns! One in office, they will kowtow to the Arabs and "negotiate" with Iran just as George W. Bush and his father did! Many criticize Olmert and Livni for the inconclusive result of the 2nd Lebanon War but they won't face the fact the a Republican Administration, aided and abetted by the UK and France, forced the ceasefire on Israel. That same Republican Administration FAILED to ensure that Resolution 1701 was enforce and Hezbollah disarmed! So much for the Yanks. Israel must go East and deal with those who put business before politics and boycotts!
18. israel should pay tribute to the U.S..
antisemite ,   you know   (02.20.12)
Forcibly, if need be.
19. to 18 we already have. with sinai.
ygalg ,   israel   (02.20.12)
20. Wars for US interests. Now for BALANCE via SECURE BIG ISRAEL
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (02.22.12)
21. It sounds like Israel is falling part.
Fred ,   Vermont USA   (05.27.12)
Rich Israel are fleeing to the US. Year after year it goes after the American for more money to take care of their defense. 100 nukes and still Paranoid. God will take care of you. O yee of little faith.
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