The demonization of Israel
Robinson-Divine, Romirowsky
Published: 20.02.12, 12:12
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1. Real meaning of acronym BDS
Emma ,   London   (02.20.12)
Blame, distortion and slander.
2. Respect Human Rights
Leon ,   Algonquin Land   (02.20.12)
When Israel wines about the demonization they must be honest. Israel violates human rights, murders their opponents and then they complain about Anti-Semitism. Let's be honest, Israel is an Apartheid state,
3. after long history of israeli/jewish crimes
derek ,   parishville new york   (02.20.12)
and current ones which are well reported by your own news sources, do you sanely expect us to believe israel is a nice-place utopia? do you have any shame at all? you try to convince people you are good and democratic and all that while perpetrating intolerable crimes on almost daily basis and yet you have nerve to demand us to believe you. You are just adding insult to injury and piling up hatred on yourselves
cristian ,   JESUSALEN   (02.20.12)
the healthy have no need to doctor but the sick go therefore and learn what it means desire mercy and not sacrifice because i have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance
5. Pure, visceral antisemitism I can understand, but the kind
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.20.12)
masquerading as intellectual, humanistic superiority towards all things Jewish is beyond contempt and quite frankly deserves utter ridicule. What your parents omitted to teach you all theses years I certainly cannot do here, in few sentences. That's you, post 2 & 3.
6. #2 you are confusing Israel with Arab countries.
Golan ,   modiin   (02.20.12)
Unlike our neighbors Israel does not murder enemy collaborators but rather put them on the Big Brother TV show. Unlike our Arab neighbors when we have a problem with the government we go to the streets with signs (not bombs) and protest peacefully (which on this side of the Arab Jewish divide peaceful means no use of knives, and rocks, or suicide bombers.) And unlike our Arab neighbors Christians, Muslims, Druze and others enjoy equal rights unlike Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan. So please when you make an apartheid statement please get your facts straight. Israel is a free liberal country based on legalism (Zionism) and not fascism (Pan Arab Baath ideology)
7. Holocaust
Randy ,   US   (02.20.12)
Frankly, I am inclined to believe Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela who both characterize the situation in Israel and the Occupied Territories as much worse than existed in apartheid era South Africa. The israeli matrix of lies is crumbling and true friends of the Jewish people are starting to realize that the best way to prevent a second Holocaust is to stop Zionism, it's apartheid policies and the matrix of lies which support it
8. To N 6
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (02.20.12)
You have written very well. Into all Middle East's countries, dominated by religious intolerance, authoritarian governments and absolute kingdoms, Israel is an island of democracy and pluralism. Hence, she is admired by all counscious and true humanistic world's opinion. About Arab Palestinian rights, they must be respected, but the Jewish State can not endanger her defenses. What is the solution? A secure and honoured peace. I am sure Israel does want it. It is up to the other side doing it also, getting free from bad leaders and wrong resentments.
ZIVRON   (02.20.12)
10. To #7
Mike ,   Melbourne, Australia   (02.20.12)
Sorry to say but looks like Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela have it wrong or in their old age have memory problems. As trivial examples....How many colored representatives were there in the ZA parliament during apartheid? Answer ZERO. In Israel parliament there are 11 Arab members. There are many Arab judges, senior public servants and even army offices which I don't think was the case in ZA apartheid times. So get your facts straight and don't just depend on old men with poor memories unless all you want is to slander Israel.
11. demonization?
ale ,   italia   (02.20.12)
for unterstand reasons about israel is domonized you can just to look into your own contry. price tags attacks a church in jerusalem, next one will be a mosque, and all... in a jewish state all others are enemies.... in a jewish state.
12. 2 Let s be honest.Practice what you...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.20.12)
preach,to begin with.
13. Israel delegitimizes Israel, no one else
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.20.12)
14. To #10
Randy ,   Milton USA   (02.20.12)
You would prefer to attack Tutu and Mandela, two of the people in the world most qualified to know apartheid and it's characteristics, with nonsensical ad hominem remarks. Just because South Africa has its winter at a different time of year than Israel does not mean that the oppression it inflicted on blacks during its apartheid era is any different than what Israel is practicing now. Dont be such a fool and don't mistake israel's critics for being as foolish as not not see the plethora of shared characteristics between the two systems of oppression. Having a couple of members of Arab descent in the Knesset does not distinguish the incidious discrimination Israel inflicts on it's Arab citizens and on the Palestians from the worst of apartheid South Africa's practices.
15. Peace via BALANCE, balance via SECURE BIG ISRAEL.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (02.20.12)
16. To #7/#14
Isaac Storm   (02.20.12)
If Tutu and Mandela were to declare that you are a racist, would that mean that you are conclusively a racist? That is the argument that you are using against Israel. I would hope that you would learn the facts instead of declaring something so just because someone said it. Someone once said that if you said a lie loud enough and often enough, people would believe it - apparently those people who would believe it is YOU.
17. (2) (3) (7) (13)
tiki ,   belgium   (02.20.12)
The 'so called Pallestinians are still the victim of their own leaders and you & your BDS friends are the victims of chronic stupidity. Maybe you havn't noticed....the BDS nonsense isn't working. Israel is building, inventing & economicaly thriving. You & your ignorant BDS friends are using Israeli inventions every day (without them you couldn't organize your 'manifestations). You are not helping one 'so called Palestinian and people like you are an embarrassment for the once noble institution 'called University. But you don't give a damn about these 'so called Palestinians. It's not even about them! It's all about your hate for Jews.
18. Tutu
begin at the begin ,   Johannesburg   (02.21.12)
Desmond Tutu has discredited himself as an objective personality with regard to Jews and Israel. Tutu is a straight anti-semite.
19. #2
begin at the begin ,   Johannesburg   (02.21.12)
I grew up in apartheid South Africa. Israel exhibits none those characteristics. Perhaps you need to clarify your point.
20. #3
begin at the begin ,   Johannesburg   (02.21.12)
We have lots of shame. But Israel is a democracy. Israel does not perpetrate intolerable crimes on anyone. For that look to Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan. You seem to be misguided. I am sorry for this.
21. #1 wins the thread
BH ,   Iowa   (02.21.12)
Nailed it.
22. #2 You are anything BUT honest
Zvi   (02.21.12)
Apartheid is what Saudi Arabia does to non-Muslims and to women. Non-Jews in Israel have freedom and equal rights and use the same hospitals, restaurants, toilets, etc. as Jews. Arabs serve in the Knesset and in the IDF, where some have been war heroes. They have freedom of speech and movement. The "apartheid" claim is simply a lie, concocted by people with no interest in the truth. "Murdering opponents" is also a lie. Israel's opponents - other than the ones deeply engaged in actually committing terrorist attacks - are perfectly safe, as Haniyeh and al-Zahar are in Gaza, even though they, for their part, are mortal enemies of Israel who would slaughter every last Jew. You are a liar, Leon.
23. #7 That's ludicrous
Zvi   (02.21.12)
Desmond Tutu has no clue at all what life is like in Israel, and his claim about "apartheid" shows just how ignorant he is. He has been to Israel once, very briefly, during which time he never bothered to learn anything about how Arabs live there. And he is a bigot who is paranoid about the so-called "Jewish Lobby" and who supports groups that carry out terrorist attacks on Jews. Nelson Mandela has never been to Israel, and his knowledge of the topic comes solely from a pack of rabidly anti-Israel leftists. And Tutu. Your reliance on Tutu, who is a nasty piece of anti-Semitic work, and Mandela, who while a great man has no clue about Israel, is telling. Instead of relying on these people, go stay in Israel for a few months. Meet people from all over the political spectrum and from many different walks of life. Grow yourself instead of hiding in your ideological ghetto.
24. #14 actually, they SHOULD know better
Zvi   (02.21.12)
They knew what apartheid was. They remember that blacks in South Africa were not allowed to use the same hospitals, rest rooms, restaurants, hotels, buses, airplanes, grocery stores as white people. They remember the fact that blacks in South Africa could not be presidents, supreme court justices, cabinet members, doctors in white hospitals, professors in white colleges, teachers in white schools, colonels or generals in the army. In Israel, Arabs have been president, cabinet minister, supreme court justices, members of Knesset, doctors, lawyers, professors in colleges, high-tech researchers, news anchors, teachers in Jewish schools and all the rest. Arabs have the same national health insurance as Jews. Even in the so-called "evil" settlements, Arabs use the same doctors, grocery stores and universities as Jews, an nobody troubles them about it. Arabs working in Jewish factories, even in the settlements, are paid at least twice as much as Arabs working for Arab bosses in the PA and have better benefits and working conditions. Israel has even chosen an Israeli Arab as Miss Israel and has Israeli Arabs playing on major sports teams. So anyone who knows what apartheid was MUST CATEGORICALLY REJECT the lie that Israel is some kind of apartheid state. Instead of telling ridiculous lies about Israel, why don't you go do something useful to help Arabs in Syria, where they are being slaughtered, or in any other country where they are repressing and killing each other? The answer is, of course, that you couldn't care less about Arabs. You just hate Israel.
25. To #10, #16 & #17
Randy ,   USA   (02.21.12)
I never suggested that Tutu or Mandela were the ultimate arbiters of whether Israel's practices vis-a-vis its Arab citizens or the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories is or is not "apartheid". That would be like saying that Israel is "treats all of its citizens equally" and that it "wants peace" because Alan Douche-owitz says so. One always has to look at the facts underlying such conclusions, which facts have been conveniently ignored, and the credibility of the person having that opinion. In the case at hand, the bases for Tutu's and Mandela's opinions are well documented--both in terms of South Africa's former practices and those currently employed by Israel. Go read the many books and scholarly articles which examine the relevant FACTS and reach the same conclusion. Given every opportunity to dispute the FACTS, those who steadfastly defend Israel's practices prefer to engage in ad hominem attacks on the person. What matters are the facts concerning Israel's treatment of the Palestinians vis-a-vis its Jewish citizens. It is totally irrelevant whether I or anyone else use Israel's inventions. It is also totally irrelevant whether someone who thinks that Israel practices apartheid is or is not anti-Semitic. What matters is the FACTS underlying that opinion. The possibility that a judge who convicts a Jew of murder may be anti-Semetic does not is irrelevant if the FACTS show that he committed the crime. Ah, but why let the FACTS get in the way of your character attacks or permeate the bubble of the Israeli matrix. You may say that you love Israel, but Friends Don't Let Friends Commit Atrocities.
26. here
sali ,   here   (02.21.12)
enough is not enough i hopemore than what it is
27. #3, #7 randy, #2 leon
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.21.12)
1. You are shown how Israel is not apartheid (there were never any black members in the white South African government), and you reject those facts?! Careful: you have just exposed your agenda. 2. The black South African government objects to calling Israel an apartheid state as it minimizes what happened to black South Africans. They state that Israel is not apartheid, but South Africa was. And they say this knowing what Tutu and Mandela say. 3. Another fact: Blacks in South Africa had to go to different hospitals which were nowhere near medical standards, and they only had black doctors. In Israel, everyone goes to the same hospitals (including "palestinians") which are staffed by arab and jewish doctors and nurses. 4. Let's be honest; you know nothing of what you are talking about.
28. #11 ale
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.21.12)
You are right: price tag attacks are wrong to many people who consider them a blemish on the country. But how do they compare to rockets, suicide bombers, teaching children that it's ok to kill Jews, terrorism...supported by the leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, etc? In a Jewish state, all people that want to kill Jews are enemies. Ask Israeli arabs if they want to live in "Palestine", or Saudi Arabia, or Syria. You will find that your eyes and ears have been closed for a very long time.
29. Notice how the article 'inconspicuously' shifts
jerusalem   (02.21.12)
to talk about the holocaust. The world has memorized 'shifts' like this, its getting tiring. Also wanted to mention that you have wrongly stated that the ISRAELI state is 'wrongly' described as a practicing apartheid. Unless you are blind, this is true. Sorry, had to skip that holocaust pep talk (which, normally I wouldnt, but am sick of this round about.) History has been repeating itself with what happened for people in WW2 to again happen to the Palestinians. The only difference is that it is still going on for the Palis, and with rather support from major powers, something that the nazis didnt have. Power to the boycott, in whatever means it takes!
30. (25) Randy in the USA
tiki ,   belgium   (02.21.12)
A wonderfull epic you wrote about FACTS from books & articles. (a book/article doesn't present facts, only the opinion/mindset of the writer) Two question for you: 1) "When have you been in Israel? 2) Have you ever been in South Africa during the 'APARTHEIT regime? About your love for FACTS from books & articles. If you would study some HISTORY instead, you would know that 'the Palestinians' never existed. There were Arab & Jewish Palestinians in the British Mandate of Palestine (Jewish land OCCUPIED by the Brits after the occupation by Turks & Romans).
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