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US officials: Israeli attack on Iran requires 100 planes
Published: 20.02.12, 09:36
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1. The longer we wait the harder it will be
Zev ,   Israel   (02.20.12)
and may not be possible at all. The world including the U.S. is throwing Israel under the bus. We must think very well what is really in our best interests and not be afraid to act if that is what we have to do.
2. To number 1 Zev
iBro ,   Jerusalem   (02.20.12)
Whether you wait longer or do it right now, trust me Israel will pay the bill very high, you are not attacking Gaza, you are attacking a sovereign nation, which has one of the strongest armies in the middle east after Israel. Just remember what Hizbollah bill was when Israel attacked Lebanon in the last war, Israel suffered too much, imagine this time when you face a nation with full range missiles aircraft and naval army, with numerous soldiers ready to fight to death and waiting for the chance to fight Israel. I don't think attacking Iran is something smart or we all want, neither Israel and nor Arabs would want a full scale war, lets live in peace, I don't believe even if Iran had nukes they will ever launch them on Israel, because it will flame the whole middle east, and the whole arab nations will retaliate and fight together against Iran. Don't forget hitting Israel with Iran nukes would make hizbollah in range of these missiles and might hit and get lebanon jordan egypt saudia arabia infected with the radiation.
3. incorrect datas
Arctodus Simus ,   Fort Yukon-Alaska   (02.20.12)
Israel has altoegether about 350 operational F-16 and F-15's. As for the refueling tankers it is believed they have at least 12-15 planes. Therefore a attack on Iranian sites is technicaly speaking possible, and depends only on a political decision.
4. Its easy
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (02.20.12)
We will also take over their airport so we will be able to land and refuel, plus we will get help from the US and our allies
5. OH YES ZEV...................YOU MAY NEED..#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.20.12)
More aircrafts.Why not increase the figure to 200?:)
6. IRAN HAS CONSTRUCTED...............#4
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.20.12)
A special airfield just in case.Although you will not see the aircrafts any more.It will be one-way journey.
7. NYT will end disappointed
Menachem ,   Israel   (02.20.12)
NYT never misses an opportunity to spew its hatred against Israel but will end disappointed because Israel has and will always outsmart its enemies. Israel has the capacity to neutralize the Iranian threat, all the IAF needs is the green light from the PM.
8. They're all forgetting something
Eitan ,   PT   (02.20.12)
Surface-to-surface missiles are the most efficient way to achieve the necessary impact overpressure. Unless cost is the issue, why fool around with dozens of GBU-28s at a 286-kg payload per warhead, falling at subsonic speed, when you can hit each site with far fewer high-explosive ICBM payloads at nearly 3 times the mass, at a velocity that's many times higher than the speed of sound?
9. How many drones required?How many Jericho&Cruise missiles?
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.20.12)
Why jet fighters?
10. #2 yeah sure
jonatan ,   Ramat gan   (02.20.12)
That's exactly what jews said about Hitler "let's live in peace" "he will not dare" look what happened after that. No Prime Minister has the right to let that happen. It's hard to say, but I prefer that 10,000 of us will die instead of 6 Millions again. This is price we pay for being jews.
11. Mahmoud Your brothers ALWAYS win right? Is that why
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.20.12)
Israel is still there despite your brothers best efforts to destroy it? Who do you think you are dealing with Syrian civillians? Kurds or just killing your own? Havent you got a British stock exchange or railway station tto blow up? Or just send some brothers with British passports to kill British troops in Afghanistan?
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (02.20.12)
fight Iran back if hit? Are you kidding me? None of them will fight back. They will ask Uncle Sam to do it. The good plan would be to get all the Arab states to pick up the bill. Then USA will be willing to attack. It will be very difficult for Israel to do it. But if they say that they are ready to attack then they have figured out something there that others have not yet. We all hate war, but what is the alternative? Mullahs will never give up. Peace will mot be made with them in the picture. By the way, not all Iranians would want to fight back unless Israel bombs the civilians. I’m sure that she will not.
13. Cakewalk
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (02.20.12)
What does the US know about the Gulf or Iran? It'll be a cake walk. It'll pay for itself. Just like the Iraq-US War that shocked and awed Saddam.
14. Why Report on the NY Times?
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (02.20.12)
None of the Y-Net talkbackers seems to believe anything they print. None of the Y-Net reporters or columnists think the Times knows anything. Is it just to fill space? Why do you report what the Times publishes?
15. Israel needs to start only (End).
Nora Tel Aviv   (02.20.12)
16. Psycho warfare or supreme stupidity?
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (02.20.12)
I truly hope that we are witnessing psycho ops with all this pseudo intel? Otherwise, if an ex-IDF general wants to openly discuss our warfare capabilities and stratagies, inviting enemy analysis in the process then that sounds short of high treason!
17. Zev No 1
Didn't you listen? it is generally impossible ... do you want to risk the entire IAF just to be defenceless to anyone else after or during the attack? if most of air defense is gone, what do you think would Egypt and Lebanon do? That would be surly be the destruction of our homeland and many lives would be lost ... do you really want that just because you have a little Rambo complex, like so many others here?
18. US military analysts also say we could never have won
rebecca ,   Modiin   (02.20.12)
any of our previous wars. And going on the US's "success" rate, I think we'll use our own analysts thank you.
19. MBJ. NY Times is the trendy PC voice of the self annointed
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.20.12)
20. To #7 Hatred ???????????????
Stan ,   Israel   (02.20.12)
If a father teaches his children to be careful when crossing the road that's hatred ?. NYT has quoted Americans who have analysed the situation and given their opinions on the matter. Maybe Menachem also thinks that teaching children about the danger of crossing the road is demoralising and should not be done.
21. Strike Iran!
Naphtali ,   Seattle, WA, USA   (02.20.12)
I say Israel must strike Iran and put Israel on full alert and set up her defense and iran means what they have said on TVs, newspaper, etc that said "wipe Israel off the map" so I say "Israel strike iran".
22. No10
Paul ,   UK/Israel   (02.20.12)
I wonder whether you would still be as assertive when members of your family would be among those 10.000. I would not be willing to risk a single life, not one of my kids brothers or sisters .... To all you Schwarzeneggers, start switching on your brains !!!!
23. The further from Israel...
Sam H ,   Dublin, Ireland   (02.20.12)
the more eager for war. If AIPAC attacks, who will die in the following weeks?
24. Sam Answeing swaggering chest thumping Islamists
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.20.12)
& their fellow travellers is not the same as advocating war. The nation of martyrs,who have been fighting a proxy war against Israel for decades, should not be under any illusion that it cannot be done as a LAST option.
25. 19 Peter - Feel Free to Ignore the Times and the US
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (02.20.12)
It will be a cakewalk. Just like Iraq was for the US. I'm sure Israel will be greeted with flowers.
26. now or never
clear light ,   alaska   (02.20.12)
It is 1937 and you have a chance to stop Hitler, but no you are afraid and besides the NYTs says it will cost too much. What are you going to do. Give up a country to appease him. He will go away. Nice little dumb Hitler will never attack the Western powers. Then it is 1967. April. Rumbles come from Egypt. Nassar wants to run the Jews into the sea. But the NYTs recommends that Israel sit on its hands. So listen to the NYTs or whine about the consequences of acting. Netanyahu can go down as the Prime Minister who could but did not. Barack could be the Defense Minister who just was not up for the job at hand. For all the talk that we can go it alone no matter what, are we going to hide behind Obummer's apron or are we going to get it done already. Best plan is for sure rockets with one nuke for the plant that is deep under the mountain. It is the fault of the Great powers for sitting on their hands for 16 years.
27. Iran is overrated and a virtual paper tiger. Go for it !!
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.20.12)
28. It is common knowledge ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.20.12)
... that the Saudis and the Emirates have offered Israel an air corridor and refueling. The flight to Iran will be a lot shorter than people seem to realize. Iran's air defenses were never all that good to begin with, and have likely been compromised by STUXNET. Does anyone remember the naysayers who said that Israel could not hope to defeat the combined forces of Egypt, Jordan and Syria in 1967? Took all of six days. Iran will fall even more quickly.
29. 2 all pundits here (except #8 who makes a ton of sense)
Blue Star of David ,   Israel   (02.20.12)
In my opinion if this were the 4th of June 1967 and the NYTimes published the same article about our airforce at that time, then by the mid morning of the 6th of June the NYTimes would be eating BIG time crow. Which is to say: we have a small airforce but it is the Best Little AirForce in the Whole Wide World! With the best pilots in the whole wide world. And if that "ain't enuff fer all y'all" then on top of all that we got a mighty and merciful G-d on our side! The Israeli Defense Forces backed up by will ALWAYS be there to defend us for We are G-d Chosen People. Kol HaKavod L'Tzahal!
30. MBJ Israel does NOT ignore the USA.Thousands of
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.20.12)
Israelis lie in their graves because Kisssinger forbade Israel from preempting in 1973,while Europe sat back and forbade re arming Israel through Europe as it was bleeding to death. The NY Times is not the USA! PS Who in Israeli authority is claiming an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities would be a " cakewalk"??
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